Friday, 29 January 2010

Rockwell Noir EP

Critical wonderboy Rockwell's 'Noir' EP is out on Monday so get excited. Rockwell shot from relative anonymity to being one of the golden boys of the experimental drum and bass scene at the latter end of last year, with his massive track 'Underpass', which featured on the Critical Sound LP. There has been so much hype around this dude, I couldn't wait to hear what he had in store on his first solo release.

The sound, style and drum pattern in 'Underpass' suggested that that was going to be Rockwell's trademark, but on this EP he switches up style and sound on each track, showing he's got range and variation. Two massively important things for a producer, it keeps people interested and keeps your sound relevant.

'Keep Calm' (my favourite tune from the EP) is on a similar tip to 'Underpass', it's quite glitchy but has got really nice flow and rhythm to it, as well as some massive sub-bass so on a big system this one will go off for sure! Bone Structure (featuring Zero T) is absolutely massive as well, and has been receiving love from scene heavyweights Alix Perez, Jubei and dDridge. Tribes is deep and dark throughout, definitely one for the red eye power hour sets. It features sparse drums and surprise surprise lots of tribal aspects. The title track from the EP 'Noir' is a big percussive, jungley number with loads of hi hats and snares. It's also got an intersting piano section and some echoing bass for the dancefloor crew. This tune more than any other shows Rockwell's ability to switch up styles and keep it fresh.

Overall, this is a massive, must have release from a producer who is destined for big tings this year and beyond. He's got stuff coming on Digital Soundboy and Shogun so there's lots more Rockwell to look forward to in twenty-ten don't worry! If you haven't already grabbed it, then check out his mix for Take Flight which you can find a few posts back.

Release date: 1st February
Label: Critical

Cooly G x XLR8R

The latest in the series of podcasts for XLR8R comes from Hyperdub's Cooly G. According to Sonic Router, there's another part to the mix which is gonna be released via her Twitter so we'll be on the look out for that. In the meantime, enjoy the mix.


01 Cooly G "Intro"
02 Cooly G/DVA "Ol' Dirty"
03 DJ Gregory "Traffic"
04 T Williams "Hardcash"
05 Zander Hardy (exclusive)
06 Ben Westbeech & T. Williams (exclusive)
07 Martyn "Megadrive"
08 Artist Unknown "Glow"
09 O.B "ER"
10 Artist Unknown "Get Slapped Up"
11 Artist Unknown "Gain"
12 Artist Unknown "Dougsanna"
13 DJ Gregory "Work Me"
14 Sami Sanchez "Air Raid"
15 MA1 "Samurai Remix"
16 Wbeeza "Deep Underground"
17 Bowly (exclusive)
18 Major Notes "Friend of Mine Dub"

Download the mix HERE

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Rockwell in the mix for Take Flight

Rockwell has done a mix for the boys over at Take Flight. He's one of my favourite dnb producers around at the moment. If you haven't got his tune Underpass then get it asap, it's such a big track. His Noir EP is out on Critical on Monday so make sure you get that too! He's also got stuff coming on Shogun and Digital Soundboy so expect a lot from this dude in twenty-ten. Nice tracklist in this mix, loads of dubs from Code 3, Jubei, dBridge, Skream and Alix Perez. Grab it below.


1) Rockwell – Molloch (Digital Soundboy Dub)

2) dBridge + Instra:mental + Skream – Arcacia Avenue (Autonomic Dub)

3) Pearson Sound – Down With You (Darkestral Dub)

4) Code 3 – So What u Sayin’ (Critical Dub)

5) Data – The Prowl (Subtitles Dub)

6) Alix Perez – The Observer (Dub)

7) Sabre – Marvel (Critical Dub)

8) Rockwell – Tribes (Critical Dub)

9) Dan Habarnham – Rendering The Garlic Boy (Xtinction Agenda Dub)

10) Scuba – Tense [Ramadanman Remix] (Offshore)

11) Jubei – Outcast (Critical)

12) Dan Habarnham – Maintenance (Critical Dub)

13) Rockwell – Stay Calm (Critical Dub)

14) Rockwell + Zero T – Bone Structure (Critical Dub)

15) Jubei + dBridge – Patience (Metalheadz Dub)

16) Jose James – Warrior [Rockwell Remix] (Dub)

Download the mix HERE

Disrupt:on 001 with James Blake

Disrupt:on 001 is only a few weeks away so get excited! Join the Facebook event for the latest updates, and join the Facebook group for news on future events, as well as some exclusive tunes for you to download :-) enjoy!

I'll be announcing the line up for Disrupt:on 002, which is gonna take place on Wednesday 17th March, in the next couple of weeks as well so get excited about that. It's a BIG one!

