Saturday, 23 January 2010


She made her self known with 'Purple Love' that she produced with Silkie but now she shows what she can really do on her own. The piano melodies are straight from the West coast G-Funk era call it 'Futur Funk' if you must. Big synths Big percussion all in all a solid track. The flipside 'The Jester' is my preferred of the two. Its oozes smooth and the 'boom boom clap' gives it hip hop bounciness. Sometimes I find that all the bleeps whizzes and general 'wonky' noises can confuse and clutter a track however on this they are used to great effect and make the track more interesting . I'm not sure who runs Bookmat but I do fear that this will not go down to well amongst the female producers out there at the minute. Rather than focus on their gender focus on the music.

"I'm hoping not to make any sweeping generalisations here, but perhaps it's her feminine disposition that gives the production a smooth rounded and dare I say it, Pink feel, taking off the go-hard edge of so many other dubstep productions while not losing any of the weight or 'floor-friendly impact." - Bookmat


Deep Medi 026
Mizz Beats - My World

Mizz Beats - The Jester

Mizz Beats "Blue Night" by the Agriculture Records

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