Wednesday, 13 January 2010

FabricLive 50: dBridge and Instra:mental Present Autonomic

I'd been looking forward to this coming through the letterbox for months, ever since I heard that clubbing institution Fabric has tapped up the Autonomic boys, dBridge and Instra:mental, to be on the buttons for the latest (and also the 100th) installment of their seminal compilation series I knew it was going to be something special and in no way does it disappoint!

These boys do not do things half-heartedly or by half-measures, they put all their time and effort into making sure that the final product is as good as it can possibly be. This mix is no different! From start to finish, you can tell how meticulously it was crafted. This is no ordinary mix slapped together in a few hours, it's taken weeks, if not months, to create, tweek and perfect what will go down as one of the classics, if not THE classic, in the Fabric series.

The mix showcases exactly what Autonomic is about, it's about good music, and not being tied down a tempo and genre. The Autonomic sound doesn't belong to drum and bass! Standout tunes? It's impossible to pick any one particular track, not only because they all stand out, but because every track is complimented by another. For example, the mix out of Vaccine's haunting 'Ochre' and into Consequence's remix of ASC's 'Starkwood' binds together so tightly it's almost impossible to hear where one track ends and the next begins. This is just one example, the mixing is this tight the whole way through.

Look out for Consequence's remix of Instra:mental's classic 'No Future', another remix done by a member of the Autonomic family, Code 3's 'Living Proof' (TUUUUUUNE) and ASC's remix of Consequence's '11 Circles'. I'm especially feeling those 3, but like I said it's impossible to pick favourites.

There are exclusive tracks in there from the likes of Scuba, Distance and Genotype, as well as forthcoming material on Exit and NonPlus+ from the likes of Stray, Skream, ASC, Consequence and Abstract Elements. Also, coming on NonPlus+ in 2010 are releases from Zomby, Actress and Jimmy Edgar so keep an eye out for them, definitely a frontrunner for label of the year 2010 and it's only January! Look out for the ASC LP 'Nothing Is Certain', which should be coming in the next couple of months.

Another thing about the mix that makes it what it is, is that it's listenable. You can listen to it anywhere, on your iPod, on the bus, whilst working. It has mass appeal, rather than being restricted and tied down to the dancefloor! The Autonomic sound has become a cult over the past few months, with over 30,000 downloads of Layer:09 of the podcast, and this mix is surely the pinnacle of their acheivement thus far. They've crafted not only a niche for themselves within drum and bass, but within music in general. It's Autonomic. Do not let this mix pass you by! If you miss it, you miss out!

"The mix is a dreamlike collection of electronic soundscapes and beat explorations all lovingly woven into 90 minutes; a treasure of a disc that reveals more edifying details with each listen"

Release date: 15th February 2010
USA Release: 23rd March 2010

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