Critical Bizzness

Update from Critical now, they've got loads of stuff coming in the next few weeks and months. The Rockwell EP is out on 1st February (my birthday in case anyone wants to grab it for me), as well as a new release from Break, the Sabre LP sampler and the new Sabre album due out in March. Kasra has also decided to give away one of his tunes called White Noise so grab that below and keep ya eyes peeled for more Critical stuff coming in the near future!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

TOKiMONSTA Birthday Mix

TOKiMONSTA has done a celebratory birthday mix. Loving her stuff at the moment so nice to get a new mix from her. Look out for an announcement regarding TOKiMONSTA and Disrupt:on 002, which will be taking place on Wednesday 17th March 2010. It's BIG so get excited!!! In the meantime, download the mix and get it pon the iPod asap.

Download the mix HERE

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


dBridge and Instra:mental have started a new label called Autonomic so now between them they've got 3 labels (Exit, NonPlus+ and Autonomic) so expect even more releases from the in demand beatmakers. The first release on Autonomic will be Skream, dBridge & Instra:mental 'Arcacia Avenue' b/w Instra:mental ft. dBridge 'Detroid'. Test pressings are knocking about so expect to see it in shops pretty soon!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fresh Kidz: Daedelus Interview

Daedelus is a producer I've been getting really into over the past few months. As you may have noticed, we've been pushing the LA music scene quite a lot on the blog, regularly featuring artists such as Nosaj Thing, TOKiMONSTA and Flying Lotus, and we've been focusing quite a lot on FlyLo's Brainfeeder crew as well. Daedelus is a member of Brainfeeder and he is really pushing the LA music scene forward at the moment. He's also responsible for one of the most dramatic and awe inspiring live shows on the scene. He's coming to the UK in March/April time, so definitely go and catch one of his shows if you can! Anway I had a little chat with the man himself about his style, sound and what 2010 holds for him, check out what he had to say below.

For anyone who for some mad reason isn't familiar with you. What name do you write under and how would you describe your sound?

I make almost all of my sounds under Daedelus, and in description I'd usually say "romantic" music, not that it works as a form of musical hype, no dubstep-wonky-two-tone business, but I think it is apt for my particular interests.

Do you pay much attention to the dubstep scene either over here in the UK or in the US? Do you take inspiration from any dubstep artists?

There are some exciting voices coming from that scene, especially on the fringes of what counts as dubstep. I cannot say that I've been so impacted by the sound that I've tried to get in on the fun exactly, more-so I see a freedom right now in the openness towards riddim culture that the weirdos, like myself, can be acceptable on the dancefloors, and that is a fun side-effect. Also, a lot of the roots of dubstep come from old school rave, and that is certainly my electronic birthplace, so that is quite nice. I do look out for releases from Kode 9, Untold, James Blake, Rusko, Mr. Gasparov, Cardopusher, Vex'd, Starkey and various other like minded producers.

You seem to be a pretty eccentric character, from your attire down to the showmanship of your live show. Does this eccentricity reflect itself in your music do you think?

If I am eccentric then it is all of me I guess. Music is my only expression, the attire is just kind of relaxation, another artform I can dabble in without judgement. It's something my wife and I indulge in.

Do you have any English blood in you? You seem very English!

Ha, I am probably quite a mix of European ancestry, but the only one I am concerned with is my Welsh heritage. I've written a few records about it, it isn't a direct connection, but I am quite enamored by Wales and its people.

I knew there was some Celtic heritage in there somewhere. LOL. I just wanted to know a little bit more about how your live show works? Friends of mine tell me it's the best live show they've seen.

That's very nice of them to say. I have been fortunate enough to have been using Monome for sometime (since 2003), it allows for a lot of improvisation and experimentation without sacrificing sound or momentum. I am just trying to be present with the audience and go where we will go together. Sometimes it works like a charm and other times it all goes a bit weird, but that's the point of a live show, right?

Exactly. When it all goes wrong at least it shows it's properly live. What have you got planned this year? I see you're starting it in a big way with a massive tour. Are there any plans for an ablum/any releases?

I have a release dropping shortly on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint entitled "Righteous Fists Of Harmony", as well as a side for All City (out of Dublin, Ireland), and lots of remixes and towards the end of the year an LP called "Bespoke" for Ninjatune, who are going to have a big year for their 20th anniversary, lots of releases and events to celebrate!

So lots of Daedelus to look forward to then! Are there any producers you really wanna work with? From either over here or in the US? I'd like to see a Zomby collaboration personally...

Yes! Zomby is amazing, another name I should have mentioned previously. His 8-bit against my string samples could be insanity...

Yes exactly! You two should definitely get in the studio together. Are there any up and coming arists from LA or anywhere else that we should be looking out for this year? Anyone who is gonna make a big impact?

LA is mad with good producers right now, a few that should be heard more this year are: Teebs, Ras G, Nosaj Thing, Dibia$e, Monopoly, Shlomo, Baths, TOKiMOSTA, My Hollow Drum, Jogger and many more then I am not comfortable burdening your readers with.

We've been pushing the LA sound quite a lot on the blog recently, featuring lots of Nosaj Thing and TOKiMONSTA. LA definitely has a lot going on! So that's it for the interview, thanks for finding the time to have a chat and hopefully I'll make it to one of your shows in the UK soon.

Awesome, it looks like I'm gonna be playing a Brainfeeder event in London in March, should be fun. Maybe see you there, best of best, Alfred.

