Monday, 22 February 2010

Say hello to the 8Bitch!

After hearing about 8Bitch through the mighty FACT, after she featured in their 10 to watch in 2010 special, I got in touch with her so we could do a little interview and get a nice (longer) mix off her for you to enjoy as well. She's another producer pushing the instrumental 8 bit hip-hop sound currently dominating the musical conversations of hipsters up and down the country. She rolls with Rustie and the LuckyMe crew up in Glasgow and it's clearly had an effect on her style, her tunes are a lot more subtle than those of Rustie and Hud Mo, but still feature lots of the same elements of those producers. She sent me over a few tunes a few weeks ago, and I've had them on repeat for a minute now. Just from the tunes she sent to me, I can tell you she's got nice variation, she's not confined to one particular style and all of her tunes showcase different aspects of her musical mind. Some feature huge percussion, some mad 8 bit samples, all are BIG! So check out our interview with 8-bitch below and grab the mix as well, tis a nice one:

Sooo, for anyone who doesn't know you, what name do you write under? How would you describe the sounds and tunes you make?

I'm Maya, I write under 8Bitch and I make all sorts from electronic stuff from techno to hip hop, usually laced with bass, percussions, weird noise, 8 bit samples, chopped up squelchy stuff etc

You live in Glasgow now, pretty different from where you were born in Slovenia. What attracted you to the city? Was it for the music scene there?

I lived in west London for 7 years before I moved to Glasgow. Slovenia's lovely but in a tiny country like that the inspiration and resources for music run out pretty quickly...It's much better now but back then it was impossible to buy vinyl or have easy access to more obscure music. I've moved to Glasgow last year to escape ridiculous London rent prices-I could never have a studio in London but I can in Glasgow. My boyfriend's Glaswegian as well, so that was probably the biggest incentive for me to move. People here are amazing!

Just readin a review of some of your tunes, it says you're a model/TV actress/journalist......Kind of like a mini mogul then eh?

Hell no-moguls have money! I've always been busy and yeah I do loads of different things but I totally agree with 'Jack of all trades, master of none' philosophy, so I'm now fully concentrating in music. Or I'm going to, hopefully.

I heard the movements, scrathes etccccc of the girl characters in DJ Hero were modelled on you....How did that come about? Pretty sick I must say!

Simple-I got f*cking lucky...My agent said they were looking for an actress who can DJ as well as rollerblade and dance so I ended up doing the motion capture for DJ Hero which I'm really proud to be a part of. Ironically, I'm actually pretty bad at the game itself...and I play on easy haha.

You roll with Rustie and the LuckyMe crew up in Glasgow, has he been a big influence on your sound?

Well it was music that brought us together and we have extremely similar tastes but I think it's pretty obvious that currently his sound is very different to mine...I'm his biggest fan and I learn from him constantly but I hope to be musically perceived as an individual, not 'his girlfriend'.

Are there any people we should be looking out for this year?

Loads from Scotland massive...Loops Haunt, Dam Mantle, Samoyed and LuckyMe's American Men are my favourites at the moment but also Becoming Real, Illum Sphere, Krystal Klear...god there's way to many...

What releases have you got forthcoming this year? What have you got planned in general this year?

Quite a few...Svetlana Industries scooped some of my favourite tunes but there's stuff planned for Slit Jockey, Fortified and 3 more labels that I can't yet talk about. There'll be freebies on compilations too and exciting remixes. This year I hope to start working on my live set and I'd like to work with other people-either as a collab, remixer or vocalist. I'm a bit sick of being a studio hermit.

She kindly put together an exclusive mix for us so grab it below and enjoy. Let me tell you, it was no easy task getting this laid down so big ups to 8Bitch for finding the time! No tracklist on this one so spotters do ya best, you know how it is! ;-) I can tell you the first track is Kuedo (Jamie Vex'd) 'Starfox'. TUUUUUNE!

Download 8Bitch's exclusive mix for Disrupt:on Inc. HERE

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