Saturday, 31 October 2009


Club Autonomic took over Momentum at The Wire in Leeds on Friday night with dBridge, Instra:mental and ASC on the buttons for a night of the freshest deep, minimal drum and bass.

I had been looking forward to this night for weeks. I had never been to The Wire either and after being told by friends that I would love it, it definitely lived up to expectations. It reminds me of a smaller, more intimate and stylish version of The End back in the day and now with a newly installed Funktion-1 soundsystem The Wire is up there with the best of them as far as small clubs go.

ASC was on first and played a sick set with impeccable track selection, dropping bits from all of the freshest producers in the scene at the minute (I had a sneaky look at his cd wallet and it reads like a who's who of drum and's ridiculous!). This was the first time I had seen him play out and was definitely impressed. He wasn't fazed when the monitors blew either so big props to him for that! His album, which is due out early next year, is definitely one to bag on sight. It's gonna be huge. Trust!

Instra:mental was next on and played a sick set. Al Bleek is definitely one of the best DJs in the scene at the minute. His skill and technique on the decks is incredible and with a reputation like his it's pretty obvious his track selection was some next level s**t! He was pretty pissed that they only fixed the monitors 10 minutes before the end of his set and claimed his set could have been 10 times better but hey I wasn't complaining. Even though I was begging dBridge to get his headphones on and get behind the decks he would't do it :( so we had to wait til 2 for him to get on but it was definitely definitely DEFINITELY worth the wait!

On 3 decks, dBridge played a mind blowing set. It was actually a joke! It's the kind of set where you just wonder how he does it, but hey some people just have it don't they and dBridge is definitely one of those people! He was dropping everything from Breakage's 'Run 'Em Out' (ft. Roots Manuva) to Abstract Element's 'Abysmal Depth' and Instra:mental's instant classic 'Watching You' (with dBridge himself on the vocals). He also dropped a new untitled track produced by himself, Instra:mental and Skream, which was big so keep an eye out for that. I'm sure it'll be getting a release on either Exit/NonPlus+/Disfigured Dubz probably early next year!

This night was definitely my favourite up here in Leeds so far. Sick music, sick sound, sick venue, sick crowd so big up Momentum for putting it all together.

Momentum is Leed's top drum and bass night taking place on the last Friday of every month so if you didn't go on Friday or haven't been before definitely check out the next one on Friday 27th November with Marcus Intalex and Klute.

Finally, if for some reason you don't know about the Autonomic movement then you need to get to know.....NOW! In my opinion this is the most important thing happening in music right now so anyone who doesn't know then get involved! The Autonomic podcasts are on constant rotation on my iPod and the series has developed a cult like following with over 30,000 downloads of Layer:09. Layer:10 is on the way too so get excited people!!!!

Download the Autonomic Podcasts HERE

The Autonomic boys have even more big things coming up as well. They have a monthly Autonomic show on Rinse FM starting on 4th November, as well as their FabricLive mix CD (FabricLive 50) which will be out in February and a load of forthcoming releases on Exit and NonPlus+ Records.

Look out for NonPlus+003 with ASC's 'Porcelain' b/w 'Focus Inwards' and NonPlus+004 with Skream's remix of 'No Future' b/w an original track by Skream 'Minimalisitix'.

Instra:Mental have just had a release on Apple Pips as well with 'Leave It All Behind' b/w 'Forbidden'. Grab it HERE

Finally, if you're in London on 20th November then head down to Fabric cos Club Autonomic will be hosting room 3 with dBridge, Instra:mental and Shackleton (live), as well as Marcus Intalex and Klute in room 2 and DJ Marky playing a 4 hour set in room 1. This night is looking set to be large!

Big up to dBridge, Al Bleek, ASC, Momentum and Wire for being so friendly and helpful in doing this review!

Credit for cover photo Photographymax

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Dubstep Allstars 7

"Dubstep lovers rejoice: Hot on the heels of Soul Jazz's Steppas Delight 2 comes the seventh instalment of Tempa's long-running Dubstep Allstars series, a "double disc expedition which unearths newfound pleasures aplenty" thanks to Ramadanman and Chef, two of the scene's most esteemed luminaries.

Coming at a time when the genre paints an increasingly splintered picture, it's a combination of two divergent schools: disc one, mixed by sub-bass veteran Chef, goes heavy on the main room vibes with a spate of fresh tracks from half-step big guns Skream, Benga and Silkie alongside deeper cuts from Mala, Cyrus and Conquest, while Hessle Audio's Ramadanman plunges headlong into the world of techno-flavoured 2-step on disc two with crossover workouts from Martyn, Scuba and Peverelist, and more than a bit of Hessle activity courtesy of nu-school wonderkids Pangaea, Untold, Joe and Ramadanman himself. As with previous instalments, expect the bleeding edge of dubstep."