Kryptic Minds ft. Alys Blaze - Time Flies

This ones is HUGEEEE. Kryptics minds on point as usual! Big ups to the bogeyman for showing me this one :-)


She made her self known with 'Purple Love' that she produced with Silkie but now she shows what she can really do on her own. The piano melodies are straight from the West coast G-Funk era call it 'Futur Funk' if you must. Big synths Big percussion all in all a solid track. The flipside 'The Jester' is my preferred of the two. Its oozes smooth and the 'boom boom clap' gives it hip hop bounciness. Sometimes I find that all the bleeps whizzes and general 'wonky' noises can confuse and clutter a track however on this they are used to great effect and make the track more interesting . I'm not sure who runs Bookmat but I do fear that this will not go down to well amongst the female producers out there at the minute. Rather than focus on their gender focus on the music.

"I'm hoping not to make any sweeping generalisations here, but perhaps it's her feminine disposition that gives the production a smooth rounded and dare I say it, Pink feel, taking off the go-hard edge of so many other dubstep productions while not losing any of the weight or 'floor-friendly impact." - Bookmat


Deep Medi 026
Mizz Beats - My World

Mizz Beats - The Jester

Mizz Beats "Blue Night" by the Agriculture Records


This mix has been floating around for a couple of days and the tracklist looks niceeeeee. It features tracks from SRC who we introduced to you here look out for 'Goin Out' cheeky mario kart sample with the 'purple' sound -its forthcoming on his 'Goin Out EP' on Rwina. There's dubs galore in this one and more importantly it features BIGGG tune 'Watchin U' from Matt-U. Looks like this dutch label is gonna be having some pretty sick releases this year so keep ya eyes peeled. I'm still waiting for Eprom's - Humanoid EP which is going to be released sometime this year. It seems that a lot of labels are being very LONG!

Taz buckfaster - Tonic the swedgehog [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Sort of a start [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Goin out [forthcoming rwina]
501 - Higher ground [forthcoming rwina]
Starkey - Rain city [rwina]
SRC- Where's the remote [forthcoming rwina]
Dj Madd - Got u dancin [forthcoming subway]
501 - St. ives [forthcoming rwina]
Guido - Cat in the window [dub]
Gemmy - Double Yellow [dub]
Starkey - Beatingz [rwina]
Baobinga - Ride It (untold remix) [forthcoming build]
Taz buckfaster - 20 red [rwina]
Akkachar - Neon Swagga [forthcoming subway]
Matt-u - Watchin U [forthcoming subway]
SRC - Goomba VIP goombag [forthcoming butterz]
Eprom - Lick Out [forthcoming rwina]

This was from a feature on the Butterz blog which if you like grime and don't check you should! - it's done by Elijah & Skiliam who also have a show on Rinse which you should check! They've just started a Butterz label as well the 001 being Terror Danjah - Bipolar EP

Download HERE

Friday, 22 January 2010


Yet another big mix from the boys over at FACT today, this time from Subeena. If you haven't heard of Subeena, definitely check her out and grab her 12" on Planet Mu (Solidify/Analyse), 2 massive tunes. This mix is big and features tunes from the likes of Hyetal, Sbtrkt, Untold, DVA and of course the lady herself. Grab it below and check out her interview as well.


Somfay – Averroes
Dañez – Spacecraft (Pepepe Remix)
Subeena – Picture
Greena – Tenzado
DVA – Ganja
Computer Juice – Computer Juice
Hyetal – Neon Speech
KuBo feat. MC Fefe – Turnerment
Hot City – No More
Planetary Assault Systems – X Speaks to X (Appleblim & Al Tourettes Remix)
Photonz – Aquarian Ball
Udachi – Phunk Skank (Ricorb Remix)
Orrphan 101 – Tonic
Throwing Snow – Un Vingt
Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches (Sbtrkt Remix)
Untold – No one likes a smart-arse
Tsiridis & Evirgen – Cotton (Dub Version)
Baobinga – Ride It
Ghosts on Tape – Midnight moves
Blue Daisy – Strings detached

Download the mix HERE

Read the interview HERE

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Preview Pangaea EP

Contact, Love, Want, Have

Details of Ikonika's debut album for Hyperdub are emerging at the moment. It's slated for a April 6th release, and the first single from the album will be 'The Idiot'. You can check out the cover art above and that tune below, me likey!

Garage Tings

Some tunes here for you to make your Sunday that bit better. I spoke a few posts back about Sully and his FACT mix, well below you can download his tune from back in 2008 'Phonebox'. Really nice feel to this track, nice 2-step garage drum pattern, with some nice synths and a bit of a trance feel to the track.

Now a tune from Deadboy. This dude is making big waves at the moment so expect a lot from him in the next few months. Real funky feel to this track, with some big bass if you listen to it on some big speakers.

dBridge & Instra:mental Fabriclive 50 promo mix

Another Fabric promo mix here, this time from man like dBridge & Instra:mental to support the forthcoming release of Fabriclive 50 Present Autonomic.  Big tracklist, typically including lots of exclusive tunes on an Autonomic tip. One tune that catches the eye is Synkro's 'Letting Go', a forthcoming release by the looks of things. Look out for an interview and mix from Synkro coming in the next few weeks! In the meantime, grab the mix and zone out to some Autonomic vibes.

