Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sbtrkt for Young Turks and Brainmath

Sbtrkt has got a fair few releases lined up over the next couple of months. On March 12th Young Turks will release the Sbtrkt tunes 'Rundown' and 'Soundboy Shift'. This will be a super exclusive release, limited to only 500 copies. Later in March, his remix of Jose James' 'Warrior' (a cover of Benga's 'Emotions') will be released on a 12" on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings, along with remixes from Rockwell and Jas Wan. Finally, he's got a 2 x 12" double pack EP coming out on Brainmath, the super limited edition vinyl label, who in the past have released Zomby and Falty DL material, and so far this year some James Blake bits too! The tracks on that are '2020', 'Jamlock', 'Oneweekover' and 'Pauseforthought'. Big ting for Sbtrkt in twenty-ten!!

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