Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The xx remixed by Nosaj Thing

The xx are by far and away my favourite band at the moment. Their album is too sick, and has even been getting support from Alix Perez, SpectraSoul and Skream! They've hooked up with LA's Nosaj Thing and asked him to remix their tune 'Islands'. The result is incredible and further cements Nosaj Thing's place as one of the hottest producers around at the moment. I'm absolutely loving this dude's work so look out for more things from him coming in the near future. In the meantime, grab the track below and see what you think:

This tune is gonna be coming out soon backed with the Untold and Falty DL remixes, so keep peeled for that cos it's gonna be a biggg release for sure!

Here's another remix given away just today that he's done for Charlotte Gainsbourg, I love how Nosaj gives away a lot of his tune for free, there are a lot of his remixes which are up for free download floating around the net so hunt them down, but in the meantime enjoy this one:

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Meet LD. He's one of the most respected figures in the scene today, through working at Transition Mastering Studios, where the who's who of dubstep get their tunes mastered and cut, and making a name for himself producing some absolutely massive tunes. He's had releases on the mighty Hyperdub imprint, as well as Dub Police, and with more in the pipeline things are looking bright for LD. He kindly agreed to do an interview with us so you can check out what the man himself had to say below. He also sent over a mix for download so grab that as well:

2009 has been a pretty groundbreaking year for you. You've had some huge releases whilst playing out all round the world. Can you believe how far the music has taken you?

Not at all - I have played all around the world this year: Scotland, Croatia, Sweden, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Belgium, and all over the UK London, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton and more. I am surprised and thankful for my opportunities.

What do you think of all the attention the dubsteo scene is getting? It's gaining huge popularity at the moment not just here but in America too. Is it a good thing do you think?

I think all the attention is a good thing as it gets more people involved and keeps things fresh. One of the reasons why dubstep has such popularity is it's fresh thinking and the more producers that get involved the more fresh idea will come about giving the scene more strength.

You’ve just had a huge release on Dub Police with your remix of ‘International Roots’ b/w ‘King Of Kong’, with both tunes also featuring on N-Type’s Rinse 09 mix. You’ve also had ‘Shake It’ featuring on the Hyperdub ‘5’ compliaton. Do you have any other releases forthcoming?

Yes - I have a release out now on bullfrog beats called "don't wanna cry". It's a me and clue kid collaboration, the track has a jungle vibe to it so if you like 95 jungle then check it out , it's out now.

Have you always produced music and mixed? Or did you start after getting the job at transition and meeting all these producers?

I started producing music when I was at school about 12 years ago. I was doing music at school and we had sequencers and recording equipment. I then went to collage and did a A level in music technology (and did more of the same) and 1 year after completing my course I then got a job at transition where the serous work begun. I also started DJing when I was at school, I was 13 at the time. My older cousin had a pair of sound lab turntables and it was him who taught me how to mix. he had already got me heavily into jungle, and mixing it was the natural next step.

How much effort and time goes into mastering a track and cutting it?

The amount of time it takes to master a track depends on the mix down we receive from the customer. If they have a good mix then it can take 20-30 minutes, but that's also assuming there are no problems. On the other hand, it can take a long time if the mix is not so good or if any problems occur. Once the track has been mastered we need to do test cuts on a lacquer disc (the medium the audio is stored on before it's transferred to vinyl) to make sure it sounds as close to the master as possible, we may need to make a few more tweaks for it to translate. Once the test cuts are complete we can cut the lacquer then repeat the process for the next track, after all are cut then we send it off to be manufactured.

You must have the most ridiculous collection of lost dubs? I’ve heard rumours that your collection is one of the best. Is this true?

I do have a big collection of lost dubs, but not as big as you would think as most of the time the tracks I decide to cut end up coming out and the ones that don't come out I would think are the best lost dubs, but that is just my opinion. I am sure that if you asked a lot of the other guys they would say the same.

How would you describe your sound? Your recent stuff like ‘King Of Kong’ and ‘Shake It’ are really techy and tribal. Is this where your sound is heading?

I would describe my sound as rhythmic sance music as the main theme in my tracks are the percussion. i make a lot of different tracks all with a different feel and I think that my techy tracks are just getting more attention, but there are a lot more housey and jungley tracks I have done.

What are you inspirations? Whose work are you really feeling at the moment?

I am in a fortunate position where I hear lots of different music every day and that has been where I get a lot of my inspiration, so there are lots of people and styles that I am feeling. I get inspiration from old jungle, hip-hop, soul, R&B and reggae.

Are there any big collaborations coming up? Is there anyone who you really want to get in the studio with?

Well I have a few tracks coming out soon with me Vs. Benga and me Vs. Cluekid and a few more people who I plan to get in the studio with. I would like to get into the studio with some like Dr. Dre or Jazzy Jeff as I love their production and they have a real funky element to their music

Who is gonna blow up next year? Anyone we should keep an eye on?

I think Emalkay as his track 'When I Look At You' has just made a big stamp and I am sure he will keep the tracks coming.

