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Mensah - this maybe an unfamiliar name to you at the moment but trust me you shall all know! If you're in Bristol then you would have seen his names dotted about on flyers. For those who don't know, he's one of Bristol best kept secrets and his forthcoming release on H.E.N.C.H is 'Pulse 80s' (a hommage to Musical Mob's - Pulse X) with 'Acid Dub' on the flip. As you all know H.E.N.C.H is renowned for the 'King Of Wobble' - Jakes and with that sound in most peoples heads Mensah said he wants his release to sound like nothing else.

He started off watching the likes of Roni Size and others produce at The Basement studio when he was 14 but never tried his hand at producing. Like most DJs, he got bored of spinning other peoples tunes and started making his own. He was at Access 2 Music College with the likes of Gemmy, Chasing Shadows, Suparisk & Forsaken and was tutored by Drum n Bass heavyweight Danny Byrd. After two years of college he quit and started producing with Chasing Shadows and started to develop his own style.

His whole life changed on the 22nd of Feburary 2009 when he quit his day job and started music for real. After having a dnb release w/Mutt on the Treading Water LP on Horizons Music he decided that it wasn't the sound for him so close friend and hot boy of the scene at the minute, Joker, told him to slow it down.

He's not a fan of labelling music and doesn't call his sound 'Dubstep'. With some tunes taking influence from Rave, Grime and Dnb he said he'd call his new stuff 'Future Funk' with a little hint of 'Purple'. Let me make it clear that he is NO knock-off Joker! Having spent a few hours in his studio it is clear that he is all about pushing a new sound and drawing from various different sources for inspiration be it, Anime and computer Games or Gwen Stefani, to create something original and fresh. Furthermore, he explicitly said that all of his tunes are different andthat he does not want to make the same tune twice, which is refreshing to hear because a lot of artist these days are getting a little too comfortable with their sound.

The stuff he was playing me was BIGGG so make sure you stay locked on him! He said future release is going to be this one called Harajuku Girls ( he's a big Gwen Stefani fan) with Rock City featuring live guitar played by Ginz on the flip. In the pipeline he's got tunes coming with Sukh Knight (if you haven't bought his Cheese Louez EP then do!) close mate Eddie K and a forthcoming release on M4 records - a label that has already seen the like of Gemmy. There's no rest for this guy as he's making beats all the time and its starting to pay off! If you haven't heard his release on LoDubs then prepare to be wowed!

Mensah - Sahara

Mensah - Shy Gal

Having started off as a DJ his mixing skills are up there with the best of 'em! Kindly, he recorded a 45 min mix for us here at Disrupt:on Inc (it was like a mini rave in the studio!) On top of that he recorded it wile he was ill so make sure you download it cos its BIGGG and literally a lot of sweat went into it!

To listen to Mensah's music head to his myspace:

Make sure you check his remix of Joker's - Psychadelic Runway on his myspace which should hopefully see the light of day!

Buy Sahara / Shy Gal HERE

Exclusive Mensah Mix for Disrpt:on Inc:

01. Major Lazer - Hold the Line (Skream Remix)
02. Skream - Simple City
03. Mensah - Untitled Future Funk
04. Parma Violet - Skittles
05. Mensah - Stapleton Road
06. Mensah - Pulse 80's
07. Joker - Tron
08. Mensah & Dread MC - Skyuken
09. Noah D - Seeeriousss
10. Mensah - Sahara
11. Joker - Digidesign
12. RSD - Kingfisher
13. Sukh Knight - Jewel Thief
14. Distance - Night Vision
15. Distance - Night Vision (Skream's "So Nasty" Version)
16. Skream - Filth (tease)
17. Joker & Ginz - Purple City (Mensah Special)
18. Skream - Filth (tease)
19. J@KES - Rhythm (Mensah Special)
20. Mensah & Eddie K - Steady As She Goes
21. Benga - Buzzin'
22. Central Spillz - What Ya Know About
23. Chasing Shadows - ILL
24. Chasing Shadows & Foreign Beggars - Untitled Dub
25. Superisk - Find Your Way
26. Jack Beats - U.F.O (K-Hole Bass Riddim)
27. Fake Blood - Mars
28. Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Crookers Remix)
29.Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid Of Detriot


Mutt - Heavylidded HERE

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