Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Art Of Hosting : C Strike Z & Koast

I went down to Central Spillz HQ to have a chat with these guys and find out what they're about. If you reside in Bristol then you will have definately seen these faces! They've pretty much got the Bristol raves on lock and are representing the Central Spillz family (other members are Mackie Skillz, Redskin, Shadz, Superisk & Interface) to the fullest.

Strikez, who changed his name from Crimez after some MPs reaction to it when introduced for a performance, began MCing to garage through listening to pirate radio in London, before getting into hip hop when he moved to Morcambe (who says nothing good comes out of Morcambe?!). Koast is another garage kid turned rapper who began MCing in his teens back in London, but says things only got serious after moving to Bristol and meeting all the heads here. They both got into dubstep in around 2006 and saw it as the perfect sound to fit the vibe they were on - proper hip hop song writing but over faster, more interesting production.

They're both long-time Shit The Bed & Penguin Dance residents, but you can also catch Koast on the regular at the likes of HENCH & Shoestring, whilst Strikez can count Crazylegs, Weapon of Choice & Chip In amongst his residencies. Over the last couple of years they have MCed for the likes of Skream, Benga, Plastician & N-Type as well as the local names such as Joker, Gemmy, Komonazmuk & Chasing Shadows. When not on stage in clubs such as Motion, Thekla & Lab, these lot are always writing!

Their favourite host outside the immediate Spillz crew is Dread MC who they say "has the perfect balance between spittin and gettin the crowd hyped." Message from Koast & Strikez - to all shit MCs and 'mic cats': "stop spitting 100 bars of breeze and ruining raves!". As they put it so well, people in dubstep pay to see the DJs not the MCs, you're there to work with the DJ not against him or her! On a more health conscious note, they say "STOP DOING KETAMINE!" Why pay for a rave and then end up too messy to even know what's going on?!

If you ever hear "what you know about, what you know about," shouted in a rave and you didn't know before, now you do!!! Big up to Koast and Strikez who have welcomed me in Bristol!!!! Watch out for more coming from the Central Spillz crew in the next few weeks!

Shout outs to the whole of Spillz! H.E.N.C.H, Shit The Bed, The Blast, Shoestring, Byte (R.I.P), Penguin Dance, Bristol crew, London crew, North West Crew, and everyone else who ever supported!


Turboweekend - Trouble Is (Joker Remix) HERE

Crazy D Soundboard HERE for shits n giggles!

Wedge & Shadz (Central Spillz) - Running Away. Buy it HERE

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