Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fresh Kidz: Daedelus Interview

Daedelus is a producer I've been getting really into over the past few months. As you may have noticed, we've been pushing the LA music scene quite a lot on the blog, regularly featuring artists such as Nosaj Thing, TOKiMONSTA and Flying Lotus, and we've been focusing quite a lot on FlyLo's Brainfeeder crew as well. Daedelus is a member of Brainfeeder and he is really pushing the LA music scene forward at the moment. He's also responsible for one of the most dramatic and awe inspiring live shows on the scene. He's coming to the UK in March/April time, so definitely go and catch one of his shows if you can! Anway I had a little chat with the man himself about his style, sound and what 2010 holds for him, check out what he had to say below.

For anyone who for some mad reason isn't familiar with you. What name do you write under and how would you describe your sound?

I make almost all of my sounds under Daedelus, and in description I'd usually say "romantic" music, not that it works as a form of musical hype, no dubstep-wonky-two-tone business, but I think it is apt for my particular interests.

Do you pay much attention to the dubstep scene either over here in the UK or in the US? Do you take inspiration from any dubstep artists?

There are some exciting voices coming from that scene, especially on the fringes of what counts as dubstep. I cannot say that I've been so impacted by the sound that I've tried to get in on the fun exactly, more-so I see a freedom right now in the openness towards riddim culture that the weirdos, like myself, can be acceptable on the dancefloors, and that is a fun side-effect. Also, a lot of the roots of dubstep come from old school rave, and that is certainly my electronic birthplace, so that is quite nice. I do look out for releases from Kode 9, Untold, James Blake, Rusko, Mr. Gasparov, Cardopusher, Vex'd, Starkey and various other like minded producers.

You seem to be a pretty eccentric character, from your attire down to the showmanship of your live show. Does this eccentricity reflect itself in your music do you think?

If I am eccentric then it is all of me I guess. Music is my only expression, the attire is just kind of relaxation, another artform I can dabble in without judgement. It's something my wife and I indulge in.

Do you have any English blood in you? You seem very English!

Ha, I am probably quite a mix of European ancestry, but the only one I am concerned with is my Welsh heritage. I've written a few records about it, it isn't a direct connection, but I am quite enamored by Wales and its people.

I knew there was some Celtic heritage in there somewhere. LOL. I just wanted to know a little bit more about how your live show works? Friends of mine tell me it's the best live show they've seen.

That's very nice of them to say. I have been fortunate enough to have been using Monome for sometime (since 2003), it allows for a lot of improvisation and experimentation without sacrificing sound or momentum. I am just trying to be present with the audience and go where we will go together. Sometimes it works like a charm and other times it all goes a bit weird, but that's the point of a live show, right?

Exactly. When it all goes wrong at least it shows it's properly live. What have you got planned this year? I see you're starting it in a big way with a massive tour. Are there any plans for an ablum/any releases?

I have a release dropping shortly on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint entitled "Righteous Fists Of Harmony", as well as a side for All City (out of Dublin, Ireland), and lots of remixes and towards the end of the year an LP called "Bespoke" for Ninjatune, who are going to have a big year for their 20th anniversary, lots of releases and events to celebrate!

So lots of Daedelus to look forward to then! Are there any producers you really wanna work with? From either over here or in the US? I'd like to see a Zomby collaboration personally...

Yes! Zomby is amazing, another name I should have mentioned previously. His 8-bit against my string samples could be insanity...

Yes exactly! You two should definitely get in the studio together. Are there any up and coming arists from LA or anywhere else that we should be looking out for this year? Anyone who is gonna make a big impact?

LA is mad with good producers right now, a few that should be heard more this year are: Teebs, Ras G, Nosaj Thing, Dibia$e, Monopoly, Shlomo, Baths, TOKiMOSTA, My Hollow Drum, Jogger and many more then I am not comfortable burdening your readers with.

We've been pushing the LA sound quite a lot on the blog recently, featuring lots of Nosaj Thing and TOKiMONSTA. LA definitely has a lot going on! So that's it for the interview, thanks for finding the time to have a chat and hopefully I'll make it to one of your shows in the UK soon.

Awesome, it looks like I'm gonna be playing a Brainfeeder event in London in March, should be fun. Maybe see you there, best of best, Alfred.

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