Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Having just posted about DMZ in Leeds, I was thinking about all the nights forthcoming in my new city and there are some massive ones on the horizon. 

Exodus pretty much runs anything dubstep-related up here so everyone can thank him for putting on some of these nights (as well as Outlook Festival so big props to the dude). 

Here's a few big nights coming up:

2nd October - DMZ @ West Indian Centre
9th Ocotber - Winston's Garden (Silkie, Quest) @ The Wire
10th October - Vagabondz (Coki, Bar9, Mr. Lager, Trolley Snatcha) @ Leeds Met Union
15th October - Deadmau5 @ o2 Academy
24th October - RAM vs. Beatdown @ Victoria Works

So people there is a busy month ahead of us!


Rusko is on the buttons for the latest installment of Mishka's Keep Watch Series.

Download the mix HERE


Anyone in the Leeds area on friday night neeeeeeds to go to this. It's gonna be a certified banger with a messy line-up. Any of you at Leeds Uni (like myself) need to get familiar with Exodus and the SubDub fam. They run things dubstep-related up here.

The line-up is mad with the Digital Mystikz & Loefah, N-Type, Goth-Trad, Silkie and Quest gracing the Iration Steppas Sounds System in room 1. Then we have Breakage, SpectraSoul, Commix and Ramadanman tearing up room 2.

If you dont't already know, you should know better!

Tickets £11 + BF available from Tribe, Crash and Jumbo Records. More on the door.

SubDub myspace HERE

Saturday, 19 September 2009

MPHO - See Me Now (Benga Remix)

Benga is a clever boy! His new remix of the new London beauty, MPHO (pronounced Mmmm-poh), is set to be a crossover success! The track is entitled 'See Me Now' and it is a powerful number from the UK's reply to Santigold. The original track was produced by Switch who has worked closely with Santigold and M.I.A who are in the same bracket as MPHO. In a way she is kind of like La Roux in that her style is Prince-esque and avant-garde, therefore, it's only right that she gets the dubstep royalty remix treatment. Will she be like La Roux in the sense that her songs regularly get remixed? Who knows? Her debut album 'Pop Art' is set to be released Oct 19th, so if you like Santigold and M.I.A then check her out.

Benga's myspace
MPHO's myspace

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Meet Jayou, he's one of the scenes rising stars and my my my has his producing come along in only a year! He's more on the electro fidgety wobbly side of dubstep and his sound is big! Moreover, he gives away most of his tunes so for free so make sure you join him on facebook to get these and show him some love! He has also agreed to do an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW for us hear at Disrupt:on Inc. Here's what the man had to say :


So Mr.Jayou for those people who for some reason don't know...whats your name and where do you come from?

James, originally from Birmingham now living in Manchester. JAYOU's from the Jurassic 5 song.

What's the dubstep scene like up there?

Pretty f*ckin big - this year's definitely going to be a big one for dubstep. Everyone seems to be on it, the D'n'b heads are loving it, the electro heads are loving it, even the rockers are loving it!

How has this year been for you? Any Label Interest....have you been signed yet?

This years been good, crazy to think I only started making beats about 12 months ago. There's nothing solid yet but a few things up in the air. I haven't been signed yet but I've been doing a couple of official remixes for some big labels and I'm going to start an E.P in the next month which should hopefully move things even further in the right direction.

Where is the best place you've played and which of your songs get the biggest reactions?

I've got my debut gig next Monday at Hit'n'Run, Manchester, then will be playing all around between now and Christmas. I'm off to NYC for Christmas and New Years, so will hopefully grab a set over there, which'd be f*ckin awesome! Lets see on Monday...

Mixing or Producing - which do you prefer?

Producing, but only because I haven't fully experienced the Djing side of things. Once I've got my feet down and start playing big shows I'm sure the buzz will be amazing. I love coming back to a track after a day or so and re-listening to it and being really really pleased with it. The next step will be playing out tracks that I've made the night before, that's gonna be fun.

What have you got on repeat on your iPod at the moment? And whose sound are you feeling?

On my iPod you'll find everything from comeback kid, postal service, Udachi, Sub Focus and Bar9 - I've got a really massive taste in all kinds of music. I generally don't listen to much dubstep on my iPod, it needs a massive system to give it justice so I tend to wait till I'm in a club to really appreciate it.