What’s the best place you’ve played out this year?

Outlook Festival in Croatia, it was the perfect party. Great music, great vibes, great location. If you missed it this year, you definitely need to go next year.

What are the biggest tunes in your bag at the moment?

Well I have a few of my tracks that are going down well but by far the track that gets the best reaction is Joker's 'Tron'. BIG TUNE!

What does 2010 hold for you?

Not sure yet, probable more of the same. Producing, DJing and mastering.

The man himself has sent over a mix for you to download so grab it below,have a listen and see what you think. There are some big tunes in there:

1. L.D - Matador
2. Silkie - Another jazzy
3. L.D - Woodblocks
4. L.D - Hard scank
5. L.D - Shake it
6. Distance - No warning
7. L.D - Fiber optics
8. L.D Vs Benga - 3 Phase
9. L.D - Ogor
10. Emalkay - Battle suit
11. Distance Remix - Tell me
12. Mala - Eyes
13. L.D - King of Kong
14. Cotti Remix - Tortured
15. L.D vs Clue Kid - The Intro
16. L.D Remix - 0800 Dub
17. Benga - Falling
18. L.D Vs Kode 9 - Bad
19. Mala - Lighter
20. DJG - NYC
Download the mix HERE
Big up to LD for finding the time to do this interview!
LD myspace

Monday, 28 December 2009

Flying Lotus x Gaslamp Killer

Flying Lotus got together with the Gaslamp Killer to put out a mix to celebrate Fly Lo's 10th year in the production game. There loads of unreleased and previously unheard Fly Lo tracks in the mix as well so this one's biggg. There's no tracklist but you don't really need one.

Download the mix HERE

Also, look out for Fly Lo's new album 'Cosmogramma' dropping on 20th April 2010 on Warp Records.

Ikonika & Untold in the mix

3 big mixes up for download today from big players in the game. First up is Ikonika's set from MSPRKT in Moscow a few weeks back. Expect big things from this girl in 2010, she's responsible for one of our tracks of the year with 'We Could Be Ikons', and her release on Hyperdub (Sahara Michael / Fish) was massive as well. Her style is quite playful and laid back, with soft synths and unusual rhythms for dubstep used throughout, so her music is very listenable and perfect to chill out to after a hectic Christmas. Grab her set below by right clicking and select "download linked file" and zone out:

Next up is producer of the moment Untold with his mix for Electronic Explorations. Untold has come into his own this year with some huge releases and remixes. He's repping a really housey side of dubstep at the moment and that really comes through with this mix. Some interesting tunes in here, especially look out for the Untold and Roska collaboration:


A Made Up Sound – Sun touch (Unreleased)
Cooly G – Weekend fly (Hyperdub)
Martyn – Hear me (Zomby mix) (Forthcoming 3024)
Mosca – Square one (L-Vis 1990 remix) (Forthcoming Night Slugs)
Julio Bashmore – Batak groove (Unreleased)
Roska and Untold – Long range (Unreleased)
Marlon D – Jesus Creates Sound (Strictly Rhythm)
Thommy Davis – Mars Needs women (Code red)
Roska and Untold – Myth (Unreleased)
Mark Henning – The right time (Chris Simmonds remix) (Forthcoming Hypercolour)
Justin Drake – Gotta let me know (Dj Sneak remix) (Tsuba)
Reboot – Enjoy music (Defected)
Deadboy – If you want me (Forthcoming Numbers)
Julio Bashmore – Banda 2 (Unreleased)
Plasmik – Retune (Forthcoming Hypercolour)
Ation – Lovers dub (Forthcoming ABUCS)

Download the mix HERE

Sunday, 27 December 2009

2009: A Look Back

2009 has been a massive year of British music of all kinds. Dubstep has blown up beyond anyone's imagination (whether you think that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to you) and British producers have been in demand all round the world, both for their production skills and to play out in exotic places all over the globe. Every day there seems to be a new producer to watch out for and the tag "the next..." is exchanged almost daily. 2009 has been a HUGE year for underground music and I'd just like to say a massive thank you to any artist who I've seen play out or who has released music this year (whether you're on this list or not), you've made 2009 what it is. So here it is our rundown of what's what in 2009:


I've been thinking quite a lot lately about who has really made a massive impact this year with their releases and production skills, as well as what they are like to go and see play out. I've managed to narrow down the options to a top 5 situation so have a read about why I've chosen these guys, what they have coming up next year and why you should be excited about it:

He has to be on the list doesn't he? I was contemplating leaving him off but having had a listen to the tunes he's put out in just these past 12 months it would have been a crime! No other producer has made an impact in the scene as big as he has this year. No one has been as consistent as he has. No one has been as much of a badman as he is. Joker is the one! With tunes like 'Purple City', 'Re-Up', 'Tron' and 'My Trance Girl still getting pull up now, and with massive remixes for the likes of Adam Freeland, Basement Jaxx, The Heavy and Turboweekend gaining massive popularity, Joker has claimed 2009 as his year. And he's not stopping there with another massive release dropping before the year is out ('City Hopper' b/w 'Output 1, 2') and his debut album slated for release next year, 2010 is gonna be just as big!


