Monday, 14 December 2009


Ok, so I put up the Hudson Mohawke remix of Satellite in the Lazy Sunday Links and figured I might as well direct you to the whole album. It is brought to you by Rockstar Games and Tmbaland - who have collaborated to make what I'm guessing is a modern day verison of Music 2000. Its a free remix album fusing Hip-Hop and Dubstep and some othe ishhh. The opening tune is BIGGG! Young Jeezy remixed by El-P who's a rapper / prodcuer from Brooklyn. I'd never heard of him before but I checked out his myspace and if he is rapping over his own beats then he is definately one to watch for! Check him out -

Another to watch out for is the PhaseOne remix of Breakin' Bread. You may have heard his remic of Burial's - Archangel. If not check him here -

I'm also feeling the Drums of Death Remix A LOT!

You can download the individual tracks or the whole album HERE

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