What did you listen to when you were younger? and when did you first get into dubstep?

I started out on punk then found out about d'n'b, I was hooked on that for a few years which is what really made me want to get into producing. After moving to Manchester and hitting the d'n'b scene for a bit the Djs started dropping the odd dubstep tune, so I'd go home and hunt out more on the Internet. At the same time I was getting into my electro so I guess that's where my crossover kind of sound comes from.

There's a lot of complaints about the samey-ness of dubstep at the moment, especially as the 'robostep' sound of the likes of Datsik, Excision even Rusko etc has become extremely popular, leading to lots of people trying to re-create it...what's your take on this?

It's true, but I don't think it's a bad thing. When you start producing you just want to recreate your favourite tracks, there's nothing wrong with that and it's a good way of learning - by breaking down what you hear and trying to re-create it. If we all made something new every time we produced there just wouldn't be a scene because everyone would be going off on mad tangents! Some of the straight up wobble stuff is starting to bore me though. I like stuff which switches up and changes every so often, which is what you'll find from my sets, a straight up hour of the same songs would just bore me. It's always good to drop something people aren't expecting.

What can we expect from you before the years out? any big collaborations in the pipeline? Big nights? Basically we wanna know what the future holds for Jayou?

I'm just about to start a collab with Diplo, a remix of a tune which is going out on Mad Decent so that's pretty f*ckin exciting. I've always thought of Mad Decent as being a big thing so being asked to work on a track with the man himself is just nuts! I'm running a night over here too which is already established in the states, it's called SubDivision and is going to be running in Manchester once a month for the next three months with me playing at each one alongside a few friends, then in Jan we're putting on a massive party which is going to have a killer line up, so hold tight for that! I bumped into Farma G (Taskforce) at a Red Bull party the other week and spoke about getting a track together, so hopefully it'll actually happen!

Any Shout Outs?

Yeah man big up to all the blogs who have posted about me, big up to all the DJs who have played my stuff out and big up to Hit'N'Run, Monday Murkage, Subdivision & Bigger Than Barry.


Just like to say big ups to Jayou for taking the time to do this! If you're in Manchester next Monday make sure you go show support for his debut set at Hit 'N' Run! Also keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming stuff with Mad Decent boss Diplo. We're expect big thing from Mr. Jayou so make sure you grab anything of his you can! Here's a few for you now...

Jayou ft Laney - Don't Cheat, Don't Steal HERE

DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Jayou VIP) HERE

Semisonic - Secret Smile (Jayou Remix) HERE


Jayou's myspace HERE / facebook HERE

Mad Decent Blog HERE

Laney's myspace HERE


Santiogold - Anne (King Britt's Moody Mix) HERE

Santigoild - Icarus (prod. Diplo)

  • Santogold - Icarus [Produced by Diplo]

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Dub Police has completely taken over the scene in recent months. Caspa's label, a sister label to Sub Soldiers, has had huge success both with releases and its bi-monthly Dub Police nights held at London's clubbing landmark Fabric.

Dub Police have a very healthy 31 massive releases under their belts and they are plenty more to come. DP032 will have LD on the buttons (International Roots (LD Remix)/King Of Kong), then comes D1 (TBC) on DP033 and badboy producer EmalKay will be releasing his HUUUUUUUGE riddim When I Look At You, which has literally been blowing up clubs for the past few months, as DP034. They celebrated their 30th release at BM-Soho a couple of weeks back, with the tunes provided by The Others and Dub Police new boy Trolley Snatcha.

They have a knack for unearthing the next big thing, and have all the freshest talent in dubstep signed to their label. Just look at Trolley Snatcha, who has just had his debut release with The Future/Scattah, and is now one of the most hyped producers in the tear out scene. They have wide ranging appeal as well with artists such as LD, D1, Giant, Unitz, Distinction, Dubwoofa and Subscape.

Another aspect of Dub Police are their hugely popular residency nights at Fabric. The popularity of these nights seems to increase as the scene gets bigger and bigger. They started at Herbal, before taking a slot in Fabric's room 3. However, the very quickly outgrew this room (it was one in, one out business), and was moved into Room 1 (after one HUGE night in room 2). Even though the crowd is a bit mainstream and the music a bit too much sometimes, these nights are ridiculously popular with 3,200 people passing through Fabric's doors to see the label's DJs showcase their talent.