The Autonomic boys have taken things to a new level this year. Their production skills are unparalleled with tunes like 'Watching You', 'Tramma' and 'Forbidden' becoming instant classics. Their label NonPlus+ is definitely one of the hottest labels about. The Autonomic Podcasts have developed a cult like following with downloads of Layer:09 topping 30,000! On top of this, they've been given the honour of being on the buttons for the FabricLive 50 mix CD, along with Autonomic collaborator dBridge, and now have a Club Autonomic residency at the club. So yeah 2009 has been alright for these boys! Keep your eyes peeled for more releases from Instra:mental in 2010 and maybe an album too ;)

Hudson Mohawke

The Glasweigan beat wizard is the hottest thing going in electronic music right now. He's just released his debut LP on seminal label Warp Records to massive critical acclaim, and with only a handful of releases under is belt the hype around Hud Mo is unbelievable. He's one of the pioneers, along with long time friend Rustie, of hip-hop or glitch-hop or trip-hop or aquacrunk or whatever(I'm not gonna try and describe his sound because it's impossible, but if you've heard it you know what I mean). Hud Mo is certainly not gonna go away in 2010 so stay locked on him as well! His people have been in talks with Rihanna and several other high profile names so expect Hud Mo to be producing some tracks for some big name performers.


What can you say about this dude? Everything he touches turns to gold. He's responsible for some of the biggest tunes of the past 12 months with 'Together', 'Hard', 'Higher' and more recently 'Justify' gaining massive popularity, and his remixes of DJ Madd, Zarif and even David Guetta have been just as sick. His production is tight as hell and he even has the ability to turn an already incredible track, 'Together', into an even sicker track, 'Hard'! His album is due on Digital Soundboy in early 2010 so hol tight for that one cos it's gonna be BIGGGG! Largin up man like Breakage, easily one of my favourite producers about at the moment.

2009 has been a massive year for Skream. He was responsible for the biggest crossover dubstep track of the year with his remix of La Roux's 'In For The Kill', as well as having a string of releases on respected labels such as NonPlus+, Southside Dubstars and Deep Medi Musik. He has also really shown his versatility this year and his ability to produce big tunes in various styles. He's produced some massive tearout tunes this year, whilst producing tunes that have featured on the Autonomic Podcasts! He hasn't got a style and can produce pretty much anything. 2010 is gonna be even bigger for Skream. He's got an album on the horizon which is gonna be large, featuring tracks like 'Fields Of Emotion' and 'Give You Everything', so watch out for more to come from Croydon's most famour export! Also look our for releases on dBridge's massive Exit Records as well. I'm very excited to hear that.


Here is our (pretty long) list of the biggest tunes of 2009. Now there are obviously gonna be tunes that we forgot so don't hold it against us, but here we go:
Hudson Mohawke - FUSE
Mala - Eyez
Untold - Stop What You're Doing (James Blake Remix)
Darkstar - Aidy's Girl's A Computer
Breakage ft. Newham Generals - Hard
Joker, Ginz - Purple City / Re-Up
Joker - Tron
Kito ft. Reija Lee- LFO
Vaccine - Fever (Kito Remix)
Tempa T - Next Hype (Most Mixes)
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Noah D - Seeeeeeeeerious / VIP
ASC - Porcelain
Consequence - Pseudo Echo
Consequence ft. ASC - From A Distance
Benga - Descending
Alix Perez ft. Spectrasoul - Forsaken
dBridge - Inner Disbelief
Jakes - Rhythm
Spectrasoul ft. Mike Knight- Melodies
Guido - Beautiful Complication
Breakage - Higher
Gemmy - Supligen
dBridge - The Dim Light
Pangaea - Memories
Alix Perez - Contradictions
Instra:mental ft. dBridge- Watching You
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
James Blake - Air & Lack Thereof
BD1982 - Space Boots (Slugabed Remix)
Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor's Broken Handbrake Remix)
Hudson Mohawke - Zoo00000m
Gemmy - Grime Baby
Untold - Gonna Work Out Fine
Headhunter - Experience
Von D ft. Phephe - Show Me
Consequence ft. Instra:mental - Reflex Reactions
Kryptic Minds - Badman
2562 - Like A Dream
Martin Kemp - No Charisma
Ikonika ft. Erik Johannson - We Could Be Ikons
Spectrasoul - Guardian / 4 Points
Mr. Lager - Tell Me / Tell Me (Distance Remix)
Mala - Level Nine
Untold - Don't Know. Don't Care
Burial & Four Tet - Moth
Mount Kimbie - Sketches On Glass
Silkie - Planet X
Zomby - Godzilla
Instra:mental - No Future
dBridge - Wonder Where
Pinch ft Yolanda - Get Up (Jack Sparrow Remix)
Kryptic Minds - Code 46
Synkro - Tell Me


ASC - Expect big things from this dude in 2010. He's got an album coming on NonPlus+, which is looking set to be large so get excited about that.

