Wednesday, 30 June 2010

FREE Actress

1Another free tune coming from the Kode9 and !K7 camp as Actress' remix of You Don't Wash is given away, after Martyn's remix and the original were made available to the public for freeeeeeeeee. The rhythm of the original remains intact but Actress completely revamps all other aspects of the tune leaving it a lot more bouncy and dancefloor friendly.

Kwes on Young Turks

The latest release on the ever growing Young Turks label is UK talent Kwes. Around this time last year he released a mixtape with classical instrumentalist turned grime producer Micachu. I wasn't a fan of Micachu & The Shapes but as a producer she deserves a lot more recognition. According to his Fader interview only took him a few days to put the EP together and for something created so quickly the finished product is fresh. If you read the interview with Fader you'll see that he uses live sampling to record sounds from chopsticks to keys jingling. This ingenuity means that any object becomes an instrument. This helps to avoid producers who use the same software from sounding the abuse of the brutal electro sound that is used in many tracks (sounds big on Street Fighter Riddim though!)

YT045 - Kwes - No Need To Run EP by Young Turks

I guess you'd called it experimental...have a listen and decide for yourselves! I strongly urge you to pre-order the EP! PRE ORDER HERE. 'In & Out the UK' is my however the equally good 'No Need To Run' seems to to be the most popular track on the EP with over 4000 plays on soundcloud. This would definitely go off in a rave. It's a big synthy, summery number and I hope at some point over the summer I hear this on a massive system! Aside from this release he's got his own label called 'Bokkle' so look out for releases on here.

For the UK Hip-Hop fans out there Kwes is producing for UK rapper Dels' album along with Joe Goddard (Hot Chip),Micachu and Young Turks own Sampha. If you like Ghostpoet then you should like Dels even though his flow isn't as laidback . He's been signed to Big Dada for three Albums all of which which I'm sure will be fire seeing as he's already being compared to Roots Manuva! Catch him live at Roots Manuva's Banana Klan vs Big Dada event at The Queen of Hoxton, July 23rd! The perfect way to celebrate my birthday!

You can download his track that was produced by Micachu, 'Violina' that was on the Kwesachu Mixtape HERE.

Download the Kwesachu Mixtape HERE - the tracklist is on Kwes' myspace.

Kwes’ Dollars To Pounds Mix

Actress – Wrong Potion (BIGGG!)
James Blake – I’ll Stay
Jamie Lidell – You Are Walking
Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – Utopia Theme (excerpt)
These New Puritans – Attack Music (BIGGG!)
Big Boi – Shutterbug
N*E*R*D – Run To The Sun
Slum Village – Climax (Girl Shit)
EHHHM – Middle Name Period (excerpt)
Sinatra/Count Basie & The Orchestra/Quincy Jones – One For My Baby (excerpt)
Konono No.1 – Paradiso
Paul McCartney – Secret Friend (excerpt)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Laser to Laser
Yuzo Koshiro – Streets of Rage II Level 1 music (excerpt)
Randy Newman – Mama Told Me Not To Come
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Can’t Hear My Eyes
Joanna Newsom – Go Long
Kwes – Canary

Download his mix for Fader magazine HERE

Make sure you keep your ear close to Young Turks because the imprint has brought us some of the freshest electronic music to date - The xx, Sbtrkt, Pariah and now Kwes!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Post-Glasto Tunes

Sorry for lack of posts of late, been at Glasto and soaking up summer vibes so blog has taken a back seat, but while we were in the West Country a few notable tunes have been given away to the masses. First up grab a tune from Mount Kimbie's forthcoming LP on Hotflush. The track entitled Field see the production duo taking a slightly different approach centering the track around 2 guitars. Grab it below!

Next up is Welshman Doc Daneeka's remix of Illum Sphere. Slight confusion over the name but apparently it's all about Hatchets and Spades. Grab it over at Sonic Router.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ramadanman in the mix

A fresh mix from Hessle Audio's Ramadanman for you now courtesy of the Bestival peeps. With his tunes and releases so far this year Rama has cemented his position as one of the freshest producers in the UK at the moment, and with recent support from Kode 9, Ricardo Villalobos and more, as well as a 12" for Swamp81 forthcoming things are only looking brighter. Grab his Bestimix below and see what he's all about.

01. kim english - nite life (remix) [nervous]
02. altered natives - crop duster [3024]
03. ramadanman - grab somebody [white]
04. unknown - untitled [unreleased]
05. martyn - miniluv [osgut ton]
06. distance - feel me [chestplate]
07. ramadanman - mir [white]
08. menta - snake charmer [road]
09. ramadanman - fall short [swamp 81]
10. distal - apple bottom [unreleased]
11. unknown - untitled [unreleased]
12. loefah - goat stare [dmz]
13. peverelist - better ways of living [punch drunk]
14. blawan - potchla vee [unreleased]
15. instramental - rift zone [unreleased]
16. ludacris vs joe - how low claptrap (dj orgasmic bootleg) [unreleased]
17. sx - wooo remix [digital]
18. addison groove - this girl [unreleased]
19. benga - one on one [big apple]
20. pariah - crossed out [forthcoming r&s]
21. sigha - light swells (in a distant space) [hotflush]

Download the mix HERE

Kode9 talks about his DJ-Kicks and a FREE tune

Hyperdub's Kode9 has been doing the promo rounds recently in the run up to the release of his DJ-Kicks mix CD for !K7, and here he chats to the LA Times about what he wanted to create with this mix, what music he's feeling and what the future holds for him and his label...oh and you can grab Martyn's remix of 'You Don't Wash', which is set to be released along with the original on !K7 later this year, as well.