Taken from Resident Advisor

This CD is gonna be fire so for the eager ones out there pre-order HERE as it's due for release on 09/11/2009. Chef doesn't hold back as CD1 is FULL of bangers and allsorts of VIPs and CD2 see's Ramadanman represent the more techy side of things! It's set to be BIGGG so make sure you cop it when it drops.

CD 1 (Mixed by Chef)
01. Dub Mechanics - Main Goal
02. Chefal and Coki (feat. Doctor) - Stages
03. G Double E - The Highest
04. Von D feat. Lady Phe Phe - Show Me
05. Von D feat. Lady Phe Phe - Show Me
06. Kito - LFO
07. DJ 200F and J Kamata - They Don't Know What Love Is (Chef VIP Special)
08. Dub Mechanics - Spotted
09. Cyrus - Sleeper (Chef VIP Special)
10. Mala - Level 9
11. Mr. Lager feat. Alys - Be Tell Me (Distance Remix)
12. Mr. Lager feat. Alys - Be Tell Me (Von D Remix)
13. Conquest - The Unknown
14. Benga - Man On A Mission (Chef VIP Special)
15. Silkie - 51 Times Stronger
16. Noah D - Serious (Chef VIP Special); Cotti - Real Hustler (Chef Special) [Tease]; Unknown - Gangsta For Life [Tease]
17. Benga - iTunes
18. Ghost - Think They're Greezy
19. Silkie - Untitled
20. Christine Vaccine - Fever (Kito Remix)
21. Distance - No Warning
22. LD - Fibre Optics
23. Silkie - Float
24. LD - Day Dreamin'
25. Mr. Lager - Four Leaf Clover
26. LD - Hard Skank
27. Chef - Sub Soca
28. Trolley Snatcher - The Future
29. Kutz - Itch (Chef VIP Special)
30. Skream - WTF
31. Silkie - Full Moon
32. Cluekid - '09 Lick (Chef VIP Special)
33. Benga - Who Remembers
34. D1 - Just Business

CD 2 (Mixed by Ramadanman)
01. Ramadanman - Tread
02. Untold & D. Franklin - Beacon
03. Peverelist - Bluez
04. Blawan - Fram
05. Mickey Pearce - Innami
06. Footsie
07. Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling (Pangaea Remix)
08. Scuba - Tense
09. Ramadanman - I Beg You
10. Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce - Tripped Up
11. Pangaea - Router
12. Ramadanman - Old Thumbs
13. Peverelist - Jarvik Mindstate
14. Martyn - Vancouver
15. Headhunter - OSS
16. Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix)
17. RSD - Over It
18. D1 - Subzero
19. James Blake - Sparing The Horses
20. Quest - Arawak
21. Joe - Untitled
22. Ramadanman - Humber
23. Skream feat. Earl 16 - Tune In (A Dub Tribute)
24. Compound One - Space Odyssey
25. Pangaea - Why
26. Untold - Stop What You're Doing
27. Mount Kimbie - Fifty Mile View

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Nice little guest mix from Joker on Redlight's new 1xtra radio show.

Full of big tunes in typical Joker style. Look out for Tron VIP, My Trance Girl and the other unknown Joker track (which I'm pretty sure is the Joker x TC collab). 3 absolutely massive tracks!


1) Silkie – ???
2) Joker – Tron
3) Joker – Tron VIP
4) Noah D – Seeeerious VIP
5) Emalkay – When I Look At You
6) Joker – Purple City
7) Joker – My Trance Girl
8) Benga – Jungle Bunny
9) Skream – Filth (Silkie Remix)
10) Joker – ???
11) Jakes – Rhythm
12) Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)

Download it HERE

Saturday, 24 October 2009


The latest Disrupt:on Inc. exclusive features halfstep wonderkids, Kryptic Minds. The boys have just released their second studio album on Loefah's Swamp81 imprint. The album is rammed with dark halfstep riddims, fitting perfectly into Loefah's vision of his label.

The boys are also responsible for one of the sickest tunes of the year 'Badman', as featured on N-Type's Rinse 09 mix. 2009 has been a huge year for these badboy producers so when I had a little chat with them they had plenty to say.

Check out what Kryptic Minds had to say below:

What's good guys? What have you been up to since the album dropping?

All is good thank you. It's been a really busy time for us, working hard on new music and DJing. As boring as it may sound, we have just been keeping our heads down and working hard in the studio. Keeping life as simple as possible, and concentrating on new music.

Firstly, I want to say big props for putting such an inspired album together. What are you personal favourite tunes on there? For me the whole album is really emotive. Do any of the tracks mean something to you emotionally?