Kito - Had her Disfigured Dubz double pack been released this year, this girl would have been knocking on the door of top 5 producers! She's seriously talented and he Disfigured EP is gonna be one of the big releases of 2010!

Joy Orbison - Responsible for one of the biggest tunes of this year with Hyph Mngo, this dude is definitely one to watch in 2010. Expect a lot more bookings and a lot more releases.

James Blake - Only had 2 releases on Untold's Hemlock imprint, but both were massive so expect a lot more from this young producer!

Numan - Had his first release on Subdepth a few weeks back, and with more releases on the horizon, including one on Starkey's label, this Mancunian producer is destined for big tings next year.


NonPlus+ - Instra:mental's label will definitely be an early contender for label of the year come January. They're got releases lined up from Actress, ASC, Vaccine, Consequence and more so look out for the Autonomic boys making big moves next year.

Hemlock - Untold's label is going from strength to strength at the moment, with releases from Untold himself, Pangaea and James Blake, and expect a lot more to come from the Hemlock camp.

Exit Records - One of the biggest labels about and it's gonna get even bigger next year! dBridge has releases lined up from himself, Skream and more so look out for this one too.
Disfigured Dubz - Disfigured's turnaround is pretty poor but they've got some big releases forthcoming from Kito and Von D, so hopefully 2010 will see more releases from this label.

L2S Recordings - Quite a surprising inclusion this one, buuuut I'm fucking loving the stuff that they're putting out at the moment. Future garage is definitely gaining a lot of popularity so expect a lot more releases from this label. On the same tip, check out Smokin' Sessions too.

Finally just want to say a big thank you to anyone who has supported us this year! We've only been going 3 months but with your support things have picked up quickly. Expect a lot more in 2010 including some massive mixes and well as the Disrupt:on nights starting in Leeds and Bristol early in 2010!

Big ups!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Here are a few tunes ahead of their time, a couple of future garage tunes and also a couple of tunes from Harmonic 313 and TOKiMONSTA. Really feeling Harmonic at the moment, if you haven't got any of his tunes then get involved and check him out. TOKiMONSTA is another LA based female artist making big waves in the LA hip-hop scene so look out for her next year as well. Expect big things!

Grab 'em below:


Both Fabric compilation CD series are hitting 50 soon. We already know that Martyn is at the helm of the Saturday night Fabric mix and we can now reveal that dBridge & Instra:mental are doing an Autonomic mix for FabricLive 50. The more minimal sound they've been pushing has really caught on this year and one of the main reasons for this are their Autonomic podcasts.

"We wanted the Fabric CD to be like the best podcast we've ever done," says dBridge. "That was our aim. When we were asked to do it, we approached all the people making music we love, and asked them to write us something special for the CD. Distance, Scuba, Genotype, myself and Instra:mental all did it. It's a great collection of music, harmonically it all works together; and as much as we have different styles, you'd be surprised what tunes stick together just from being in key. We wanted to showcase what it is that we're doing, and what the sound is capable of."

With a tracklist that boasts some of dubstep's leading lights working at a drum & bass tempo, FabricLive 50 is a dreamlike collection of beat explorations and electronic soundscapes all lovingly woven into 70 minutes. It's out on February 15th (except for America, you'll have to wait until March 15th ).

Taken from


  1. Riya – Seems Like – Exit Records
  2. Instra:mental – From The Start – NonPlus+
  3. Stray – Pushed – Exit Records
  4. Dan Habarnam – Nu Este Roz – Exit Records
  5. Vaccine – Ochre – NonPlus+
  6. ASC – Starkwood (Consequence Remix) – Unreleased
  7. Consequence – Lover's Shell – Exit Records
  8. Distance – Sky's Alight (Dub) – Unreleased
  9. Alix Perez – Self Control – Shogun Audio
  10. Genotype – Distorted Dreams – Genotype / Meleka – Go (Accapella) – Meleka
  11. Instra:mental – End Credits – NonPlus+
  12. Instra:mental – Watching You – NonPlus+
  13. Instra:mental – Fist (Level 2B Mix) – NonPlus+
  14. Consequence – 11 Circles (ASC Remix) – Exit Records
  15. dBridge – I Know – Exit Records
  16. Instra:mental – Encke Gap – NonPlus+
  17. Loxy & Genotype – Farah's Theme – Exit Records / dBridge – Inner Disbelief (Accapella) – Exit Records
  18. Pearson Sound – Down With You – Darkestral
  19. Scuba – Tense (dBridge Remix) – Hotflush Recordings
  20. Instra:mental – No Future (Consequence Remix) – NonPlus+
  21. Code 3 – Living Proof – Exit Records
  22. Consequence Ft. Instra:mental – Reflex Reaction – Exit Records
  23. ASC – Phobos – NonPlus+
  24. Skream – Fire Call – Exit Records
  25. Instra:mental – Machine Made – NonPlus+
  26. dBridge – Love Hotel – Exit Records
  27. dBridge – The Dim Light – Exit Records
  28. Scuba – Eclipse – Paul Rose
  29. ASC – Ubiquity Incident – NonPlus+
  30. Abstract Elements – Abysmal Depth – Exit Records
  31. Actress – Gen Ohn (Screwed Version) – Werk Discs


With Christmas but a few days I'm spreading the Christmas cheer (even though my tree still isn't up!) There's gonna be a handful of tunes to download so get em while they're HOT!


