Friday, 12 February 2010

Kuedo - Starfox EP (Forthcoming Planet Mu)

Ok so on Norman Records the EP is entitled 'Starfox' and on Redeye 'Dream Sequence' however the same on both sights is the tracklist. Regardless, Planet Mu welcomes back the Jamie Vex'd under new moniker - Kuedo for a release due feb 22nd.

Tracklist : Starfox / Shutter Light Girl / Joy Construction / Glow

I first heard 'Starfox' when Starkey played at Thelka (best club in Bristol in my opinion) and I cheekily had a look at his laptop but there was no artist by the track...This track is amazing!

For me, the track easily likeable becasue even those who do not like the glitchy, bleepy, broken up sound can enjoy because the bleeps and other noises do not distract the listener, they come together to make the track better which I find a lot oif gltchy tracks fail to do. There are number of reasons why I like this track. For one Starfox is a sick game so dig out the SNES, two Starfox is the sickest character on Super Smash Bros and last but not least least simply for the way the song makes me feel when I hear it! For some reason it put me in the mood for driving around a city at night (like how the lead characters do in some films where they need to clear their head) even though I can't drive....AND one reason - the melodies.

I haven't had the chance to listen to the rest of the EP however, if you do want read up on the other tracks then you can read a review here and listen the whole 'Starfox' track.

Check out the video as well -it's not the official one but it goes hand in hand with the song.

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