Read the interview and download the tune HERE

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Some free tunes

Grab house producer Julio Bashmore's remix of Zero 7 over at XLR8R. Feeling this one a lot and looking forward to getting some more Bashmore tunes in the near future, other than his remixes that have been flooding out lately.

Zero 7 - Ghost sYMOBL (Julio Bashmore Remix)

Another free tune for you now, this time in the form of Deadboy's reworking of Foals' Spanish Sahara. Keeping the minimal vibe of this tune Deaboy turns it into a head-nodding, chin-stroking remix.

Another tune in the series of giveaways in the build up to Sonar this week and this time Warp's Hudson Mohawke is on giveaway duties. Had never even heard this tune before so it's nice to get a properly fresh tune instead of the usual mpfree after thoughts.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Instra:mental for FACT

Another FACT mix for you now (sorry but they keep on getting better and better), this time from the Autonomic pioneers Instra:mental. Switching things up nicely in this mix as they continue on their crusade to play "whatever they like" taking in techno, dubstep, dnb and more. Stand out tracks include Doink!, Rift Zone, that Untitled Addison Groove tune and Kito's This City. Have a listennnnnn!

L.O.L – White noise – Nonplus
Instra:mental – Forbidden – Applepips
Skream – Minimalistix – Nonplus
Unknown – Tired Light – Darkestral
Instra:mental – Doink! – Swamp81
Instra:mental – Vicodin – Naked Lunch
Instra:mental – Tramma – Nonplus
Skream – Rollin’kicks – Dub
Addison Groove – Untitled – Swamp 81
Photocell – Silver Clouds (Dexter remix)
Instra:mental – Voyuer – Disfigured Dubs
Skream – Exothermic Reaction – Nonplus
Addison Groove – Footcrab – Swamp 81
Instra:mental – Rift Zone – Swamp 81
Riya ft/ Skream – Siminimal – Autonomic
Kito – This City – Dub
L.O.L – Dare – Nonplus

Download the mix HERE

Friday, 11 June 2010

Addison Groove In The Mix

What I think is the first Addison Groove mix is available over at the FACT site today. The mix features a load of tunes by Chicago footwork/juke/ghetto-tech masters such as Spinn and Rashad, as well as Mosca, Girl Unit and Ramadanman and of course Addison Groove himself! All there is to say is Footcrab-Footcrab-Footcrab-Footcrab-F-F-F-Footcrab!


1 Dynamix ii – Just Give The DJ A Break
2 Detroit Grand PuBahs – Sandwiches
3 Submersible Machines – Cold Seep
4 Altered Natives – Crop Duster
5 Mosca – Square One – Julio Bashmore longhorn remix
6 Mosca – Nike
7 Girl Unit – Shade One
8 Ramadanman – Work Them
9 Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
10 Andrea Parker – Freaky Bitches
11 Addison Groove – Work It
12 Mr Dee – Time Space Scrilla
13 Addison Groove – Sexual
14 Rashad & Spinn – Transported
15 Rashad – Freakin Me On The flo
16 Leatherface – King Kong
17 Rashad – Get Down And Make Em Freak
18 Rashad – Drop Out Juke

Download the mix HERE

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Kyle Hall x XLR8R

Detroit's 18 year old wunderkind Kyle Hall supplies the latest mix for XLR8R featuring old and upcoming Detroit producers, including Drexciya and Jimmy Edgar, as well as Kyle Hall himself. If you liked his cut for Hyperdub, I'm pretty sure you'll love this mix so get it 'pon the d/l ASAP.


01 Hakim Murphy "The Artificial Tsunami" (Machining Dreams)
02 Scott Grooves "Afro Riddum (Modified Suede)
03 Drexciya "REFF Rhythms" (Submerge)
04 Fatima "On the Go" (Eglo)
05 Kyle Hall "Must See" (Third Ear)
06 Theo Parrish "White Label SS40" (Sound Signature)
07 Karizma "Jill Scott, Just Want to Be Loved" (K2 Edits)
08 Marcel Fengler "Yaki" (Ostgut Ton)
09 Alex Omar Smith "Simple Than Sorry (Phaser Mix)" (FXHE)
10 Kaidi Tatham "Do What You Gotta Do" (Freedom School)
11 Chez & Trent "All About You"
12 Jimmy Edgar "Hush (Kyle Hall's Metro Retro Mix)" (Glass Table)
13 Schmoov "Playground" (DIY Disc)
14 Hanna "About You" (Separe)
15 BSMNT City Anymle Kontrol "The Perfekt Sin" (Wild Oats)

Download it HURRRRRRR

Monday, 7 June 2010

Tectonic @ Fabric

This night is essential if you're in London this Friday. The Tectonic crew take over Room 1 with the sounds of Pinch, Kryptic Minds, Kuedo, Youngsta and Pursuit Grooves (Live), with Room 2 in the hands of Zero T, Alix Perez, Icicle to celebrate the launch of Zero T's FabricLive mix CD. On top of all this the sounds in Room 3 come from the Autonomic boys with dBridge, Instra:mental and Bullion all gracing the decks. It's set to be a massive so if you're in London then head down!!!!

