Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Guido's Anidea

News emerged yesterday that purple producer Guido will release his debut long player on Peverelist's Bristol based label Punch Drunk, and it's not gonna be that long a wait either! The album, entitled 'Anidea' will be released in May 2010 and is set to be a big one! Check below for the tracklist and some exlusive previews, courtesy of Sonic Router, including a collaboration with former Pinch vocalist Yolanda.

Guido 'Way U Make Me Feel' feat Yolanda by Punch Drunk Records

CD Tracklist:
1. Guido ‘Anidea’
2. Guido ‘Orchestral Lab’
3. Guido ‘Woke Up Early’
4. Guido ‘Cat In The Window’
5. Guido ‘Beautiful Complication’ featuring Aarya
6. Guido ‘Mad Sax’
7. Guido ‘You Do It Right’
8. Guido ‘Take Me Higher’
9. Guido ‘Way U Make Me Feel’ feat Yolanda
10. Guido ‘Tango’
11. Guido ‘Shades of Blue’
12. Guido ‘Tantalized’

2x12” Vinyl LP Track list:
A: Guido ’Shades of Blue’
B: Guido ‘Cat In The Window’
BB: Guido ‘Woke Up Early’
C: Guido ‘Tango’
D: Guido ‘You Do It Right’
DD: Guido ‘Mad Sax’

Release Date: MAY 2010

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