Ya'ave a license fah dem dubz? Yes, they f***in do!

BONUS: Rusko's exclusive mix for Fenchurch. Download it HERE


Rusko - Dial My Number 
Redlight - Feels So Good 
Stenchman - Puking Over - Rusko Special Mix 
Chase & Status - Saxon 
Bassment Jaxx - Feelins Gone - Rusko Remix 
Kid Sister & Rusko - Pro Nails 
Calvin Harris - Not Alone - Doorley Remix 
Neeka - Heartbeat - Chase N Status Remix 
Rusko - Go Go Gadget Rusko 
Skunk Anansie - I Can Dream - Rusko Remix 
Rusko - Everybody Dance Now 
Kid Kudi - Day And Night _ Rusko Remix 
Rusko - Jahovia 
Skream - Murdera Instrumental 
Rusko - My Mouth 
Trolley Snatcha - Rock The Funky Beats 
Rusko & Chali 2na - How Low Can U Go? 
Jakes - Code Zebra 
Little Boots - Remedy - Rusko Remix 
Nero - Blinded By The Lights 
Flux Pavillion & Trolley Snatcha - F**king Noise 
Marco Del Horno - Samurai - Rusko Remix 
Rusko - Cockney Thug 
Rusko - Cockney Thug - Buraka Som Sistema Remix 
Benga - Night - Buraka Som Sistema Remix 
Marco Del Horno - Gunman Remix 
Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital - Rusko Remix 
Dj Luck & Mc Neat - Little Bit Of Luck


This brand is from across the little pond in France. They've cooked up the perfect mix of great design, originality and general freshness. The price is fairly high for the average man at 35 Euros for a shirt BUT what you are getting is a high quality, limited edition shirt, most of which only about a hundred are made. More importantly, you can walk around with a smile on your face because you know that most people won't have one! It's always annoying when you buy something fresh and then you walk out of your door only to find some mug (with sick taste)wearing the same one!

The style is reminiscent of Billionaire Boys Club / Stussy / Mishka and those sorts of brands
with themes of robots and monsters etc but with the help of a cert french 'je ne sais qoui?
The bright colours & parodies are very original! Watch out for their forthcoming collaboration with Crooks & Castles as it's gonna be BIGGG!

Online Store HERE


Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (Vaski Remix) HERE


Instra:Mental (Alex Green and Damon Kirkamduo) have taken a pinch of jungle, a scoop old school hip-hop and RnB, and a dash of minimal techno to create a new sound. Some call it slowed down drum & bass, others call it experimental dubstep. Who cares. All we know is that is fresh, original and exactly what all producers should aim to do - push the boundaries.

Their latest release 'Watching You / Tramma' is almost too smooth! 'Watching You' has got fellow leader of this new sound dBridge (Exit Records) on the vocals who's almost angelic notes perfectly compliment the deep, ambient bass. This sound is so hard to describe but for those who like their music to be in strict genres call it retrofuturistic DrUmB n Bass.

Hopefully, if music continues on this tip then 2010 is going to be an amazing year. With NonPlus+ on their back and Club Autonomic in their pocket this duo are set to take the music world by storm and have started to do so already. Either get on, or get out of their way.


Many journalists are finding it difficult to categorize your music. How would you best describe it?

We don’t really like to categorize our music, we just like to think of it as electronic music.

Ok. Well then, would you say you’ve challenging people’s understanding of contemporary drum & bass? If so was this your intention?

We’ve certainly noticed that a lot of people have turned their attention back to drum & bass since our music started gaining recognition.
We did not intend to change the scene at all, we just did our on take on what we thought could be done with it.
We felt that with a little bit more thought and effort, and not focusing all of our attention on writing for the dancefloor, there was a lot more that could be done while working at 170bpm.

There are many different elements in your tracks, ranging from Vangelis to Photek. Who would you say you’ve been listening to get to this sound?

We both adore all aspects of music. We live for music.
It has always been a huge part of our lives and it ‘s very hard to name a particular artist that inspired us to write what we write.
Our inspiration comes from a huge melting pot of sounds and different artists.