Click HERE for a recent interview Fabric did with Kuedo (Jamie Vex'd) or HERE for an interview with Pursuit Grooves

Also, here is a little promo mix Pinch did to celebrate the occasion.

Pinch - Promo Mix (May2010) by fabric

FREE Kode9

In a further promo push for his forthcoming DJ Kicks compilation Kode9 is giving away one of the tunes from the mix that happens to be a DJ Kicks EXLCUSIVE. Free Kode9 tunes are few and far between so jump on this one quick!

Kode9 x FACT

The latest in FACT's ever impressive series of mixes comes from Hyperdub founder and UK bass music purveyor Kode9. He's set to release his DJ Kicks collaboration on !K7 later this month so one can only assume this mix is a promo prelude to that. The mix consists of mostly "'94 to '96 jungle" so SS, Lemon D and Undercover Agent all feature, amongst others. Check it ooooout!

1. Soundman & Don Lloyde with Elizabeth Troy – Greater Love
2. Lemon D – Manhatten Melody
3. Dope Style – You Must Think First
4. Nut Nut – Special Dedication
5. Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh
6. DJ SS – MA2 remix
7. 12-10 Series Mk 1 – All that Jazz
8. L Double featuring Bassman – Da Base too Dark
9. Urban Jungle – Back in the Daze
10. Sacred – Kall the Kops
11. Fusion Forum – Vintage Keys
12. Maldini – Def Roll
13. Bad Influence feat. DJ Rush Puppie – Time & Time

Download the mix HERE

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Spatial x Dub War NYC

Nice mix for you now from man like Spatial recorded live at Dub War over in NYC. The mix features tunes from Ramadanman, Untold, Hot City and plenty more! You can catch spatial at Cable this Friday for FACT's joint party with the Night Slugs crew with a massive line up including Mala, Scuba, DJ Rashad, BokBok, L-Vis 1990, Girl Unit and more. It's gonna be a massive night so go check it out. In the meantime get warmed up with this mix.

Spatial - Live at Dubwar NYC May 2010 by wefearsilence

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Teebs x XLR8R

More freshness from the XLR8R camp now, this time in the form of the latest in their series of excellent podcasts from none other than Brainfeeder's Teebs. If you haven't heard of this dude then get to know! He's good at pretty much everything from painting, drawing, skating to writing music so that should be all you need to know, oh and he's got an album coming on FlyLo's Brainfeeder imprint later this year. Get in the mood for that with this mix. Yeeeeeeeer boiiiiii.


01 Kutmah "Warm Like The Sunshine" (Poobah)
02 Million Young "Chlorophyl"
03 Jeremiah Jae "Money and Food"
04 Teebs "Arthurs Birds"
05 Teebs "Cook, Clean, Pay the Rent (2nd Edit)"
06 Kona Triangle "Mango Rubicon" (Porter)
07 Flying Lotus "Drips/Auntie's Harp" (Warp)
08 Alex B feat. Harold "Seriously Again"
09 Flying Lotus "Satelllliiiiiteee" (Warp)
10 Dungen "Fretag" (Kemado)
11 Baths "Hall" (Anticon)
12 Teebs "While You Dooooo"
13 Juj "My Room" (Wedidit)
14 Teebs "Personal Winter" (Dublab Japan)
15 Flying Lotus "One for Kutmah"
16 Boards of Canada "Music Has the Right to Children (Oscar McClure Remix)"
17 Savath & Savalas "Te Quiero Pero Por Otro" (Warp)
18 Knxledge "Give Em Some Beats"
19 Knxledge "BB125.84"
20 Teebs "Why Like This"
21 Kutmah "Intro/Outro Shit"

Download the mix HERE

Some free funky

Couple of free DVA tunes and a Lil Silva bit for ya now via music media moguls FACT and XLR8R. First up is DVA's first ever single in the form of grime track Kurb Krawl, which the man himself gave away via his Twitter yesterday.

DVA - Kurb Krawl

Next up is his tune Freakout, which is on a similar tip to Ganja off his debut 12" for Hyperdub with those signature bleeping and whurring synths. Big percussive funky on this one.

Last but no least is Lil Silva's No Hooks, which got a vinyl release a while back and is now available digitally for free via FACT. Really feelin Lil Silva's stuff at the moment, especially the Night Skanker EP which dropped on Night Slugs yesterday. Check this dude out and see what ya think.