01.) Instra:mental — Forbidden - Applepips 
02.) Instra:mental — Vicodin - Naked Lunch 
03.) Skream — Minimalistix - Nonplus+ 
04.) Vaccine — Cascade Failure - Nonplus+ 
05.) Skream — Unknown 
06.) Consequence — Snakes and Skulls - Nonplus+ 
07.) Instra:mental — Voyeur - Disfigured Dubz 
08.) Skream — Siminimal - Dub [Riya accapella tease] 
09.) ASC — The Depths — Autonomic 
10.) They Live — What we promise — Exit 
11.) ASC — Reality Check 
12.) dBridge — Lost Shadow — Exit 
13.) dBridge — Rendevous — Exit 
14.) Oak — Chizra - Unknown 
15.) ASC & Consequence — Fade away seasons - Nonplus+ 
16.) Consequence — A man and a woman — Exit 
17.) Vaccine — Nurse — Dub 
18.) Instra:mental, Skream & dBridge — Arcacia — Autonomic 
19.) Synkro — Letting go — Autonomic 
20.) Abstract Elements — Apocalypse — Dub 
21.) Genotype — Sunday — Dub 
22.) ASC — Focus Inwards - Nonplus+ 
23.) Instra:mental — Unknown - Unreleased Dub 
24.) Instra:mental — No Future [ASC Mix] — Dub 
25.) Abstract Elements — Basic Substance — Dub 
26.) Instra:mental — Watching you - Nonplus+ 
27.) Instra:mental — Photograph — Darkestra

Download the mix HERE

Read the Disrupt:on Inc. review of Fabriclive 50 HERE

Pre-order Fabriclive 50 HERE

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Martyn promo mix for Fabric 50

Martyn has done a promo mix to celebrate the release of his Fabric 50 release. If you haven't already Fabric 50 then get it now, got a massive tracklist (different to the typical Martyn stuff) and the mixing is tight as anything. In the meantime though, grab this mix and get a taster of what direction Martyn is heading in now. Me likey!

01. Om Unit - Lightgrids [Fat City] 
02. Martyn - Bridge [Twinz Soundz] 
03. Gil Scott Heron - Where Did The Night Go [Xlrecordings] 
04. Levon Vincent - These Games [Novel Sound] 
05. Wulf N Bear - Raptures Of The Deep [20:20 Vision] 
06. DJ Killer - Pound [4 Sure Productions] 
07. Pattern Repeat - Ofetriade (Ben Klock Remix) [Echocord] 
08. Renaissance Man - Aloha [Sound Pellegrino] 
09. Jeva Du - I Zebra [Platzhirsch Schallplatten] 
10. Dudu - African Woman (Instrumental) [Choc's Pro Sound] 
11. Mosca - Nike (Club Edit) [Night Slugs] 
12. Roska - I Need Love [Tempa] 
13. Redshape - Dirt One [Delsin] 
14. Art Of Tones - Call The Shots (Motor City Drum Ensemble Mix) [20:20 Vision] 
15. Doc Daneeka - Drums In The Deep [Fabric] 
16. Deadboy - Ifuwantme [Numbers] 
17. Martyn - Miniluv [Ostgut Tonträger] 
18. Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis1990 Mix) [Sound Pellegrino] 
19. Martyn - Seventy Four (Redshape Mix) [Twinz Soundz] 
20. Martyn - Brilliant Orange [Twinz Soundz] 
21. Martyn - Brilliant Orange (Illum Sphere's No 14 Mix) [Twinz Soundz]

Download the mix HERE

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

'One of dem ones'

This is a BIGGG remix of Rockwell's - Underpass. It's on a deep roller tip! I wouldn't say it is better than the original and I wouldn't say it's almost like another tune all together but keeps the original Underpass bits :-) Will it ever see the light of day...who knows? BUT keep ya eyes peeled! He's playing b2b with Alix Perez at The Den tomorrow night so if you're in London then go support the party for Haiti and listen to quality music at the same time. Two birds with one stone.

10 to watch in twenty-ten

FACT magazine have done a feature on the 10 top producers to watch out for this year. They've hooked up with the artists and have got them to do a little interview and a short mix for them. The first part was released last week, and the second part is due any day now.

In this part, they've listed Numan, 8bitch, SRC, Deep Teknologi and R1 Ryders. You can check out all the mini interviews and download the mixes below and I'll post a link to the SRC feature we did a while back in case you missed:

Check out interviews and mixes HERE

Check out SRC feature and exclusive Disrupt:on Inc. mix HERE

Disrupt:on 001

It's getting closer to the launch of the Disrupt:on nights in Leeds. Disrupt:on 001 will take place on Wednesday 17th February at Wire. We've got James Blake, Wachs Lyrical and Signus coming down so it's gonna be a big night, and it's only £4!

