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The latest Disrupt:on Inc. exclusive features halfstep wonderkids, Kryptic Minds. The boys have just released their second studio album on Loefah's Swamp81 imprint. The album is rammed with dark halfstep riddims, fitting perfectly into Loefah's vision of his label.

The boys are also responsible for one of the sickest tunes of the year 'Badman', as featured on N-Type's Rinse 09 mix. 2009 has been a huge year for these badboy producers so when I had a little chat with them they had plenty to say.

Check out what Kryptic Minds had to say below:

What's good guys? What have you been up to since the album dropping?

All is good thank you. It's been a really busy time for us, working hard on new music and DJing. As boring as it may sound, we have just been keeping our heads down and working hard in the studio. Keeping life as simple as possible, and concentrating on new music.

Firstly, I want to say big props for putting such an inspired album together. What are you personal favourite tunes on there? For me the whole album is really emotive. Do any of the tracks mean something to you emotionally?

Really pleased that you are feeling the Album. Our favourite tracks on the Album vary from day to day, but 'One Of Us' has got to be up there. That was the tracks that really got us noticed within the scene, we had made many 140bpm tracks before but 'One Of Us' was the track that Youngsta really supported hard! When we sat down and said let's make an Album that was the first track we made; so that being the first track, paved the sound of the rest of the album. Even though there is only one other track on the album which is the same kind of style (Chosen Few) the rest of the Album came from that track. Also, it's the title track of the Album, so if any that has the most meaning to us.

What tracks missed out on the album? I would personally would have loved to have seen Badman on there! That vocal is too BIGGG!

There are a lot of tracks which missed out on the final version, most of them are unheard and will never be released, and are sitting on the studio hard drive. There is one track, which Skream was playing called 'Torn', which we dropped from the Album at the last minute. 'Badman' was never even a thought to go on the Album; the track was made after we played at DMZ in January. We wanted to make a track that we though Loefah might make and play at a DMZ night hense we named it 'Loefah Meets DMZ'. It only got a proper name when we did the mix for Mary Anne Hobbs. It was mainly a thank you to Loefah for booking us for DMZ. The track was never meant to be getting a release, it was just a bit of fun and as we mentioned a thank you. We had no idea it was going to the get the response it has!

Was the partnership with Swamp81 a match made in heaven for you guys? Your style seems to be exactly what Swamp is about!

Yeah it worked out really well, as Loefah liked what we were doing; and he has at that point recently set up Swamp81. His outlook and view on what he wanted Swamp to be, was the same outlook and feeling as us. Just to make and release what we are into, what we think is good music, with no huge expectations. Just heads down music. It was perfect timing for both Loefah and us!

When did you guys and Loefah first get togetther? Was it a mutual respect thing or did one approach the other?

At the time we met Loefah, we didn't know too much about the dubstep scene (and we still don't). In fact, the only track we had heard of was Loefah's 'Jah War Remix', which was one of the tracks that made us want to slow the tempo down and try something different. Youngsta one day said to me (Si) that I should send some bits over to Loefah because he would have been into what we were doing. So we messaged him on myspace, and he sent us his AIM name, and it just went from there. We spoke a lot on the phone about each other's visions for the future, and he was on the same page. We met up a few times chatted for hours and as they say the rest is history....

What direction are you guys heading in now? Are you gonna carry on the same tip as the album or explore a different route?

We're sticking to around 140bpm, but exploring different styles within that tempo. We don't want to give too much away at this time :)

Who is inspiring you guys at the moment? Anyone whose work you're really feeling? Anyone you really want to get in the studio with? A mate of mine would love to see a collaboration with Data or SP:MC?

Our inspiration comes from many different styles of music, and just every day life. We tend not to listen to a great deal of music in the same style that we are making. That said, we are liking what the Exit Records guys are doing at the minute, dBridge, Instra:Mental, Consequence and ASC. Also, Loxy, Resound and Sabre. We would love to work with people like Craig Armstrong and Massive Attack. We are always open to collaboration ideas.

What are the biggest tunes in your bag at the minute? What are your favourite tunes at the moment?

We mainly play our own tunes, most of them are untitled. So it's a tough one to answer, but for crowd response I guess 'Badman'.

Are there any more releases forthcoming? Is 'The Weeping' getting a release on Disfigured?

We have actually just received the test pressings this week for 'Code 46' b/w ' The Weeping'. Last time we spoke to Skream, which was 3 weeks ago, he said "the single will be out in stores in November". Also, in the same month, we have a two track single, 'Wondering Why' b/w 'Life Continuum' on our own label Osiris Music UK. Also, just out is a remix by us of 'False Flag' by Pinch and Moving Ninja b/w an original track by us called '768' on Tectonic.

What does 2010 hold for you guys?

Working on our 3rd album. Working on more collaborations with Youngsta. Getting in the studio with Loefah. Working on more releases with Swamp81 and our own label Osiris Music UK. Keeping things nice and positive...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our music.

The boys have kindly given us a tune from the album for download. Grab it below and if you like it (which you should) go and grab the album:

If you haven't already bagged it, buy the 'One Of Us' LP HERE.

Also, bag 'False Flag (Kryptic Minds Remix)'/'768' HERE

Finally, go show the guys some love on....

I want to say a big thank you to Lloyd and the boys from Kryptic Minds for taking the time to do this! Big up!

Also, think I speak for anyone reading this when I say the boys need get in the studio with dBridge and Instra:Mental. I need that in my life!

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