Really pleased that you are feeling the Album. Our favourite tracks on the Album vary from day to day, but 'One Of Us' has got to be up there. That was the tracks that really got us noticed within the scene, we had made many 140bpm tracks before but 'One Of Us' was the track that Youngsta really supported hard! When we sat down and said let's make an Album that was the first track we made; so that being the first track, paved the sound of the rest of the album. Even though there is only one other track on the album which is the same kind of style (Chosen Few) the rest of the Album came from that track. Also, it's the title track of the Album, so if any that has the most meaning to us.

What tracks missed out on the album? I would personally would have loved to have seen Badman on there! That vocal is too BIGGG!

There are a lot of tracks which missed out on the final version, most of them are unheard and will never be released, and are sitting on the studio hard drive. There is one track, which Skream was playing called 'Torn', which we dropped from the Album at the last minute. 'Badman' was never even a thought to go on the Album; the track was made after we played at DMZ in January. We wanted to make a track that we though Loefah might make and play at a DMZ night hense we named it 'Loefah Meets DMZ'. It only got a proper name when we did the mix for Mary Anne Hobbs. It was mainly a thank you to Loefah for booking us for DMZ. The track was never meant to be getting a release, it was just a bit of fun and as we mentioned a thank you. We had no idea it was going to the get the response it has!

Was the partnership with Swamp81 a match made in heaven for you guys? Your style seems to be exactly what Swamp is about!

Yeah it worked out really well, as Loefah liked what we were doing; and he has at that point recently set up Swamp81. His outlook and view on what he wanted Swamp to be, was the same outlook and feeling as us. Just to make and release what we are into, what we think is good music, with no huge expectations. Just heads down music. It was perfect timing for both Loefah and us!

When did you guys and Loefah first get togetther? Was it a mutual respect thing or did one approach the other?

At the time we met Loefah, we didn't know too much about the dubstep scene (and we still don't). In fact, the only track we had heard of was Loefah's 'Jah War Remix', which was one of the tracks that made us want to slow the tempo down and try something different. Youngsta one day said to me (Si) that I should send some bits over to Loefah because he would have been into what we were doing. So we messaged him on myspace, and he sent us his AIM name, and it just went from there. We spoke a lot on the phone about each other's visions for the future, and he was on the same page. We met up a few times chatted for hours and as they say the rest is history....

What direction are you guys heading in now? Are you gonna carry on the same tip as the album or explore a different route?

We're sticking to around 140bpm, but exploring different styles within that tempo. We don't want to give too much away at this time :)

Who is inspiring you guys at the moment? Anyone whose work you're really feeling? Anyone you really want to get in the studio with? A mate of mine would love to see a collaboration with Data or SP:MC?

Our inspiration comes from many different styles of music, and just every day life. We tend not to listen to a great deal of music in the same style that we are making. That said, we are liking what the Exit Records guys are doing at the minute, dBridge, Instra:Mental, Consequence and ASC. Also, Loxy, Resound and Sabre. We would love to work with people like Craig Armstrong and Massive Attack. We are always open to collaboration ideas.

What are the biggest tunes in your bag at the minute? What are your favourite tunes at the moment?

We mainly play our own tunes, most of them are untitled. So it's a tough one to answer, but for crowd response I guess 'Badman'.

Are there any more releases forthcoming? Is 'The Weeping' getting a release on Disfigured?

We have actually just received the test pressings this week for 'Code 46' b/w ' The Weeping'. Last time we spoke to Skream, which was 3 weeks ago, he said "the single will be out in stores in November". Also, in the same month, we have a two track single, 'Wondering Why' b/w 'Life Continuum' on our own label Osiris Music UK. Also, just out is a remix by us of 'False Flag' by Pinch and Moving Ninja b/w an original track by us called '768' on Tectonic.

What does 2010 hold for you guys?

Working on our 3rd album. Working on more collaborations with Youngsta. Getting in the studio with Loefah. Working on more releases with Swamp81 and our own label Osiris Music UK. Keeping things nice and positive...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our music.

The boys have kindly given us a tune from the album for download. Grab it below and if you like it (which you should) go and grab the album:

If you haven't already bagged it, buy the 'One Of Us' LP HERE.

Also, bag 'False Flag (Kryptic Minds Remix)'/'768' HERE

Finally, go show the guys some love on....

I want to say a big thank you to Lloyd and the boys from Kryptic Minds for taking the time to do this! Big up!

Also, think I speak for anyone reading this when I say the boys need get in the studio with dBridge and Instra:Mental. I need that in my life!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Skream & Benga @ Rinse Is 15

Skream and Benga's set from Rinse's 15th Birthday at Matter has just surfaced. I was there and this set was BIGGG so make sure you grab it!! It is rammed full of bangers in typical Skream and Benga style so it won't disappoint! Enjoy the 320 too!

