Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Von D, a badboy producer on the tips of everyone's tongues at the moment, has done an interview and mix for the boys over at Bass Music boys (lucky f***kers!).

He's got a load of forthcoming releases on labels such as Disfigured Dubz, Argon and Subbalicious, as well as having his tunes featured on Dubstep All Stars Vol. 7.

He's big in the game at the moment so definitely check this mix out!

Read the interview with Bass Music Blog HERE


1 Von D Ft Phephe - Show Me (Subfreq / Soul Jazz Records)

2 Joker - Output 1 & 2 (forthcoming Tectonic)

3 Von D - Chacha's Leggings (forthcoming Subbalicious)

4 NibÈ - Guava Rhum (Von D remix) (forthcoming Lutetia Dubz)

5 Kito ft Reija Lee - LFO (forthcoming Disfigured Dubs)

6 Dj Madd - Someone (forthcoming Black Box)

7 Von D & Dj Madd - It's Over (forthcoming Boka)

8 Von D Ft Phephe - The Sunlight (forthcoming Subbalicious)

9 Von D & Riskotheque - Like A Bird (forthcoming Disfigured Dubs)

10 Von D Ft Warrior Queen - Moon Eclipse (forthcoming Black Acre)

11 Mr Lager ft Alyz Be - Tell me (Von D remix) (forthcoming Subfreq)

12 Von D - Berlin Call (forthcoming Argon)

13 Von D Ft Moxy Phinx - Miss Maui (forthcoming Black Acre)


14 Quest - Smooth Skin (Dub)

Download the mix HERE

Big up the Bass Music boys!

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