Hope to see you all down there!

Facebook event HERE

Ruffage Tings

It's the penultimate Ruffage at the Wire this Friday so if you're in the area (and even if you're not) head down cos it's set to be a massive night. They've got Hatcha doing an exlcusive 2004 set, as well as Ruffage founder Ben UFO and Hemlock owner Untold. Entry is only £6 so there's no reason not to be in attendance!

To mark the occasion and to get everyone in the mood, Ramadanman has done a mix for the Wire so grab that below.


01. Timeblind - Space Cadet [Agriculture]
02. Rhythm & Sound - Why [Burial Mix]
03. Alix Alvarez - Boom Bip [Sole Channel]
04. DVA - Ganja [Forthcoming Hyperdub]
05. Untold & Roska - Long Range [Forthcoming Build]
06. A Made Up Sound - Sun Touch [Forthcoming A Made Up Sound]
07. Jam city - What I think about you [Unreleased]
08. Ikonika - dckhdbtch [Unreleased]
09. Ramadanman vs. Missy - Mir's a bitch [Unreleased]
10. Mos Wanted Mega - Diffrent Lekstrix [Unreleased]
11. Joy Orbison - So Derobe [Forthcoming Aus]
12. 2562 - Who are you fooling? [Tectonic]
13. Pangaea - 5-htp [Hessle Audio]
14. Ghost - Two Thousand [Ghost]
15. LV feat. Rubi Dan - Crossfire [Unreleased]
16. Bok Bok - Citizens Dub [Forthcoming Blunted Robots]
17. Ramadanman - Glut [Forthcoming Hemlock]
18. Pangaea - Neurons [Hessle Audio]
19. Icicle - Xylophobia [Unreleased]
20. Ramadanman - Bleeper [Unreleased]
21. Lil' Wayne - A millie (Harmonimix) [White]
22. Mala - Blue Notez [DMZ]
23. Ramadanman - Don't Change For Me [Unreleased]

Download the mix HERE

Monday, 18 January 2010

Mala x Gilles Peterson

"Much loved low end theorist Mala (Digital Mystikz/DMZ/DEEP MEDi Musik) makes the trek up from snowy South London to join GP in the Brownswood Basement for a chat about his musical roots, dubplate culture, the evolution of the dubstep movement, and of course to spin some of his favourite records – past, present and future."


1. Mala – Level 9 (Hyperdub)
2. Mala – Livin’ Different (Dubplate)
3. Mala – Education (Dubplate)
4. Burning Spear – Door Peeper (Supreme)
5. Little Roy – Hurt Not The Earth (Pressure Sounds)
6. Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile (Message)
7. Steve Reich – New York Counterpoint (Nonesuch)
8. Quest – Smooth Skin (Dubplate)
9. Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Remix) (Ugly Edits)
10. Mizz Beats – My World (DEEP MEDi Musik)

Download the mix HERE

Friday, 15 January 2010

Mensah in the mix for Kryptic:Elementz

Disrupt:on Inc. favourite Mensah did a guest mix for Kryptic:Elementz radio show on Sub.FM. Full of new tunes, as well as dubs from Joker, Benga and Noah D. Definitely a big tracklist so grab it below and enjoy. Expect big things from Mensah this year, he's got at least 6 tracks coming on HENCH in the next few months so watch out cos Mensah is coming in a big way! I've been rinsing his tunes for time now, serious business. The tracklist for the mix is above and grab it below:

The right mix is now available for downlaod so download it now!

Download the mix HERE Epsiode 1 - EPISODE 1 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Sa-Ra Creative Partners in action! Badboys!

Theophilus London

Theophilus London is causing a big stir at the moment. He was named as the "number 1 artist to watch in 2010" by NME and is living up to his hype! He's kind of like Kid Cudi but more more style. This is the video for his track "Humdrum Town", which was first aired a few days ago. You can download the track for free at Green Label Sound just click on the link below:

Signus BLOC Make Music 2010 Competition mix

Bloc Make Music 2010 Competition Mix by Dj Signus on Mixcloud

Disrupt:on resident and Gangsta Boogie badboy Signus has put together a mix for the BLOC competition. The judging is half weighted on the overally quality of the mix, and half on the amount of traffic and comments the mix receives on Mixcloud.

You really can make all the difference so go and vote, leave a comment or just have a listen!

Vote, leave a comment or listen directly HERE

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A Space Odyssey

New MIA tune here supposedly a protest track against the New York Times about them naming Sri Lanka one of the top travel destinations. The video was made with a budget of $100 on iChat LOL. The track is produced by Rusko, but apparently they've cut the bass out for some reason. Anyway check it out!

According to MIA’s publicist:

"It is called ‘Space Odyssey” produced by Rusko and M.I.A. The song and video were made Monday night for $100, after the New York Times, as she says: “fucked up so hard.”
Check her tweets – she obviously finds it reckless and ignorant of the paper to not even scratch their own walls on what is reality in Sri Lanka."

