Monday, 12 October 2009


I was excited about this event before I even started at Bristol Uni, even more excited on the friday night when I was told that Skream & Joker were going b2b for 2 HOURS, and even more excited when I given Acces all areas (thanks to Rob and Ollie!) My my my did it live up to expectations!

In london it had got to the stage where going to a rave would be an effort, knowing that even with a sick line up there would be a shit crowd & shit sound. STB had a sick venue (indoor skate park), SICK sound (ears are still ringing!) and good crowd (always nice to see more ladies in the raves!)
As I got in Breakage was on with SP:MC on the mic dropping some heavy Jungle and Dnb. I must say listening to Run 'em out on my iPod I wasn't a fan...hearing it on FAT speakers completely changed my opinion!! It's BIGGG! After Breakage was Seven - fackin ell! I had known that he was renowned for his mixing but this was NEXT LEVEL! There was a dodgy needle at first but after that was sorted it was honestly one of the best sets I've heard in a while! C-Strike-Z & Koast of Central Spillz getting the crowd hyped as usual!

By this point the walls were dripping with sweat and it was time for a break. I ambled out thinking it would be time to cool off only to see a camouflage tent with banging 2step garage and bassline coming from it! Even if you didn't go in you could still here it so it was nice to have a ciggie and a lil jam! Well thought out boys! After the lil jam had to go back in as I could hear the door rattling like crazy! On the decks was none other that Redlight aka Clipz. His new sound is soooo sick! Dunno what it is but its BIGGG! Watch out for a feature on him coming shortly!

After him I caught a bit of Sigma and Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) who was killing it! This got the crowd very hyped for Skream & Joker! At 4 o'clock pretty much the whole club descended on the main room to see these two smash the place up! They didn't fail to deliver! At times there were mosh pits and at times everyone had their hands in the air, so there was something for everyone! Had some guy with dreads raving next to me which got me slightly aggy because they were fackin ithcy so I had to retreat backstage! The security never had a dull moment! Either it was girls trying to clamber onto the stage or the whole front barricade being pushed forward by the heaving crowd! The sound system in the main room was something else! Never seen so many speakers!

All in all it was a ridiculous night and I shall definitely be going to the next one and so will anyone else in Bristol who went and those who came just for it! There was even a burger van in the smoking area so when you left at 7 you could grab some breakfast! It had everything a good rave should have...Goons, Gyals and Good music!

The line up for STB 11 is just as big so make sure you save some monies for it: Dec 5th - Ms Dynamite (Live), Skpeta, Caspa, Fresh, Raffertie, Instra:mental, Benny Page, Untold, Pangaea and many more!

Big Up to The Blast boys for putting on such an well organized and thought out night. Organized grime folks. See you at the next one!

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