Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Jewel Thief, Flyer Manz and Clotted Cream, the latest killer combination of beats released on Nasha Records, are more than just mere titles to the tracks. They are an indication of the rich, sinister, yet precious qualities possessed by the sounds they name.

Progress knows no ends when it comes to these boys’ musical sensitivity. The juxtaposition of A, B and C side express a classic soundscape journey – the length of the record being no restriction to this aural exploration.

Sukh Knight’s Jewel Thief summons in your intrigue with alluring strings that are threaded throughout the track, round a playfully dark, pulsating bass. Then Flyer Manz, produced by the collective The Nasha Experience, takes the tone down deep and dirty with its gritty, resonating noise. This depth is carried though into the C side Clotted Cream, which as the name suggests, also oozes with gorgeous layers held together by ethereal vocals – the entirety of the record thus leaving the listener stunned by its mysterious opulence.

The boys have kindly sent over the tunes early and let me tell you now they're sick so when they're released make sure you grab them!

Release date: 21st Dee

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