Sully FACT mix

I'd never heard of Sully before today (I don't know if that's really or not), but I downloaded his FACT mix and loved so here it is. His biggest tune to date is 'Phonebox', again I didn't recognise the name but the tune is definitely familiar. It's the kind of tune you'll hear out and love, but then forget about. He's another one of the producers bringing proper 2-step garage back but with a twist, and is getting a lot of attention in doing so. He's got stuff forthcoming on Blackdown's Keysound imprint so look out for him this year. Gonna email him now and try and get a feature, anyway in the meantime grab his mix and see what you think.

Sbtrkt & Sampha – Break Off (Ramp)
Sully – Untitled
Sully – In Some Pattern (Keysound)
Kowton – Stasis (G Mix) (Keysound)
Sully – Untitled
LV ft. Errol Bellot – Don’t Judge (Fantastic Mr Fox Mix) (2nd Drop)
Emma – Rainbow Dust Pt II
Desto – Lost Bits
King Thing – Different Spin (Furioso)
Sully – Untitled

Download Sully FACT mix HERE

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Free Hud Mo

Some tunes for you now, this one from Hudson Mohawke was given away free a few weeks back, but it passed me by and it went OFF at Fabric last Friday so thought I'd pop it up here in case any of you haven't already got it. Classic RnB song gets the Hud Mo rework, sick drums and then a massive bassline in the hook. Grab it below:

This tune is taken for the Free Gucci mixtape but out by Mad Decent. They've hooked up with some sick producers and given Gucci a reworking. This album can be download for free at the Mad Decent website but if you just want this tune grab it below:

Download the whole album HERE

FabricLive 50: dBridge and Instra:mental Present Autonomic

I'd been looking forward to this coming through the letterbox for months, ever since I heard that clubbing institution Fabric has tapped up the Autonomic boys, dBridge and Instra:mental, to be on the buttons for the latest (and also the 100th) installment of their seminal compilation series I knew it was going to be something special and in no way does it disappoint!

These boys do not do things half-heartedly or by half-measures, they put all their time and effort into making sure that the final product is as good as it can possibly be. This mix is no different! From start to finish, you can tell how meticulously it was crafted. This is no ordinary mix slapped together in a few hours, it's taken weeks, if not months, to create, tweek and perfect what will go down as one of the classics, if not THE classic, in the Fabric series.

The mix showcases exactly what Autonomic is about, it's about good music, and not being tied down a tempo and genre. The Autonomic sound doesn't belong to drum and bass! Standout tunes? It's impossible to pick any one particular track, not only because they all stand out, but because every track is complimented by another. For example, the mix out of Vaccine's haunting 'Ochre' and into Consequence's remix of ASC's 'Starkwood' binds together so tightly it's almost impossible to hear where one track ends and the next begins. This is just one example, the mixing is this tight the whole way through.

Look out for Consequence's remix of Instra:mental's classic 'No Future', another remix done by a member of the Autonomic family, Code 3's 'Living Proof' (TUUUUUUNE) and ASC's remix of Consequence's '11 Circles'. I'm especially feeling those 3, but like I said it's impossible to pick favourites.

There are exclusive tracks in there from the likes of Scuba, Distance and Genotype, as well as forthcoming material on Exit and NonPlus+ from the likes of Stray, Skream, ASC, Consequence and Abstract Elements. Also, coming on NonPlus+ in 2010 are releases from Zomby, Actress and Jimmy Edgar so keep an eye out for them, definitely a frontrunner for label of the year 2010 and it's only January! Look out for the ASC LP 'Nothing Is Certain', which should be coming in the next couple of months.

Another thing about the mix that makes it what it is, is that it's listenable. You can listen to it anywhere, on your iPod, on the bus, whilst working. It has mass appeal, rather than being restricted and tied down to the dancefloor! The Autonomic sound has become a cult over the past few months, with over 30,000 downloads of Layer:09 of the podcast, and this mix is surely the pinnacle of their acheivement thus far. They've crafted not only a niche for themselves within drum and bass, but within music in general. It's Autonomic. Do not let this mix pass you by! If you miss it, you miss out!

"The mix is a dreamlike collection of electronic soundscapes and beat explorations all lovingly woven into 90 minutes; a treasure of a disc that reveals more edifying details with each listen"

Release date: 15th February 2010
USA Release: 23rd March 2010

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Deadboy for FACT and Take Flight

Another couple of mixes now, this time from Deadboy. He's another producer pushing the house and garage fusion sound, which is gaining a lot of popularity at the moment with other artists like Untold and Joy Orbison being in high demand. This mix is sick, featuring tunes from Julio Bashmore, Martyn and of course plenty of Deadboy's own productions! As usual with the FACT mixes they're only available for 3 weeks so get on it now!


