Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I saw Foreign Beggars at Thekla last week and my my my do these boys now how to perform!! Everyone knows that they lay it down in the studio but they also bring it hard on stage! Hopefully by now you've all got their new album 'United Colours of Beggattron'! Keeping with the times they have hooked up with badboy producers Noisia and created what I would called 'New Age Grime' you get the dark beats of Noisia with the hard lyrics of Foreign Beggars - Match made in heaven. My favourite track at the minute is Shellshock I'm guessing because of that almost signature high pitched sound that features in the track and Stigma - you know the sound I mean. Also watch out for Bar 9's remix of 'Seven Figure Swagger' and Skism's Remix of 'Get A Bit More' as both of them are rude as fuck! They show their diversity by switching through the genres effortlessly so who knows what their next project will be?!! Look out in 2010 cos its gonna be BIGGG!

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Myspace HERE (Check out the Seven Figure Swagger remix here)

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