Mr Redlight kindly sent over Caspa's guest mix from his latest 1xtra show (The Alix Perez mix is on its way). The mix is full of tunes that I haven't heard before which is always good as well as biggies such as Joker - Tron VIP, The Others - Gravity and a favourite of mine Trolley Snatcha - Circle K 2009. There's no tracklist but you should recognize a few of em :-)


German badboy doshy sent over his latest 'Welcome To The Future Mix' which features dubplates from the likes of Slugabed, Akira Kiteshi, Mr Curtamos, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Stagga & Monkey. It also features tracks from the likes of Joker,Rustie, Boxcutter,16 bit & Nosaj Thing

Doshy - Welcome To The Future Mix (320)

He also sent over a lower bit rate mp3 of his latest A side 'Chip' which is out now on Destpub with 'Space Attack' on the flip. It's only available on vinyl for the minute so this one is a must if you like the 8bit Glitchy sound!

Doshy - Chip (128)


El-B who was originally part of the Groove Chronicles outfit is a godfather in the scene! Check out his productions under Ghost as well. His tune - Think Ur Greezy on the lastest Dubstep Allstars 7 is BIGGG!

El-B - Among The Stars

This one is essential old skool garage! About as smooth as you can get - Saxophone, piano and an  Aaliyah sample
Groove Chronicles - Stonecold


It took long enough but 'Rise The Temperature' finally dropped on Chase & Status' More Than Alot label and this is another banger from the duo! The hook is just as catchy so you'll probably find yourself singing this one as you walk around!

Cotti ft Doctor - Calm Down

Its been a good year for Mr. Emalkay with 'When I Look At You' being dropped and wheeled at least 3 times in a rave! This one is from his days at Boka Records and deserves more attention! It's got a big squelchy bassline and is one of those tunes that you could have on repeat for a long time!

Emalkay - My Story


Grimes current poster boy TEEEEEEMMPZZZZZ is set to mash up 2010! Hes owned 2009 with rave monster 'Next Hype' and he's not a one trick pony by any means! Watch out for his next banger 'Boy Off Da Ting' which is also recieving the remix treatment from the likes of Redlight who has made it girl friendly. (Watch the videos of him in Scotland if you haven't already on youtube!)

Tempa T - Par (prod by JME)


Starkey dropped this when I saw him at Thekla and I've been in love ever since! This a huge remix from Slugabed and I hope you like it as much as I do!

BD1982 - Space Boots (Slugabed Remix)

On that same outer space flex is this next one from friend of mine Cadenza. This one sounds like a song the space marines would listen to before they did their thing! I think its the drums but for some reasons this one makes me act a bit thuggish!

Cadenza - Galaxy

This one seems out of place on NonPlus+ amongst the likes on releases such as ' Watching You' and 'Wonder Where' nonetheless its BIGGG! I'm looking forward to Skream's forthcoming stuff in the Autonomic world in 2010 and so should you!

Instra:mental - No Future (Skream Remix)

Another huge remix from Skream except this time is of living legends Digital Mystikz. Proper bassweight on this one! For some reason I can just imagine this one going off at DMZ. Dark room, smoke and bass. This one dates back to 2006 so I hope it hasn't been forgotten!

Digital Mystikz -Ancient Memories (Skream Remix)

Man of the minute Joker can seem to do no wrong! His eagerly awaited album drops next year, I tried to get tracklist off him and release date and he is not sure on either which shows that a lot of thought is being put into this one! This one is off his debut Kapsize EP from back in 2007 and it shows how ahead of his time he is! It's a smooth number and would not be out of place as a Sega Megadrive game theme tune!

Joker - Grimey Princess

The terrible twosome who brought club banger 'Smash Sumthin' team up again to bring us 'Shut The Lights Off' which has been remixed by Caspa & Trolley Snatcha. This one gets the place jumping! Caspa dropped it at Metropolis in Leeds and I swear it felt like the whole club was moving! Watch the making of the video for this one as well! Redman in Amsterdam nuff said!

Adam F ft Redman - Shut The Lights Off (Caspa & Trolley Snatcha Remix) (256 rip)



Blog favourite Mr. Hud Mo has had a pretty good year! The album 'Butter' lived up to its name and now there's talk of him producing stuff for Neo Soul legend Erykha Badu's next album. Expect big things from this man in 2010!