There is no tracklist, but with mixes like this you don't really need one!

Download the mix HERE

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Tru:Tek is a new dubstep outfit formed by producers/DJs Rutile, Panza and Senate. Meeting over 8 years ago, Panza and Rutile became close friends through their diverse love of music, and it was this diversity that has ended up forging the styles they drop today.

With early interests ranging from funk and reggae to hardcore metal, to the eclectic idm of aphex and barry lynn, the founding members (Rutile and Panza) found a common ground in the futuristic sound of drum and bass from the first few years of this decade, with their early productions focused on a mixture of dubwize and techstep styles, with labels such as Bassbin, Soul-r, Subtitles and Vision being heavy influences.

Cue Senate (Panza's brother), who was big into the UKG scene at the time, moving onto Grime and finally settling in the emerging dubstep scene, his main influences were in the dubbier side of the genre, including El-b, Mala, Loefah, Burial, Tectonic, Apple Pips and Hyper Dub. It was his influence that coerced Rutile and Panza’s expansion into dupstep. Senate plays regularly in Nottingham at events including Detonate and Basslaced and has held recent dubstep gigs in Europe including Star Wars in Belgium.

Over the past year Senate has tried his hand at production, working on tracks such as Truth Vibrations, Positive Vibes and Anansi with Rutile and Panza. With a number of solid tracks behind them and many more in the pipeline, Tru:Tek have now decided its time to take their music to the people... about f**king time!!!

The boys have sent us a few tunes so make sure you grab them below. They are on a similar tip to Kryptic Minds so check 'em out:

Tru:Tek - The Origins Of Consciousness

Tru:Tek - Truth Vibrations

Tru:Tek myspace


501 is in the mix for the latest installment of Hush House's series of exclusive mixes, with in my opinion the best mix so far in the series. He takes in a lot of different styles within dubstep in a seamless 50 minute mix.

"This mix incorporates some of the best bits of Dubstep to date, mixed with some unknown forthcoming bits to leave us with a tuneful, melodic, rumbling 50 minutes of uninterrupted music. Bounce along, drive along or dream along - they all work, and work well at that."


01. Re-Up - Joker
02. Get Up (Feat. Yolanda) - Pinch
03. One Of Us - Kryptic Minds
04. Tempered - Rustie
05. Solid State - Emalkay
06. Step Into A Dream - Seven
07. Go Go Gadget - Rusko
08. Digidesign - Joker
09. Revenue - Ramadanman
10. Short Circuit - 501
11. Crazy Talk - Seven
12. Chosen Few - Kryptic Minds
13. Guillotine - Matt-U & Riskotheque
14. Mofo - Antiserum
15. Hidden Worlds - 501
16. Badness - 6Blocc/K1
17. Transaction - Subscape
18. Incognito - 501
19. Technophobe - N-Type & The Others

Check out his myspace HERE

Big up the Hush fam for putting the series together!

Monday, 19 October 2009


Super fresh Vaccine is on the buttons for the latest Big Up magazine podcast. The mix is rammed full of big tunes and takes in a lot of different styles from loads of artists, including Kito, ASC and Instra:Mental.


1. Helios - "Hollie" [Type]
2. ?
3. ?
4. Vaccine - "Fever" (Kito remix) [forthcoming Disfigured]
5. Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - "Thou Shalt Always Kill" (Vaccine remix) [Sunday Best freebie]
6. Kito feat. Reija Lee - "LFO" [forthcoming Disfigured]
7. Static feat. Justine Electra - "Inside Your Heaven" [City Centre Offices]
8. Instra:mental - "Voyeur" [forthcoming Disfigured]
9. ?
10. Kito - "Cold" (Vaccine remix) [forthcoming Disfigured]
11. ?
12. ASC - "Focus Inwards" [forthcoming Nonplus+]
13. ?
14. Radiohead - "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" (Telefon Tel Aviv cover) [Rapster]
15. ?
16. ?
17. ?
18. Blu Mar Ten - "She Moves through" (ASC remix) [Unreleased]
19. Instra:mental - "Watching You" [Nonplus+]
20. ASC - "Porcelain" [forthcoming Nonplus+]

(Portions of the tracklist have been omitted due to request by the parties involved)

Download the mix HERE


Kode9 has put together a garage and 2-step mix for XLR8R featuring tracks from '99-'02 to celebrate Hyperdub's 5th birthday.


