Saturday, 17 April 2010

Introducing : Sentinels

With summertime fast approaching I've been on a hunt for tunes full of the right vibes! On my search I found this particular artist called Sentinels. Sentinels musical inspiration comes from not only listening to pirate radio but also UK Garage, House and soulful Funky, Hardcore and Dubstep. On the soundcloud page Sentinels states 'I hate souless wobble music.' From the information on both soundcloud and myspace it is unclear whether it is a male or female adding some mystery over the character especially one of 4 freinds on the myspace is Zomby (or am I reading too much into it?) The synths, the melodies, the vocals, with the 2step back backone everything just works! They have the old skool happy hardcore feel but with all the modern trimmings - I get a hint of Ikonika with the bleeps n swirls. I've posted my favourites and I'm sure you'll agree that they need to be released! All built for the dancefloor!Feast your ears on this! (more tunes on the myspace)
--------check out 'Chlamydia' and 'Plastic People' on a system they would do serious damage so crank em as loud as you can!

Love Rhythm (All I Really Want) by Sentinels

Spirals by Sentinels

Synaesthesia (Close My Eyes) by Sentinels

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