Monday, 14 December 2009



Caspa created Storming Productions back in 2004 and then Dub Police in 2006 and the labels have been goin off propa!! In addition to Sub Soldiers also run and owned by Caspa it is safe to safe that this man run 3 of the biggest Dubstep labels out there! So basically Caspa is running tings!

We haven't seen anything from Storming in a while but it is coming back with a BIGGG bang! It's seen the likes of Rob Booth favourite Marlow, Distance & Boxcutter pass through. The next release is Emalkay's monster 'Solid State' with just as big and murky roller 'Battle Suit' on the flip! There is no release date but it's said that this will drop early 2010!! Both of these tunes have been mashing up dancefloors worldwide. Both tunes are reciveing support from heavyweights Caspa, Benga, Skream, The Others, N-Type, & Hatcha so MAKE sure that the minute this drops there is copy going into your vinyl bag!


DP035: D1

a - Jus Business - This ones got a garage / rave feel to it and the sub bass has a dark feel to - This one would go off!

aa - Pitcher - Heard this in someones set cant remember who though... This one is a good party number with the catchiness of Benga & Coki's - Night. All in all this is going to be a big release so keep ya eyes peeled!

(03. Pitcher 128) – Digital only bonus track

Listen to it at his myspace HERE

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