01 M Dubs feat. General Levy "Sweet Love" (Wildstar)
02. DJ Narrows "Dreams" (Resurrection)
03. Moreso "Take My Hand (Dem2 Over There Dub Mix)" (Locked On)
04. Horsepower "Classic Delux" (Tempa)
05. Ordinary People "Ghetto Lovin Dub" (Social Circles)
06. Monie Love "Slice of the Pie (El-B Dub)" (Relentless)
07. Lucy Pearl "Don't Mess With My Man (Wookie Dub)" (Beyond)
08. Bass Masters "Bass Bug" (black label)
09. Groove Chronicles "1999 The Remix" (Kinky Fox)
10. Mario Cee feat. Alexia "Negativiti (Chris Mack 2 step)" (Electric Melt)
11. Chris Mack "Baby Gonna Rock Dis" (First Class)
12. DJ Double G "Get Loose" (DFL)
13. Pay As U Go Crew "Know We" (Solid City)

Download the mix HERE

If you don't already have the celebratory Hyperdub release featuring new tunes by Mala, Joker and many more then grab it NOW!

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Rinse FM, the famed pirate station, has started a petition to get an FM Licence and become the first pirate station to become legal since Kiss 100. Rinse has helped shape the sound of underground music since it's inception over 15 years ago and continues to play a key role in the scene to this very day.


Big up!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The Others have done a promo mix for the people down at Paradiso, Amsterdam ahead of the Dub Police takeover of the club on 23rd October.

The line up for the Dub Police night over there is biggg featuring label owner Caspa, The Others, L-Wiz, D1, LD, Subscape and Emalkay!

If you're in the 'Dam then get involved as it's gonna go off PROPA!

There's no tracklist but each and every tune is big so you don't really need one!

Download the mix HERE

Monday, 12 October 2009


Starkey is on the buttons for the latest installment of FACT's mix series. Starkey has one of the biggest sounds around at the minute and this mix is BIGGG so make sure you grab it NOW! Remember these mixes are only available for download for 3 weeks so get on it!

FACT have also done a little interview with the man himself as well so make sure you check that out too!

Download the mix HERE


01- Starkey 'Fourth Dimension'
02 - Starkey 'Multidial'
03 - Nasty Nasty 'The Reef'
04 - Starkey 'Knob Twiddler'
05 - Wale 'Ice & Rain' (Skrewed by Starkey)
06 - Humble Dinosaur 'D-Communication Dungeon'
07 - Dev79 'Live N Die 4 Tha Street Bass'
08 - Merciless 'Time Machine'
09 - Starkey ft. Badness 'OK Luv'
10 - BD1982 'Space Boots' (Slugabed remix)
11 - Misk 'Subterranean Crawlspace'
12 - Monkey & Stagga 'Moog Lightning'
13 - Kid Simple 'Fresh Like'
14 - Wollom 'Serenade'
15 - SRC 'Halloucinatin'
16 - Subeena ft. Jamie Woon & Om'Mas Keith 'Solidify'
17 - Ebola 'Alpha Paw'
18 - Pacheko 'Lockdown' (6Blocc remix)
19 - Starkey ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle 'Club Games'
20 - PANTyRAID 'Beba'
21 - Rx 'Torture'
22 - Drake ft. Travis McCoy & Mickey Factz 'Overdose'
23 - Starkey 'Rain City'
24 - Kano 'Rock N Roller' (Starkey remix)
25 - Starkey 'Lenses'
26 - Shortstuff & Hyetal 'Don't Sleep'
27 - Monkey 'Cygnas X1'
28 - Ital Tek 'Chemical Temple'
29 - Bon Iver 'Woods' (Starkey remix)


I was excited about this event before I even started at Bristol Uni, even more excited on the friday night when I was told that Skream & Joker were going b2b for 2 HOURS, and even more excited when I given Acces all areas (thanks to Rob and Ollie!) My my my did it live up to expectations!

In london it had got to the stage where going to a rave would be an effort, knowing that even with a sick line up there would be a shit crowd & shit sound. STB had a sick venue (indoor skate park), SICK sound (ears are still ringing!) and good crowd (always nice to see more ladies in the raves!)
As I got in Breakage was on with SP:MC on the mic dropping some heavy Jungle and Dnb. I must say listening to Run 'em out on my iPod I wasn't a fan...hearing it on FAT speakers completely changed my opinion!! It's BIGGG! After Breakage was Seven - fackin ell! I had known that he was renowned for his mixing but this was NEXT LEVEL! There was a dodgy needle at first but after that was sorted it was honestly one of the best sets I've heard in a while! C-Strike-Z & Koast of Central Spillz getting the crowd hyped as usual!

By this point the walls were dripping with sweat and it was time for a break. I ambled out thinking it would be time to cool off only to see a camouflage tent with banging 2step garage and bassline coming from it! Even if you didn't go in you could still here it so it was nice to have a ciggie and a lil jam! Well thought out boys! After the lil jam had to go back in as I could hear the door rattling like crazy! On the decks was none other that Redlight aka Clipz. His new sound is soooo sick! Dunno what it is but its BIGGG! Watch out for a feature on him coming shortly!

