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Doctor P is a producer getting a lot of attention in the tearout scene at the minute. His 2 biggest tunes to date 'Sweet Shop' and 'Badman Sound' are currently being repped hard by Caspa, Skream, Benga and Rusko so this dude must be doing something right!

We managed to track him down and he agreed to do a little interview and an EXCLUSIVE mix for us here at Disrupt:on Inc.

Here's what the man had to say:

What releases do you have forthcoming? Badman Sound is coming out on Dub Police isn't it?
Forthcoming releases are:
 'Badman Sound' on Dub Police, haven't got a date yet though! It should be early next year. 'Stinkfinger' with Flux Pavilion (next release on XSDubz). On Circus 004 is 'Sweet Shop/Gargoyle', promo on 14th December, with full release in the New Year!  I also have a couple of remixes in the pipeline for a couple of labels, so keep your eye out for them!
Are you gonna be working exclusively with Dub Police from now on?
I want to concentrate my efforts on Circus to build it up as something on par with Dub Police and hopefully all the other top dogs.
I know you're tight with another Dub Police wonderkid Trolley Snatcha. How did you guys first link up? Have you got any collaborations together coming up?
Me and Trolley have known each other since we were about 10 years old. Trolley and Flux Pavilion have known each other even longer than that! We have all been doing music together for as long as I can remember, along with Flux's brother DJ Amadeus (check out amadeus's track 'Turkish Delight' comin on Circus soon!)
Me and Trolley have made a few tunes together, but they're all floating at the moment!
You're co-owner of Circus Records as well, what releases are forthcoming on your label?
Brown + Gammon's 'Painkillers', along with Switchdubs 'Back With A Vengeance' are soon to drop on circus 002! After that we've got Flux P's 'Voscillate'/'Night Goes On'. Swiftly followed by my 'Sweet Shop/Gargoyle' release! after that we've got a 12" from Funtcase and we're talkinG with Datsik and Cookie Monsta too! (not to mention remixes from Giant and Trolley Snatcha on the way!)  We're also doing some exclusively digital releases; our first digital EP is out 30th November, featuring Flux Pavilion, Amadeus, Brown & Gammon and myself.

Our aim with the label is to build up a name known for doing unusual, but still highly accessible music. And trying to keep monotonous wobble to a minimum
Top 5 tunes at the minute?
Sweet Shop!!
Funtcase - So Vexed
Cookie Monsta - Fat Girl Rodeo
Flux Pavilion - Meathead
Stenchman - Just A Girl
Your favourite producers around at the moment? Anyone you really want to get in the studio with?
16 bit are totally killin, it with their production, there's nothin like it! I think 16bit + Doctor P could equal danger!
Any producers to look out for next year? Anyone who is really gonna blow up?
I think cookie monsta is gonna hit somethin big pretty soon! He's already an online legend and he hasn't even had a vinyl release yet! Borgore's definitely one to watch out for too; he's doinG something totally unique in the dubstep world.
What does 2010 hold for you?
Over the last few months of 2009 I seem to have catapulted into the dubstep scene with only a handful of tracks under my belt, I only hope that I'll continue to rise over the next year at the same speed!

Doctor P also found the time to do an exclusive mix for us as well which you can download below:
1 Doctor P - Sweet Shop  (CR004) (DUE 01/02/10)
2 Flux Pavillion - R00R (CRDIGI001) (DUE 30/11/09)
3 Brown & Gammon - Painkillers (CR002) (DUE 07/12/09)
4 Trolley Snatcha & Doctor P - March Of The Mallard (DUB)
5 Amadeus - Turkish Delight (CRDIGI001) (DUE 30/11/09)
6 Doctor P - Rasputin's Gold (CRDIGI001) (DUE 30/11/09)
7 Trolley Snatcha & Doctor P - Missing U (DUB)
8 Doctor P - Badman Sound (Dub Police)
9 Doctor P - Gargoyle (CR004) (DUE 01/02/10)
10 Doctor P & Flux Pavillion - Stinkfinger (XS DUBZ)
11 Switchdubs ft. Flux Pavillion - Back With A Vengeance (CR002) (DUE 07/12/09)
12 Flux Pavillion - Voscillate (CR003) (DUE 25/01/10)
13 Britney Spears - 3 (Dubstep Bootleg) (DUB)
Doctor P myspace

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