With so many varied sounds and tempos within your music, how do you set out doing a DJ set?

We mainly play at d&b clubs at the moment and people know what to expect from us because of our Autonomic podcasts, which is great for us as the crowd who listen to the podcasts can relate to what we are playing and really enjoy what we do.
We will be doing live sets in the future which will incorporate a lot of different tempos and genres.

Being tagged primarily as drum & bass producers do you get to reach out to varying crowds?

Yes, we played at DMZ recently for our friend Loefah and have also played at FWD as well, both sets went down really well.
In October we are playing at Scuba’s night in Berlin, Substance, at ‘Berghain’ alongside Neil Landstrumm, Joker, Scion and Tikiman and Scuba. So our sound is definitely reaching out to other crowds, which is something we are especially pleased about.

Apart from DBridge, who else are you collaborating with at the moment and in an ideal world whom would you like to work with?

We are collaborating with Skream and Loefah at the moment and have finished a collaboration with Consequence for his forthcoming album on Exit Records.
We also have yet to start a collaboration project with Nonplus artist ASC for his forthcoming album.

The Autonomic podcasts are gaining cult status at the moment – did you ever expect this to happen and how much preparation goes into making these? 

We did not anticipate this amount of interest in the podcast. We stated doing them because we were getting sent a lot of great music that was not in context to the rest of the dnb world and we felt that this great music could be in danger of being ignored because of the way the drum & bass scene works.
We are just happy to have opened people’s eyes and minds to what can be done with this music when you don’t follow other people’s formulas.

From an outside perspective, NonPlus seems to be more than just music, is there an ideology, purpose and overall vision for what you’re trying to achieve? 

Nonplus will be a record label that is strictly about all styles of music, basically it’s our baby and it’s all about us and what we like. Nothing else matters.
It will release all genres of music from artists like Skream and ASC, to Actress and Vaccine. The sky is the limit and there are no boundaries.
Good music is good music regardless of tempo and genre.

Autonomic Podcast HERE


Consequence has released a promo mix for Polaroid Events who will be hosting his debut album launch party on 9th Ocotber 2009. It's all the way down in Australia so for the rest of us stuck here in London, we'll have to make do with this mix.

Cadenza - Punks HERE

Keren Ann - By The Cathedral (Alka Seltza bootleg) HERE

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Monday, 14 September 2009


Dutchman 2562 will be celebrating the release of his sophmore album 'Unbalance', the much hyped follow up to his debut LP 'Aerial', on 2nd October 2009 at Corsica Studios. The line up is pretty impressive with dub heavyweights Kode9 and Pinch on the bill, as well as Brackles and dubstep wondergirl Ikonika.

2562 has just done a feature in Fact Magazine including an exclusive mix with a big tracklist.

Download 2562's FACT81 mix for Fact Magazine HERE

Facebook event HERE


Hessle Audio are hosting their second residency night at Fabric this friday so make sure you make your way down to 77A Charterhouse Street. The line up includes Ramadanman, Untold (this one's gonna be BIGGG), Ben UFO, Pangaea and Peverelist.

Hessle Audio are taking over room 3, with Loxy, SpectraSoul and Survival literally setting fire to room 2 and Marky & Friends holding Room 1 hostage, believe me when I say this night is a must.

Check Ramadanman's interview with the Fabric fam HERE

BONUS: XLR8R have just done a feature on Untold with an exclusive mix by the man himself. Read the feature and download the mix HERE

Big up the Hessle Audio lot!


Although he's only been a dubstep producer/DJ for a year this product of Nottingham is proving his skills to be extremely high. If you like the more laid back and lovesteppy stuff then he is right up your street. That said, he does make bangers as well to keep you on your toes! His track 'The Beginning Of The End' (watch out for the second drop its BIGGG!) is set a release in the near future along with 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' and 'Left For Dead' so keep your eyes peeled because the future looks bright for him.

Check Dub Fiend's interview with Hush House HERE (Big Up to Hush House for bringing him to light)

Moreover, his remix of 'Sanctuary', a track by one of the most successful Japanese pop stars Utada Hikaru's - has had nearly 2,000 plays on his myspace page. Having messaged him he has kindly given us the EXCLUSIVE 320 version of this track!!! I have had this on repeat from when I first heard it! The vocals are emotive and airy and the bassline is warm and lovey dovey! This is grab a girl dubstep! Make sure you download this!!

Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary (Dub Fiend Remix) HERE


Stumbled across this guy in cyberspace and found a banging tune. Hit him up and he kindly sent it over! Big Up to Gizmode who's coming out of Bristol! His Sound - Glitchy/Raw/Bass Heavy

Gizmode - Canyousmellgasstep DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Kito is making quite a name for herself in the scene at the minute. The 22 year old Disfigured Dubz wondergirl has already had huge success with her first solo release on the label with What If/Cold, two absolutely ridiculous riddims, which have been on constant rotation by label head honcho Skream.

The future looks very bright for this Aussie. She has a double pack release forthcoming on Disfigured Dubz, including LFO (ft. Reija Lee) and her remix of Fever by Vaccine. These two tunes have been smashing up dancefloors all over the world lately and getting pull up on regurlar basis. This double pack is gonna be released before the year is out according to Skream so make sure it gets bagged the day it drops!

Kito's been getting quite a bit of publicity of late, her guest mix on Skream's latest Stella Session (download available in previous post) was huge and we have another mix of her's available for download below. This along with her rude forthcoming release means Kito's on fire at the moment and don't expect this to change any time soon!

Download Kito's mix for Triple J radio HERE

Tracklist :

1. Kito - On The Floor (Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz)
2. Kito featuring Reija Lee - LFO (Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz)
3. Skream - Rollin'> The Others - Karma (8 Bars Of Soul)
4. Kito - What If (Disfigured Dubz)
5. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Not Kill (Vaccine Remix)
6. Adam Freeland - Do You (Joker Remix)
7. Kito - Don't Wanna Lose You (Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz)
8. Joker - Psychadelic Runway
9. JKamata, 2000F - You Don't Know What Love Is
10. Matt-U - Compass
11. Kulture - Tonight
12. Riz MC & Sway & Plan B - Shifty (Sukh Knight Remix)
13. Starkey - Miracles (Jamie Vex'd Remix)
14. Phetsta - Dance All Night
15. Starkey - Spacewalk
16. Kito - Spill (Unreleased)
17. Burial - Endorphin
18. Stephan Bodzin - Luka-Leon
19. Kito - Cold (Disfigured Dubz)

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Having posted about the Shogun Audio crew, I thought everyone would like to know that they're taking over The Lightbox for the second time on 17th October with a BIG line up including 2 hours of madness from label boss Friction, as well as Noisia, Alix Perez, Randall and HyJack.

Attendance is compulsory. This one's gonna go off PROPER!

Facebook event here


Silkie, this top boy hailing from the Anti-Social Crew, couldn't be more appropriately named if he tried. It says a lot if you're music would not be out of place if it were played at a sunset party on the picturesque Ibiza rocks or in a dark smokey rave with.

"Silkie always provides a beautiful method of escape for what seems to be a wobble frenzied period in Dubstep at the moment."- This could not be more true at the minute because his music is a breathe of fresh air and this is the reason why it is his name on everybodys lips. The buzz his name creates is not unfounded, because his debut album : 'City Limits Volume 1' - released on the Godfather of Dubstep Mala's DEEP MEDi label speaks for itself. This album really brings the rough with the smooth and by that I mean his melodies are soulful, soothing and funky whereas his basslines are hard-hitting, pulsating and heavy.

Throughout the album there are essences of Jungle, Jazz, Garage and of course, straight up eyes down business. Standout tracks on the album have to be 'Beauty' with its ultra smooth melodies from the piano and saxophone, 'Purple Love' for its almost hypnotic quality and heavenly synths and last but by no means least, the slow neck breaker 'Head Butt Da Deck' which goes down well in any rave. The production on the album is outstanding and has been handled with a lot of care and dedication, and so it should, seeing as it is the "culmination of 8 years hard work."

All in all the album oozes quality and could be qualified as an instant classic. If you haven't already parted with your cash for this one then do so now!

Silkie's Myspace -


ALSO - Make sure you catch him at Deadly Rhythm at The Legion in Old St next weekend alongside The Gaslamp Killer.