After him I caught a bit of Sigma and Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) who was killing it! This got the crowd very hyped for Skream & Joker! At 4 o'clock pretty much the whole club descended on the main room to see these two smash the place up! They didn't fail to deliver! At times there were mosh pits and at times everyone had their hands in the air, so there was something for everyone! Had some guy with dreads raving next to me which got me slightly aggy because they were fackin ithcy so I had to retreat backstage! The security never had a dull moment! Either it was girls trying to clamber onto the stage or the whole front barricade being pushed forward by the heaving crowd! The sound system in the main room was something else! Never seen so many speakers!

All in all it was a ridiculous night and I shall definitely be going to the next one and so will anyone else in Bristol who went and those who came just for it! There was even a burger van in the smoking area so when you left at 7 you could grab some breakfast! It had everything a good rave should have...Goons, Gyals and Good music!

The line up for STB 11 is just as big so make sure you save some monies for it: Dec 5th - Ms Dynamite (Live), Skpeta, Caspa, Fresh, Raffertie, Instra:mental, Benny Page, Untold, Pangaea and many more!

Big Up to The Blast boys for putting on such an well organized and thought out night. Organized grime folks. See you at the next one!

Sunday, 11 October 2009


Mensah - this maybe an unfamiliar name to you at the moment but trust me you shall all know! If you're in Bristol then you would have seen his names dotted about on flyers. For those who don't know, he's one of Bristol best kept secrets and his forthcoming release on H.E.N.C.H is 'Pulse 80s' (a hommage to Musical Mob's - Pulse X) with 'Acid Dub' on the flip. As you all know H.E.N.C.H is renowned for the 'King Of Wobble' - Jakes and with that sound in most peoples heads Mensah said he wants his release to sound like nothing else.

He started off watching the likes of Roni Size and others produce at The Basement studio when he was 14 but never tried his hand at producing. Like most DJs, he got bored of spinning other peoples tunes and started making his own. He was at Access 2 Music College with the likes of Gemmy, Chasing Shadows, Suparisk & Forsaken and was tutored by Drum n Bass heavyweight Danny Byrd. After two years of college he quit and started producing with Chasing Shadows and started to develop his own style.

His whole life changed on the 22nd of Feburary 2009 when he quit his day job and started music for real. After having a dnb release w/Mutt on the Treading Water LP on Horizons Music he decided that it wasn't the sound for him so close friend and hot boy of the scene at the minute, Joker, told him to slow it down.

He's not a fan of labelling music and doesn't call his sound 'Dubstep'. With some tunes taking influence from Rave, Grime and Dnb he said he'd call his new stuff 'Future Funk' with a little hint of 'Purple'. Let me make it clear that he is NO knock-off Joker! Having spent a few hours in his studio it is clear that he is all about pushing a new sound and drawing from various different sources for inspiration be it, Anime and computer Games or Gwen Stefani, to create something original and fresh. Furthermore, he explicitly said that all of his tunes are different andthat he does not want to make the same tune twice, which is refreshing to hear because a lot of artist these days are getting a little too comfortable with their sound.

The stuff he was playing me was BIGGG so make sure you stay locked on him! He said future release is going to be this one called Harajuku Girls ( he's a big Gwen Stefani fan) with Rock City featuring live guitar played by Ginz on the flip. In the pipeline he's got tunes coming with Sukh Knight (if you haven't bought his Cheese Louez EP then do!) close mate Eddie K and a forthcoming release on M4 records - a label that has already seen the like of Gemmy. There's no rest for this guy as he's making beats all the time and its starting to pay off! If you haven't heard his release on LoDubs then prepare to be wowed!

Mensah - Sahara

Mensah - Shy Gal

Having started off as a DJ his mixing skills are up there with the best of 'em! Kindly, he recorded a 45 min mix for us here at Disrupt:on Inc (it was like a mini rave in the studio!) On top of that he recorded it wile he was ill so make sure you download it cos its BIGGG and literally a lot of sweat went into it!

To listen to Mensah's music head to his myspace:

Make sure you check his remix of Joker's - Psychadelic Runway on his myspace which should hopefully see the light of day!