Hudson Mohawke - ZOo00OOm

One of Warp Records most valuable players comes hard with this one! The drop is one you will never get sick off!

Clarke Able - Growls Garden

TNPS most famous for their affiliation with fashion guru Hedi Slimae get the remix treatment from rising star Sbtrkt. He has just done a guest mix for Skream's Stella Sessions and is definetly one to watch for 2010!

These New Puritans - We Want War (Sbtrkt Remix)

Not you typical funky song the Doc brings somethin murky to the dancefloor with this one! He's featured on Fabric's 'Elevator Music' compilation which drops next month. I know I'm going to be at the launch on the 8th of January! Catch the likes of Hud Mo, Rustie, 2562, dBridge, Instra:mental, Joy Orbison, Untold, Hot City and more!

Digital Mystikz - Pathways (Doc Daneeka Remix)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


DJ Cable " The Mash Down: Vol. 2" from djcable at

Lets help Mr Cable win this competiton! He gave us the badboy mash up of Rusko's 'Mr Muscle' with Tempa T's 'Next Hype' so th eleast we can do is vote for him to win the competion! It literally takes two seconds of your time!

Those kinds folks at Pioneer, Beatport, DJ Magazine and Let’s Mix have come together to launch ‘Next Generation DJ’ (NGDJ), a talent competition designed to unearth the next superstar DJ and to give him or her the chance to win a life changing prize!

For my entry, I’ve submitted “The Mash Down: Vol. 2″ which you may have stumbled across on all good blogs/sites. The way the competition works is by getting you lovely people to vote for my mix to win.

All you need to do is to click HERE, and vote at the top. I only need 200 votes to qualify for the 2nd stage of the competition, so please, hurry up and get voting! :)

BONUS! If he win the final stage of the competition, He will ll take the person who get the most votes to Miami with me Real talk!


This mix is TOO BIGGG! The tracklist speaks for itself! I would love to get my hands on these tunes! Found this on Ego Thieves! All I can say is DJ Drama is a lucky man!

01 – Badman – Kryptic Minds [DUB]
02 – Don’t Wana Lose You – Kito [DUB]
03 – Moonshine – L7 [DUB]
04 – Higher – Breakage
05 – Experience – Headhunter
06 – Carpark - Kutz & Silkie [DUB]
07 – Bits – Chase & Status
08 – Tease MIX- Emalkay [DUB]
09 – Bass Culture – Zero G [DUB]
10 – Siren VIP – Seven [DUB]
11 – That Hardcore Track – Noah D
12 – Hard – Breakage
13 – I’ll Kut Ya – Benga & Kutz [DUB]
14 – What Did He Say – Skream
15 – Sweet Shop – DR P [DUB]
16 – Dominant Species – Subscape
17 – Say It Right – Swarms [DUB]
18 – Space Shank! – Ashburner
19 – Heavyweight – DJ Fresh Benny Page Remix [DUB]
20 – Drumstick VIP – Giant
21 – Shiver – Swarms
22 – Skit To My Slew – J@kaes
23 – MODS – Orien [DUB]
24 – Midnight Request Line – Skream
25 – LFO – Kito [DUB]



Wachs Lyrical is getting a lot of attention at the moment. He's had 3 releases in the space of a month and things are going nowhere but up for this young producer.

He started producing dubstep in early 2008 and has had releases on Subdepth, Dubsaw and Double Drop. And he's got loads more forthcoming on Brapdem, Para-Noir and Holding Pattern. His tunes have been supported by the likes of N-Type, Kissy Sell Out, MRK1, Phaeleh, as well as DJs on Rinse FM, Sub FM and Dubstep FM.

Luckily for you guys, he's decided to give away his massive remix of Bloc Party, which has been played by N-Type and Kissy Sell Out, for free! You can download the track below and make sure you go show him some love on his myspace:

Remember I Untold you yeah...

Untold is one of the most relevant producers about at the moment and in charge of one of the sickest (albeit newest) labels in Hemlock, so here are a few tunes by the man himself and a couple of others for you to have a listen to and see what you think. If you haven't got his Gonna Work Out Fine EP then go and bag it now cos that is essential listening.


Zinc has just released his celebeatory Christmas mix and after the huge success of his Essential Mix, this is definitely one to grab immediately. Zinc is another dnb producer to move away from 170bpm and find a new home, just like Clipz, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch. His new style is getting quite a lot of attention at the moment so watch out for more from Zinc in 2010!

Download the mix HERE

Monday, 21 December 2009


Fresh off the starting block, the newly formed Get Hype Collective is collaboration of Live Acts, DJ’s, Designers and Promoters. Their mainly bass driven music bounces from Electro to Dubstep and all styles inbetween. The featured mix is showcasing a selection of tracks produced by the artists in the starting line up of the recently launched Get Hype Collective.

The Get Hype Collective is : Jeuce / Jeuce Joyriders ( - Making a name for themselves as an Electro/Dubstep Live Act, Remix Artists and DJ’s; Jeuce have recently received Radio One airplay, and released a string of Official Remixes for the likes of Ladytron, Hadouken!, Ellie Goulding and more.

