Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I was floating around the net and happened to stumble across this guy and I'm glad I did because his production is pretty nice! He's a 24 year old architect coming out of Bordeaux and has been producing for 3 years. Like many, he's a dnb man gone dub. His reason for doing so is from listening to the likes of Plastician, Skream & Distance 4 years ago. In his own words (through free translation) he makes this music because its more than listening to it, its feeling the bass! Check him out and let him and us know what you think!



Still Street HERE - This one's got a hip hop feel to it with some nice west coast synths.
Old Buzzer HERE - This one's a heavy roller!
Just A Dream HERE - LoveStep
Break The Limit -HERE This one's my favourite (watch the switch up!) BIGGG!


The XX - Basic Space (Pariah Remix) HERE This is a nice one!

French Affair - I Can't Say Goodbye (TZR's Bootleg Remix) HERE I'm reposting this one as I don't think it got enough love!

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