Buy Sahara / Shy Gal HERE

Exclusive Mensah Mix for Disrpt:on Inc:

01. Major Lazer - Hold the Line (Skream Remix)
02. Skream - Simple City
03. Mensah - Untitled Future Funk
04. Parma Violet - Skittles
05. Mensah - Stapleton Road
06. Mensah - Pulse 80's
07. Joker - Tron
08. Mensah & Dread MC - Skyuken
09. Noah D - Seeeriousss
10. Mensah - Sahara
11. Joker - Digidesign
12. RSD - Kingfisher
13. Sukh Knight - Jewel Thief
14. Distance - Night Vision
15. Distance - Night Vision (Skream's "So Nasty" Version)
16. Skream - Filth (tease)
17. Joker & Ginz - Purple City (Mensah Special)
18. Skream - Filth (tease)
19. J@KES - Rhythm (Mensah Special)
20. Mensah & Eddie K - Steady As She Goes
21. Benga - Buzzin'
22. Central Spillz - What Ya Know About
23. Chasing Shadows - ILL
24. Chasing Shadows & Foreign Beggars - Untitled Dub
25. Superisk - Find Your Way
26. Jack Beats - U.F.O (K-Hole Bass Riddim)
27. Fake Blood - Mars
28. Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Crookers Remix)
29.Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid Of Detriot


Mutt - Heavylidded HERE

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Lenzman is making serious waves in the Drum n Bass world at the minute , signing new music to respected labels such as Metalheadz, 31 Records, Shogun Ltd, Integral, C.I.A. and Subtitles. In the pipeline we can expect collaborations with Lynx, Spy, Random Movement and there are even whispers of an album project. The future is looking brighter and brighter for this rising star...Catch him in Bristol at Nowt2do @ Bassment 45 on the 20th November.

In the mix for Mistajam on 1xtra 9/10/09

1. Alix Perez - Fade Away [SHOGUN AUDIO]

2. Random Movement - Believe No Other (Lenzman Remix) [WESTBAY]

3. Lenzman - Rags To Riches [SGN:LTD]

4. Jubei feat. D-Bridge - Patience [METALHEADZ]

5. Calibre - Let Me Hold You [SIGNATURE]

6. Lenzman - Take It Back [31R]

7. Alix Perez - Conversations [SHOGUN ADUIO]

9. Lenzman feat. Riya - Open Page [METALHEADZ]

10. Lenzman feat. Jo-S - Fade Away [SOUL:R]


Thursday, 8 October 2009


The latest in our "Fresh Kidz" series features an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with a producer at the very top of his game, BREAKAGE. His debut LP 'Foundation' is forthcoming on Digital Soundboy and is arguably the most eagerly anticipated album of the year!

He's responsible for some of the biggest riddims of the past 18 months with absolutely HUGE tunes like 'Together' and 'Higher' being on constant rotation by dubplate celebrities N-Type, Youngsta and Skream. And for the album he has locked down some massive features with UK Hip-Hop royalty Roots Manuva laying down the vocals for 'Run 'Em Out' and the Newham Generals giving 'Together' a little workout and turning it into 'Hard' (my favourite tune at the minute).

So check out what the man had to say:

Your highly anticipated album ‘Foundation’ is forthcoming on Digital Soundboy. What direction have you taken with it? What different styles can we expect? When is it actually dropping?

I've tried to not change but evolve my style and take to what I've wanted to achieve as a producer for a long time. I've used a lot of vocals as it's something I've always wanted to do but never really had the confidence to try. I've also really pushed myself on production and engineering techniques. The styles vary, it's mostly drum & bass and dubstep, but a lot of different approaches within them.

You’ve got some high profile features on there, with the likes of Roots Manuva and the Newham Generals laying down some vocals for you. How did these collaborations come about? Are there any other big names on the album?

The Newham Generals collaboration was a funny one. Me and Shy had been talking about me collaborating with them and that night Shy went to FWD and they came up to him asking if they could do a vocal for Together! A lot of the collabs are just out of a mutual respect for each artist, such as Burial, I contacted him on myspace just after his first album and he messaged me back saying he's a big fan, which was really cool!

Any other big collaborations coming up? Anyone you really want to get in the studio with?

There's plenty, but I like to keep quite tight lipped about that LOL

You’ve been playing all round the world these past few months. What are the best places you’ve played? Can you believe how far the music has taken you?

I'd have to say Fabric is still one of my favourite places to play, there's something about that place… there and the Big Chill festival, that was nuts! I was playing in a tent that holds around 10,000 people. I still think it's crazy that making music is my job, it's still hard to get my head round at times! I never really thought I'd be able to make a career out of it.

Dubstep has really blown up in the past year and is getting a lot of attention. What do you make of it? Is it a good thing?

I think the attention is a good thing, it has it's downsides but I feel it's a very positive thing. I know a lot of people disagree with it, but it can only be a good thing for the people involved. As a producer you want your music to reach as many ears as possible, if not you wouldn't put it out in the public domain and just play it at home!

Who is gonna blow up next year? Anyone to keep an eye on?

There's too many to mention, but if I have to say one overall... it would be Attaca Pessante. They're doing really big things right now and from what snippets I've heard from Shy, a lot bigger things to come! Also, Jubei, he's really making some major waves at the moment!