Toast ( – A Dubstep duo with a creative blend of off the wall bass lines and out of the box samples, giving the Dubstep scene a twist of originality. Their tunes have being tearing up dancefloors around the UK and been turning the heads of artists such as Raffertie and N-Type. You would have heard the monster refix of Rafferties tune 'Anti-social'.

Yoghurt Warrior / DJ Sharkbait (
– A Clothing Label, aiming to capture the slime, grit and grime of the underground music scene, whilst playing a range of bass heavy music behind the decks. His designs are being worn by the likes of Rusko,
Annie Mac, Skream and many more; they are rapidly becoming the new face of the underground.

Pond Life ( – A Producer with a style floating somewhere between Dubstep and 4X4 Beats, gaining much popularity with his warped and robotic bass sounds. Pond life has just signed a record release deal with NYC dubstep label, Coat Of Arms.Dave Verne ( – Bringing fresh city beats to suburban areas as an up and coming DJ and Clubnight Promoter.

Watch out for Get Hype Music, Clubnights, Clothing Range and Mixtapes coming soon.

Keep updated on the Collective Blog :

Listen to the tracks on Myspace :

Check out the Website :

Ellie Goulding - Under the sheets (Jeuce Rework) HERE

Don't Stay In Mix Of The Week

Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Jeuce Rework)
Pond Life – Obsidian
Toast – Only One
Toast - Trouble
Synth Girl - Hurricane (Jeuce Rework)
Pond Life – Rinsed Out Rasta
Jacob Plant - Basslines In (Jeuce Rework) / Toast - Bag
Pond Life – Diamond Girl
Toast – Daft Step
Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Jeuce Rework)
Pond Life - Creep
Robot Disaster – Boy (Jeuce Rework)
Rafffertie – Antisocial (Toast remix)
Toast - Capsule
Pond Life – Space Marines
Toast - bag


Sunday, 20 December 2009


I'm feeling a bit under the weather so had time to go through the old hard drive and dig up some forgoten gems. I found this which is the perfect music to relax to and unwind on a lazy sunday. Think J.Dilla playing at Cafe Del Mar or on a beach in Goa somewhere. This is an instrumental tape Texan producer M Slago and his style is a fusion of old school hip hop, jazz and ambient. Download this, let the whole thing play from start to finish and you will not be disappointed. Even if you don't like hip hop - be brave and have a look see!One's to look out for are 'Soul Music' and 'Make Love To You' and 'On Time'.

01. Digisheets
02. Downtown
03. Elation
04. Felicia
05. Funky Nasa 5
06. Glimpse
07. Jam On 2
08. Keyhole
09. Funky Nasa 9
10. Look of Love
11. Make Love to You
12. On Time
13. Orions Belt
14. Funky Nasa 14
15. Puss in Boots
16. Soul Music
17. Ultra
18. Villiany



Bristol is pretty much running the 'dubstep' scene at the minute pretty much every badboy producer is from there or wishes they were :-) He's got two collaborations with Shortstuff forthcoming on Punch Drunk records in late january. The mix features other bristol producers such as Julio Bashmore, Headhunter Guido & Gemmy. Prime played me his stuff a few months back if I remember correctly and I really liked it so its good to see that he's getting more recognition. Definately one to watch / book in 2010. His track 'We should light a fire' was on MAH's 'Wild Angels' compilation and if you haven't bought that cd then do so asap! His sound is that 8 bitty mario kart lounge music synth business (you know what I mean). Neon speech is my favoruite of his by far which is an easy skanking number. Its the kind of song that you could dance to and listen to before you go to sleep which I think is a good thing! I think a collaboration with him and DJ Madd would be BIGGG so fingers crosssed for that one! If you like this mix then should definately check his mix for Rob Booth's Electronic Exlorations series which if you don't know about now you do! HERE He features to risinng stars of the music scene and has featured mixes from the likes of XXXY, Slugabed, Ben UFO, James Blake, 16Bit , DJ Madd to name a few! He got 91 mixes so far so watch out for the 100th one as it should be MASSIVE.

Julio Bashmore - Around (Forthcoming Soul Motive)
Mosca - Square One (Dub)
Doc Daneeka - Deadly Rhythm (Dub)
Shortstuff & Hyetal - Don't Sleep (Dub)
NB Funky - Frequency (White Label)
Brackles & Shortstuff - Pipey D (Dub)
Headhunter - Love Dup (Forthcoming Soul Motive)
Starkey - Knob Twiddler (Forthcoming Planet Mu)
Sully - Toffee Apple (Dub)
Guido ft Aarya - Beautiful Complication (Forthcoming Punch Drunk)
Hyetal - Gold Or Soul (Soul Motive)
Gemmy - A Night On Da Wonk (Dub)
Hyetal - Pheonix (Dub)
Prince - I Would Die 4 U (Warner Bros)


Friday, 18 December 2009


Join the Disrupt:on Events facebook group for info on nights in Bristol and Leeds starting in January 2010.

