Sunday, 4 April 2010


Meet the 19 year old garage (feel free to put future ahead of it if you wish) producer from Brighton who goes by the name of Delta Labs - those of you who are Doom fans should be familiar with the name. Although his name comes from a computer game he says that unlike many producers endorsing the 8 bit computer game sound he only uses games as inspirations for names of his songs. He lists his influnces as older garage music espcially EL-B as well as Burial, Appleblim & Pinch.

Furthermore, ambient dubstep, seeing djs live, psychadelics, past experiences and space. Unlike a number of the new breed of producers who are merely armed with a laptop (excuse the generalisation) he has a muscial background, having played guitar in a metal band. I first heard his song 'Get Close' that was released on the free album 'Vertical Lion' and 'Biological' on the 'Vertical Lion 1.5' album by Twenty Twelve. Both of them being quite dark and mellow yet having played them both out on proper system very dancefloor friendly! Check out his tunes for yourself at his myspace where there are a couple of free E.Ps On top of that he's only 19 so expecting to see more of him in the future.

His Hieroglyphs E.P is dropping on Twenty Twelve April 13th so if you like the exlcusive tune he's given us then make sure you check it out! For those of you in Brighton catch him at Super Dub Pressure where he has a residency and the AKA AKA ROAR night April 12th. Shout outs to Elfivedee for sorting out his live sets, Diasporah, Reworx, Clandestine Crew, Koreless, Fauxhemian, Sub.FM and all the many other people!

Delta Labs - CPU

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