Biggest tracks in your bag at the moment?

Mine & Shy FX's remix of Emalkay's "Explicit", "Baltimore Clap" by Benga, there's a new System tune that I'm not 100% on the title (I call it 3rd wave!) that's getting really good responses at the moment and the title track from the album. My first amen track in a long long time!!

What does 2010 hold for you?

After touring I'm not too sure. I don't like to make too many plans. I like to play things out and go with what feels natural at the time. More than likely business as usual and setting up for the next album!

Big up to Breakage, Jon and the Digital Soundboy crew for making this interview possible.

Run 'Em Out/Higher is out on October 19th so make sure you grab it!

Breakage MySpace

Digital Soundboy Website

Digital Soundboy Facebook

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I posted a radio rip of this tune a few days back and now it's being given away for free so grab it and enjoy the 320! It's won't be available forever so grab it NOW!

This is the 3rd Skream tune this week which is being given away for free so big props to the dude for supplying us with free music!

Monday, 5 October 2009


Still on the sexstep tip, here's another remix by Skream. This time Bat For Lashes' Pearl's Dream gets the Croydon workout. Download it and have a listen.


Living in South Birmingham, Laney discovered his love for bass heavy music at a young age by listening to dub reggae. He soon enough discovered Jungle music which led to drum and bass. At that particular time the 'jump up' scene was banging out some big tunes from artists such as Hazard, Twisted Individual, Clipz, Die etc. Captivated by this sound Laney began producing. Unfamiliar to software Laney started on hardware using synths and drum machines. A couple of years later Laney has developed his sound and style, he's slowed it down and now bangs out Dubstep, Grime, 140 house, and Dub.

Laney's got a forthcoming release on London based grime artist N.V.P's forthcoming album and has enjoyed a host of sets spinning at Birmingham's notorious 'Birmz is Grime' nights and Manchester festival Mad Feret. Soon to be involved in Dub Warriors and the Birmingham Dubstep Community Laney is building his DJ skills and is set for big things. Check him out.

He has kindly sent over a lot of tunes for you to download so get them while they're hot and play em LOUD!!!


Killah HERE


Culture Riddim HERE (BIGGG!)

Don't Fink Ya Sick HERE (BIGGG!) (Favorite)


Sucker HERE

Half Key HERE (Mellow and Bassy)


If you tuned into Mistajam's dubstep week on 1xtra you would have heard this remix from brummie Aems. Kindly, he has given the tune away for free.

Bloc Party - One More Chance (Aems Remix) HERE

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Alix Perez FabricLive Promo Mix

With the launch of his highly anticipated debut album '1984' only a few days away, Alix Perez has cut a mix for the people over at Fabric.

If you're in the area on October 9th, then head over to Fabric for his album launch party. Alix Perez will be in room 2 alongside Friction, Goldie, SpectraSoul and Icicle.

Download it HERE


01. Alix Perez & Sabre – Hemlines [SHOGUN]
02. dBridge – 5th Floor [EXIT]
03. Rockwell – Shards [N/A]
04. Abstract Elements – Essence Of Time [EXIT]
05. Alix Perez – Myriads [SHOGUN]
06. Rockwell – Full Circle [SHOGUN]
07. Icicle – Mnml Funk [N/A]
08. Ulterior Motive – Featherweight [SUBTITLES]
09. System – The Voices [N/A]
10. Alix Perez ft Foreign Beggars – The Cut Deepens [SHOGUN]
11. Commix – Belleview (dBridge Remix) [METALHEADZ]
12. Jubei ft dBridge – Patience [METALHEADZ]
13. Alix Perez & SpectraSoul ft Peven Everett – Forsaken [SHOGUN]
14. Phace – Strange Science [SHOGUN]
15. Future Forces Inc – Strontium Jazz (Dillinja Remix) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
16. Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood [SHOGUN]
17. Alix Perez & Zero T – Suffer In Silence [SHOGUN]


Breakage ft. Skream - Skreakage HERE


Yes Layer 9 is here...finally and it's well worth the wait! These podcasts have developed a cult-like following and it's easy to see why.

Grab Layer 9 and all previous layers HERE

Thursday, 1 October 2009

iCandy: SexStep

Getting pretty into the more melodic, vocally side of the sound recently. Here are a few for download, not the best tracks considering who the producers are by any means but it's not my job to tell you what to like so grab 'em, have a listen and make up your own mind:

Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream's Sexstep Remix) (Radio Rip) HERE
Mike Snow - Black And Blue (Caspa Remix) HERE


Dave Gahan - Saw Something (Skream Remix) HERE
Benga - Why Is Everything Mono? HERE