Address : 348 Old St, London, EC1V 9NQ

BONUS : Mr Lager ft Alys Blaze - Tell Me (Silkie Remix) DOWNLOAD (radio rip)

Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary (Dub Fiend Remix) by Dub Fiend

Friday, 11 September 2009


When it comes to being fresh and different, no-one does it better than Friction's imprint Shogun Audio. The Brighton-based label has become one of the most respected in the scene at the moment and gained huge popularity, but without losing any of it's underground soul which made it what it is.
The label's dark, experimental sound is sick and this is what keeps Shogun at the very pinnacle of drum and bass. It appeals to all types of drum and bass heads. They've had huge success with releases from Spor, Alix Perez and the latest massive release from Friction and K-Tee (Set It Off/The Bleeps). Other artists in the Shogun family are Break, Icicle and Spectrasoul amongst others.

They've recently moved their London residency from The End (closed by moneygrabbing f***ing developers) to The Lightbox. They held their first Shogun event there in August and it was banging. The line up was huge and no-one failed to deliver (apart from the air-con man cos the club was literally on fire all night!). Also, the Shogun nights don't suffer from the curse of the scenester sluts knocking about the scene who are ruining most of London's big nights. This makes them even more inviting!

Shogun really is running things at the minute and expect big things from them in the future. Aliz Perez' debut LP "1984" is forthcoming as well as several other high profile releases so STAY LOCKED!

Shogun Audio's Facebook group for the latest info on releases, nights and mixes.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Having posted about Joker's album in the making, I was thinking about which other producers have big albums awaiting completion or release and there are some huuuuuuge ones on the horizon!!!!!

Here's a list of who has releases forthcoming:

Skream - I'm Outside The Box - Tempa
Breakage - Foundation - Digital Soundboy
2562 - Unbalance - ?
Alix Perez - 1984 - Shogun Audio
Rusko - ? - Mad Decent/Downtown
Benga - ? - ?

All of these NEED to be bagged on the day they drop. They'll be available in all good record shops so check out BM Soho, Chemical Records etc.


Joker is kiiiillin it at the moment. Probably the most relevant and respected producer at the minute, everything he touches seems to turn to gold and he's going nowhere but up!

He already has two huge releases on Kapsize Records under his belt, including Psychadelic Runway and Purple City two absolute massive riddims which have been getting regularly play by original dubplate selectas Hatcha, Skream and N-Type. He also has remixed tracks for the likes of the Basement Jaxx, Adam Freeland, Example and Little Boots, and each time the result is sicker than the last. This dude just doesn't stop!

Soooo everyone out there will be verging on orgasm to hear he is now in the studio laying down tracks for his debut album which is going to be the most eagerly anticipated LP of the next few months. Stay locked for more info on a release date cos this one's gonna be messy!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Skream's Stella Sessions are always BIG and the latest installment is no different, featuring endless freshly cut dubplates from all corners of the scene and an exclusive 3o-minute guest mix from none other than KITO, the Disfigured Dubz wondergirl, who smashed it with her first solo release of What If/Cold. This girl is gonna be laaaaarge!

Download it here

Tunes to look out for: 
Skream, Silkie - Untitled
Vaccine  - Fever (Kito Remix) (RUUUUUUUUUUUUDE)
Kito ft. Reija Lee - LFO
Parma Violets - Skittles
dBridge - The Dim Light
Spectrasoul - Melodies (available on Beatport now)

Largin up the Rinse FM crew!


Any of you who don't know about dBridge and Instra:Mental's Autonomic Podcast NEED to know....NOW! It's the most innovative and sickest mix series around at the minute. The new direction these dudes are taking is pure fire. 

Layer 8 is the most lethal yet. This is where drum and bass is heading..... and I LOVE it!

Download Layer 8 and all previous Layers here


Welcome to the world of Disrupt:on Inc., a place on the cutting edge of underground music. Disrupt:on Inc. is dedicated to paving the way for the future wonderkids of underground music to showcase their skills. We will be bringing the future stars of the scene to the attention of like minded people on the hunt for the next big thing. We will be tracking their progress with producer bios, new tracks and mixes.

We will also be giving you the lowdown on the best labels in the scene at the minute, and also the labels destined to make a big impact in years to come, as well as info on releases, the most banging nights on the horizon and set reviews.

Stay locked and hol' tight!