1. Three Chairs – No Drum Machine Pt.2 (three chairs)
2. Deadboy – Brock Lee Riddim (Well Rounded)
3. Deadboy – Heartbreaker (Well Rounded)
4. Theo Parrish – Soul Control (Sound Signature)
5. Martyn – For Lost Relatives (Aus Music)
6. Julio Bashmore – Footsteppin (unreleased)
7. Scott Garcia – It’s a London Thing (Underground Connection)
8. Deadboy – Lingua (unreleased)
9. El-B – Assassin (Ghost)
10. Cassie – Official Girl (deadboy unofficial girl remix)
11. Smokin’ Beats – Dreams (Smokin Beats)
12. Joy Orbison – J.Doe (forthcoming DLDRMS)
13. D-Malice – My Joy refix (white)
14. Deadboy – U Cheated (Well Rounded)
15. Burgaboy – You and Me (Strickly Bangorz)
16. Deadboy – If U Want Me (forthcoming Numbers)

Download the mix HERE

Check out his interview for FACT HERE

Another mix from Deadboy here, this time for Flight Club. More old school garage in this mix so if you're into that, definitely grab this one:


1. Bad Autopsy & Gongon – ???

2. Artful Dodger& Romina Johnson – Movin Too Fast

3. M Dubs – Bump n Grind (Sunship remix)

4. Dem 2 – Destiny

5. Joy Orbison – BRKLN CLLN

6. Martyn – All I Have is Memories

7. Lovestation – Teardrops (Ramsey & Fen remix)

8. Uncle Bakongo – Bakongo

9. Gongon – I Could Be There

10. Mentor Roska – Do You Believe

11. Martyn – Hear Me (Zomby remix)

12. Smoove Kriminal – Thumpin

13. Deadboy – U R the 1

14. TJR feat. Xavier – Just Gets Better (TJR dub)

15. L.Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole remix)

16. DVA feat Badness – Back Way

17. Ultrasound – Heavy Roll Pt 2

18. Deadboy – If U Want Me

Download it HERE

Big up Deadboy!

Ikonika in the mix for Fenchurch

Hyperdub wondergirl has done a mix for Fenchurch clothing. She's got an LP coming on Hyperdub as well as being on remix duty for the likes of DJ Madd and Illum Sphere. No download link at the moment, you can only stream the mix from Mixcloud but when a downlaod link appears I'll pop that up as well. Enjoy!


01. Agent X - Skank (feat. Kele Le Roc)
02. Skream - Rottan
03. Horsepower - Giving Up On Love
04. Mala - Blue Notez
05. Cult Of The 13th Hour - Wickedness
06. Mr Keaz - Untitled
07. Geeneus - Jam Hot (Davinche Remix)
08. Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches (Menta Remix)
09. Marc Ashken Size 3 (Skreamix)
10. Terror Danjah - Acid
11. Headhunter & Invisible - Luvdup
12. Ikonika - Idiot
13. Brown Acid - Bastard Kids (Ikonika Remix)
14. Cubic Zirconia - Hoes (Ikonika Remix)

LV Aural Winter Blanket mix

A nice mix here, this time from London-based trio LV. They've got loads of stuff coming this year on Hyperdub, Soul Jazz and more so grab this very nicely titled mix to see what they're about. Definitely one to keep an eye out for this year, I feel that they're gonna be making som big waves this year.


Biosphere – From a solid to a liquid
Pole – Taxi
Hieronymus – Honeydrops
Conjoint – Earprints
Oskar Sala – Klangfarben Caprice [V]
Burnt Friedman and the New Dub Players – Cassock Attack
Klaus Roeder – Kristalisation 9 (LV mix)
Sigha – Prayer
Asusu – Taurean
Untold – Yukon (FMF remix)
Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum
Zomby – Digital Flora
FaltyDL – To London

Download LV mix HERE

Sunday, 10 January 2010


It had been 6 months since I last went to fabric and I had heard a bag of mixed reviews from people who had be inbetween that time. With this in mind I was rather skeptical but the line up demanded my attendance! This said, upon arriving I was rather disappointed to see that Rustie was no longer on the line up leaving the glasgow team a man down! As we got in Joy Orbison was tearing down room two playing a mutated strain of bass heavy funky that head everybody dancing. With all the hype around the man behind arugably the biggest tune of the year 'Hyph Mngo', it was good to see that his set lived up to his music. This was the first time I had seen him play and I was very impressed! Looking around the club there seemed to be an army of guys wearing checkered shirts with the top button done up - just an observation. Furthermore, it was nice to see more ladies around in the crowd.

After Mr.Orbison the dynamic duo that is Instra:mental (Al Bleek and Damon Drama) stepped up to the plate. Mr. Bleek opened up their set with the rather surprising Breakage remix of Sideny Sampson's 'Riverside' which sounded HUGE after that dropping Matt-U's monster 'Watching You' which is forthcoming on Subway records. I'm pretty sure this was the song but excuse me if I'm wrong as it could have also been Skream's 'Exothermic Reaction'. Whatever it was I made a b line for the both demanding a reload which was granted! They also played a Scuba tune start to finish that only they and Scuba have supposedly.

