Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sully FACT mix

I'd never heard of Sully before today (I don't know if that's really or not), but I downloaded his FACT mix and loved so here it is. His biggest tune to date is 'Phonebox', again I didn't recognise the name but the tune is definitely familiar. It's the kind of tune you'll hear out and love, but then forget about. He's another one of the producers bringing proper 2-step garage back but with a twist, and is getting a lot of attention in doing so. He's got stuff forthcoming on Blackdown's Keysound imprint so look out for him this year. Gonna email him now and try and get a feature, anyway in the meantime grab his mix and see what you think.

Sbtrkt & Sampha – Break Off (Ramp)
Sully – Untitled
Sully – In Some Pattern (Keysound)
Kowton – Stasis (G Mix) (Keysound)
Sully – Untitled
LV ft. Errol Bellot – Don’t Judge (Fantastic Mr Fox Mix) (2nd Drop)
Emma – Rainbow Dust Pt II
Desto – Lost Bits
King Thing – Different Spin (Furioso)
Sully – Untitled

Download Sully FACT mix HERE

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