Stay locked for more info on line-ups!

Join the group HERE

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Kinetic Kids are holding their launch party at Hidden this Friday. They've got DIM, Youngsta and Jakwob coming down as well so if you're in the area definitely check this one out.

Tickets are £8 early bird/£10 normal with more on the door.

You can get tickets HERE


Martin Kemp has done a mix for the guys over at XLR8R magazine. He's definitely one to watch out for in 2010 so expect to see his name about next year!


01 Tuff Jam "Experience" (Casa Trax)
02 Ultymate feat Jacquee Bennett "Vybe (Todd Edwards remix)" (i)
03 DJ Lewi "Hold Me Tight" (Moist)
04 Martin Kemp "Aztec" (Blunted Robots)
05 Roska "Feeline (VIP mix)" (Roska Kicks and Snares)
06 Martin Kemp "Fix"
07 Mya "Free (Brackles Bootleg Remix)"
08 Brackles & Shortstuff "Pipey D" (Blunted Robots)
09 Mosca "Square One (Greena remix)" (Night Slugs)
10 Geiom "Sugar Coated Lover (Brackles & Shortstuff remix)" (Berkane Sol)
11 Hem and Terrible Shock "On a Mission (Shortstuff remix)" (Berkane Sol)
12 Ellie Goulding "Under the sheets (Brackles remix)"
13 Zinc feat. Slarta Jon "Flim (Horsepower remix)" (Bingo)
14 Martin Kemp "After The Night" (Blunted Robots)
15 Mickey Pearce & Shortstuff "Tripped Up" (Ramp)
16 Brackles "6am El Gordos" (Brainmath)

Download the mix HERE

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


LD is on the buttons for the 13th installment of Big Up magazine's series of podcasts. LD is getting a lot of attention at the moment, after a string of high profile releases on labels such as Hyperdub and Dub Police. We've got an exclusive interview and mix from the man himself coming soon so look out for that!


1. L.D – Matador
2. Silkie – Another Jazzy
3. L.D – Woodblocks
4. L.D – Hard Scank
5. L.D – Shake It
6. Distance – No Warning
7. L.D – Fiber Optics
8. L.D Vs Benga – 3 Phase
9. L.D – Ogor
10. Emalkay – Battle Suit
11. Distance Remix – Tell Me
12. Mala – Eyes
13. L.D – King of Kong
14. Cotti Remix – Tortured
15. L.D vs Clue Kid – The Intro
16. L.D Remix – 0800 Dub
17. Benga – Falling
18. L.D vs Kode9 – Bad
19. Mala – Lighter
20. DJG – NYC

Right click and select 'download linked file' to download the mix.


Bass Music Blog's James Fox has done a nice mash-up of Tempa T's 'Next Hype' and Jan Driver's 'Rat Alert'. I'm feeling this quite a lot so if you wanna check it out download it below:


Jewel Thief, Flyer Manz and Clotted Cream, the latest killer combination of beats released on Nasha Records, are more than just mere titles to the tracks. They are an indication of the rich, sinister, yet precious qualities possessed by the sounds they name.

Progress knows no ends when it comes to these boys’ musical sensitivity. The juxtaposition of A, B and C side express a classic soundscape journey – the length of the record being no restriction to this aural exploration.

Sukh Knight’s Jewel Thief summons in your intrigue with alluring strings that are threaded throughout the track, round a playfully dark, pulsating bass. Then Flyer Manz, produced by the collective The Nasha Experience, takes the tone down deep and dirty with its gritty, resonating noise. This depth is carried though into the C side Clotted Cream, which as the name suggests, also oozes with gorgeous layers held together by ethereal vocals – the entirety of the record thus leaving the listener stunned by its mysterious opulence.

The boys have kindly sent over the tunes early and let me tell you now they're sick so when they're released make sure you grab them!

Release date: 21st Dee

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Joker's remix of The Heavy has been giving away for free in 320! The big remix was available for download for only 24 hours so luckily I got it just in time. I've had this track for ages but not in 320 so this will be a good addition to my sets ;);)

Download it below:


Oneman has put his Winter Mix up for download. Absolutely loving Oneman at the moment, he's one of the best DJs about and it has just been confirmed that he will be on the buttons for Rinse 11 so excited about that! But in the meantime, you'll have to make do with this mix:


South East Soul - Lust
Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
Deadboy - Heartbreaker
Dusk + Blackdown - Dasaflex
Blackpocket - U're A Sta (Martyn Remix)
Point B - Fossils
Shackleton - Blood On My Hands
Peverelist - Roll With The Punches
Digital Mystikz - I Wait
Skream - Sweetz
Kissy Sellout - This Kiss (Synkro Remix)
FaltyDL - Lay
Bisweed - You're In Love
Burial - Etched Headplate
Kamikaze - Ghetto Kyote
Desto - Skyline
Shackleton - Naked
Burial - Endorphin

Download it HERE