It seemed that at 1 am most of the club descended onto room 1 to see one of last years biggest stars, Hudson Mohawke, do his thing. He was accompanied by Olivier Daysoul and it good to see that a large majoritiy of the room were singing along to 'Just Decided'. 'ZOo00OOm' sounded BIGGG as the bleeps being replaced with a scartchy guitar that sounded too sick! I think next time that this song should be perfomed with a live band because the use of the guitar sounded amazing. Towards 1.45 when his set was supposed to be finished I was worried that he would not have time to play my favourite song off the album. However, the crowd and I were not disappointed when the unmissable panpipes of 'Fuse' came in. He ended his set with his remix of 'Ooops' not only getting the girls in a frenzy but he also had the resident 'badmen' you always see in the corneres singing! All in all I was very pleased to have finally see him play and again I was not disappointed! I'm sure everyone is expecting even bigger things from him this year and I'm looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us!

The party vibes of room 1 continued on into room 3 where Hot City was playing an old skool garage set accompanied by Crazy D who was getting the crowd hyped as per usual. I heard this dropped which I had not heard for years! So big ups for bringing this one back to mind!

Having had my fix of garage Todd Edwards was missed in order to see dBridge. I'm glad I made this choice because he opened his set with an absoulute banger! It was a remix of Jay-Z's 'Sunshine' and the bass was BIGGG! Maybe it will see a cheeky white label release or it could be lost for ever! His whole set was immaculate as per usual and he had both Crazy D and Dread mcing for him which sounded unusual but in a good way. The deep space bass of dbridge with the playfulness of these two emcees lended a nice skanky atmosphere as it would have been easy to find the darkest corner and just nod ya head the whole way through. A lot of people it seems are starting to get annoyed with mc's for chatting too much and rightly so! BAD mcs can completely killl everything! Apprently at the Outlook Reunion party Plastician had 4 mcs all of which were louder than the music!

After this the back pains were almost unbearable and it was time to leave meaning that unfortunately Headhunter, J.Sparrow & Untold were missed. I would have liked to see what Untold would have played so any one who caught him drop us an e-mail! That night proved that Fabric is far from dead as the club was completely rammed, on top of that there was no aggyness or anything like that just vibes :-) It was a perfect night to start the year all of the aritsts playing are pushing the future sounds of their repsective genres be it Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Funky or if you missed it, you missed out!


Free tune here given away by grime producer GoldieLocks. She's getting a lot of recognition at the moment, and it's well deserved as this girl has been putting in the footwork for sure! Look out for her "I'm Not Her EP" dropping on February 1st. It's gonna be BIGGG, but in the meantime you'll have to make do with this:

Oneman 2010 mix

Oneman has just released his 2010 mix, which in typical Oneman style is rammo full of big tunes from some of the most in demand producers about. He's got tunes in there from Desto, Addison Groove, Joy Orbison and Terror Danjah so it's definitely not one to miss out on. And on top of all that his mixing skills are second to none!


Bad Autopsy - Mag
Hard House Banton - Reign
Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyn's Dark Mix)
Delphic - Doubt (Doc Daneeka VIP Dub)
Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok (Roska Remix)
Alphabeat - The Spell (Drums of Death Remix)
Hervé - No Sleep (Martelo's Insomniac Remix)
Desto - 20 20 Hindsight
Addison Groove - Footcrab
Joy Orbison - She Dressed In Her Best
Guido - Beautiful Complication
Brackles & Shortstuff - Pipey D
Mumdance - So Squalid
Terror Danjah - Air Bubble
Swindle - Airmiles
The Boogaloo Crew - Rising Sun
Lil Wayne - A Milli (Harmonimix)
Kelis & Andre 3000 - Millionaire

Direct download link HERE

2010 Mix by Oneman on Mixcloud

You can vote for him to get the "Best Mix of 2009" award HERE

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Zomby interview in Fader

This interview has been causing quite a stir since it's release. What does everyone think of Zomby? There's no doubt he's one of the most talented producers around but to find out a bit more about the mysterious Zomby check out his Fader interview below to see why he misses so many shows, why he is so ridiculously private and why possibly he is one of the coolest people around, or is he just a dude in a mask?

Check out the interview HERE

Zomby x Actress

A couple of previews here of a collaboration between Actress and Zomby. They're only a minute or so each but it gives you an idea of what the end result of this partnership is gonna be. Really deep atmospheric stuff, quite hard to find the beat in there so these are quite similar to the soundscape stuff that Zomby has been doing recently. Download them below and see what you think:

Oh and here's a Nosaj Thing remix for you to enjoy too. This time it's Nalepa getting the Nosaj treatment. Grab it below:

Friday, 8 January 2010

Nosaj Thing is too sick. Easily my favourite producer at the moment.... Look out for an interview the man himself coming soon and some tracks as well

Crookers in the mix for Mishka

Was pleasantly surprised when I saw the tracklist for this one, wouldn't have normally posted it, but there are tunes in there from James Blake, Numan, Ramadanman and Rustie so it makes for nice listening. I'm especially feeling Numan's Crookers remix, he sent me the tune a few days ago and I've been rinsing it ever since. Grab the mix below and enjoy:

Download the mix HERE