Friday, 29 January 2010

Rockwell Noir EP

Critical wonderboy Rockwell's 'Noir' EP is out on Monday so get excited. Rockwell shot from relative anonymity to being one of the golden boys of the experimental drum and bass scene at the latter end of last year, with his massive track 'Underpass', which featured on the Critical Sound LP. There has been so much hype around this dude, I couldn't wait to hear what he had in store on his first solo release.

The sound, style and drum pattern in 'Underpass' suggested that that was going to be Rockwell's trademark, but on this EP he switches up style and sound on each track, showing he's got range and variation. Two massively important things for a producer, it keeps people interested and keeps your sound relevant.

'Keep Calm' (my favourite tune from the EP) is on a similar tip to 'Underpass', it's quite glitchy but has got really nice flow and rhythm to it, as well as some massive sub-bass so on a big system this one will go off for sure! Bone Structure (featuring Zero T) is absolutely massive as well, and has been receiving love from scene heavyweights Alix Perez, Jubei and dDridge. Tribes is deep and dark throughout, definitely one for the red eye power hour sets. It features sparse drums and surprise surprise lots of tribal aspects. The title track from the EP 'Noir' is a big percussive, jungley number with loads of hi hats and snares. It's also got an intersting piano section and some echoing bass for the dancefloor crew. This tune more than any other shows Rockwell's ability to switch up styles and keep it fresh.

Overall, this is a massive, must have release from a producer who is destined for big tings this year and beyond. He's got stuff coming on Digital Soundboy and Shogun so there's lots more Rockwell to look forward to in twenty-ten don't worry! If you haven't already grabbed it, then check out his mix for Take Flight which you can find a few posts back.

Release date: 1st February
Label: Critical

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