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The latest in our "Fresh Kidz" series features an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with a producer at the very top of his game, BREAKAGE. His debut LP 'Foundation' is forthcoming on Digital Soundboy and is arguably the most eagerly anticipated album of the year!

He's responsible for some of the biggest riddims of the past 18 months with absolutely HUGE tunes like 'Together' and 'Higher' being on constant rotation by dubplate celebrities N-Type, Youngsta and Skream. And for the album he has locked down some massive features with UK Hip-Hop royalty Roots Manuva laying down the vocals for 'Run 'Em Out' and the Newham Generals giving 'Together' a little workout and turning it into 'Hard' (my favourite tune at the minute).

So check out what the man had to say:

Your highly anticipated album ‘Foundation’ is forthcoming on Digital Soundboy. What direction have you taken with it? What different styles can we expect? When is it actually dropping?

I've tried to not change but evolve my style and take to what I've wanted to achieve as a producer for a long time. I've used a lot of vocals as it's something I've always wanted to do but never really had the confidence to try. I've also really pushed myself on production and engineering techniques. The styles vary, it's mostly drum & bass and dubstep, but a lot of different approaches within them.

You’ve got some high profile features on there, with the likes of Roots Manuva and the Newham Generals laying down some vocals for you. How did these collaborations come about? Are there any other big names on the album?

The Newham Generals collaboration was a funny one. Me and Shy had been talking about me collaborating with them and that night Shy went to FWD and they came up to him asking if they could do a vocal for Together! A lot of the collabs are just out of a mutual respect for each artist, such as Burial, I contacted him on myspace just after his first album and he messaged me back saying he's a big fan, which was really cool!

Any other big collaborations coming up? Anyone you really want to get in the studio with?

There's plenty, but I like to keep quite tight lipped about that LOL

You’ve been playing all round the world these past few months. What are the best places you’ve played? Can you believe how far the music has taken you?

I'd have to say Fabric is still one of my favourite places to play, there's something about that place… there and the Big Chill festival, that was nuts! I was playing in a tent that holds around 10,000 people. I still think it's crazy that making music is my job, it's still hard to get my head round at times! I never really thought I'd be able to make a career out of it.

Dubstep has really blown up in the past year and is getting a lot of attention. What do you make of it? Is it a good thing?

I think the attention is a good thing, it has it's downsides but I feel it's a very positive thing. I know a lot of people disagree with it, but it can only be a good thing for the people involved. As a producer you want your music to reach as many ears as possible, if not you wouldn't put it out in the public domain and just play it at home!

Who is gonna blow up next year? Anyone to keep an eye on?

There's too many to mention, but if I have to say one overall... it would be Attaca Pessante. They're doing really big things right now and from what snippets I've heard from Shy, a lot bigger things to come! Also, Jubei, he's really making some major waves at the moment!

Biggest tracks in your bag at the moment?

Mine & Shy FX's remix of Emalkay's "Explicit", "Baltimore Clap" by Benga, there's a new System tune that I'm not 100% on the title (I call it 3rd wave!) that's getting really good responses at the moment and the title track from the album. My first amen track in a long long time!!

What does 2010 hold for you?

After touring I'm not too sure. I don't like to make too many plans. I like to play things out and go with what feels natural at the time. More than likely business as usual and setting up for the next album!

Big up to Breakage, Jon and the Digital Soundboy crew for making this interview possible.

Run 'Em Out/Higher is out on October 19th so make sure you grab it!

Breakage MySpace

Digital Soundboy Website

Digital Soundboy Facebook

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