Monday, 23 November 2009


SRC is one of Birmingham's leading grime producers. Since around 2003 he has been creating tracks and releasing downloadable promos via the Internet.

He has also worked with a Range of MCs & Artists, including Vader,DEVelpoment, Badness, Black The Ripper and Untitled, to name but a few.

With recent support from Rinse FM's Elijah & Skilliam, DJ Oneman and a host more others he is now preparing to release tracks via digital distribution & vinyl.

I heard his remix of the LL Cool J - Hey Lover Instrumental on Starkey's Seclusiasis radio show and was like 'oh shit need to get in touch with this guy!' It should be coming out next year serious Sexstep vibes on it, if you've heard the original then you'll know! LL if you read this then how 'bout some new bars over it!

This mix is full of Mario vocal samples some of which caused an argument over the weekend because as I correctly stated there is no Mario Kart character called Dino! Anyways the mix is 17 mins long so download it and let us know what you think! More importantly if you do like it hit up SRC on myspace and let him know yourself! Definitely one to watch for the future so make sure you keep on checkin up on him!

SRC myspace


Goomba (Goombag Version)
Lemsip BIGGG
Tokyo Central
Reptoid Riddim
Where Is It?
Hey Lover (2009 Edition) BIGGG

Heard this at a house party in Leeds and its from way back in 2002 BIGGG!!!

The Chemical Brothers - My Elastic Eye HERE

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