Tuesday, 1 December 2009


A promo copy of Martyn's Fabric 50 mix came through the post the other day and it's by far one of the most original of the Fabric mixes in recent times.

The legendary London clubbing institution has just recently celebrated it's 10th birthday and with this release and the FabricLive 50 mix coming from Autonomic badboys dBridge and Instra:mental they certainly know how to celebrate in style (and they have some massive nights on the horizon too, check out 27th December and 8th January, both of those nights will be reviewed on the blog!).

This is the first DJ mix from Dutchman Martyn and he impresses too, with amazing track selection and tight mixing. He takes in all sorts of styles from Techno and Funky to Dubstep, dropping tunes from man of the minute Joy Orbison, Hud Mo, Roska, Zomby, Cooly G and of course his own productions (look out for Zomby's 'Little Miss Naughty' and Cooly G's 'Feeling You'.....BIGGGG).

The man himself said that "I did the whole mix CD live just because I thought that was more honest than doing an Ableton DJ mix. It is how I would play live—not everything on the CD is perfect, but it’s not meant to be....Fabric on Saturdays is mostly about four-to-the-floor; my music may not always be so straight up but at the root of it all there's my house/techno background....For me fabric 50 is sort of a temporary moment in time rather than the definitive Martyn mix, because I have been gigging so much over the past year, my sound has gradually moved a little bit more to straight up house and techno related music."

Release date: 11th January 2010 (UK), 23rd February 2010 (USA)
Label: Fabric


01 Hudson Mohawke: "Joy Fantastic [ft. Olivier Daysoul]"
02 Alec Wizz: "Drummin' (Louis Benedetti Drumminpella)"
03 Nubian Mindz: "Bossa Boogie"
04 Maddslinky: "Lost on Tenori Street"
05 Altered Natives: "Rass Out"
06 Zomby: "Little Miss Naughty"
07 Uncle Bakongo: "Afar"
08 Zomby: "Light Cycle"
09 Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson: "The Clock (Ben Klock's Timepiece)"
10 DJBone: "We Control the Beat"
11 Detachments: "Circles (Martyn's Round & Round Mix)"
12 Joy Orbison: "Brkln Clln"
13 Cooly G: "Feeling You"
14 Martyn: "These Words (Roska's Speechless Mix) [ft. dBridge]"
15 Kode9: "Oozi"
16 Roska: "Without It"
17 Martyn: "Friedrichstrasse"
18 Levon Vincent: "Air Raid"
19 Martyn: "Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Mix) [ft. Spaceape]"
20 Martyn: "Seventy Four (Redshape Mix)"
21 Actress: "Slowjam"
22 Zomby: "Mercury's Rainbow"
23 2562: "Flashback"
24 Martyn: "Vancouver"
25 Jan Driver: "Rat Alert"
26 Dorian Concept: "Trilingual Dance Sexperience"

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