Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dom Hz - I Know EP

So it's about that time for the next release on the ever growing bristol based Subdepth Records. Mr Prime has released the like sof rising star Numan, Stagga, Monkey and friend of blog Wachs Lyrical. This time round it's Manchester's Dom Hz stepping up again. This is by no means a bad thing as he's keeps on showing us that his production is on point. I've been banging on about his sub heavy 'Mist' due for release on Open Earz but this time he's delievering a dose of girl friendly 2 step and funky!

The title track 'I know' is full of summer vibes its got the female vocals, sparkles, horns, the works it's what I like to call BBQ music! 'Space & Time' is a dancefloor number with rave whistles, jungle drums and a hard bassline to match. 'Funky Boy' is full of swagger and would go off in any rave! Last but by no means least is 'Real' which is smooth as you like and my favourite track off the E.P. Sexy Music! All in all this is a fine release from Dom Hz and a must buy! It's something you can listen to when you're relaxing and going out which is perfect! It drops on April 8th so make sure you get it!

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