Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Autechre x FACT

FACT continue to be bang on point with their mixes, with number 122 being provided by Warp legends Autechre. They've been on Warp for nearly 20 years now and have released countless albums on the seminal label, with their latest entitled 'Oversteps' dropping in March. Grab the mix below and enjoy!

Download the mix HERE

"No tracklist either, so spotters, please do you worst. What we can tell you is that the mix is an unpredictable, kaleidoscopic affair, rooted in sinuous leftfield hip-hop but with bursts of tremulous ambient electronics, techno, hectic breakbeats and, at one particularly memorable point, metal. We needn’t tell you how rare recorded DJ-mixes from Autechre are, so please, don’t sleep on this."

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