Saturday, 23 January 2010


This mix has been floating around for a couple of days and the tracklist looks niceeeeee. It features tracks from SRC who we introduced to you here look out for 'Goin Out' cheeky mario kart sample with the 'purple' sound -its forthcoming on his 'Goin Out EP' on Rwina. There's dubs galore in this one and more importantly it features BIGGG tune 'Watchin U' from Matt-U. Looks like this dutch label is gonna be having some pretty sick releases this year so keep ya eyes peeled. I'm still waiting for Eprom's - Humanoid EP which is going to be released sometime this year. It seems that a lot of labels are being very LONG!

Taz buckfaster - Tonic the swedgehog [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Sort of a start [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Goin out [forthcoming rwina]
501 - Higher ground [forthcoming rwina]
Starkey - Rain city [rwina]
SRC- Where's the remote [forthcoming rwina]
Dj Madd - Got u dancin [forthcoming subway]
501 - St. ives [forthcoming rwina]
Guido - Cat in the window [dub]
Gemmy - Double Yellow [dub]
Starkey - Beatingz [rwina]
Baobinga - Ride It (untold remix) [forthcoming build]
Taz buckfaster - 20 red [rwina]
Akkachar - Neon Swagga [forthcoming subway]
Matt-u - Watchin U [forthcoming subway]
SRC - Goomba VIP goombag [forthcoming butterz]
Eprom - Lick Out [forthcoming rwina]

This was from a feature on the Butterz blog which if you like grime and don't check you should! - it's done by Elijah & Skiliam who also have a show on Rinse which you should check! They've just started a Butterz label as well the 001 being Terror Danjah - Bipolar EP

Download HERE

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