Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Tru:Tek is a new dubstep outfit formed by producers/DJs Rutile, Panza and Senate. Meeting over 8 years ago, Panza and Rutile became close friends through their diverse love of music, and it was this diversity that has ended up forging the styles they drop today.

With early interests ranging from funk and reggae to hardcore metal, to the eclectic idm of aphex and barry lynn, the founding members (Rutile and Panza) found a common ground in the futuristic sound of drum and bass from the first few years of this decade, with their early productions focused on a mixture of dubwize and techstep styles, with labels such as Bassbin, Soul-r, Subtitles and Vision being heavy influences.

Cue Senate (Panza's brother), who was big into the UKG scene at the time, moving onto Grime and finally settling in the emerging dubstep scene, his main influences were in the dubbier side of the genre, including El-b, Mala, Loefah, Burial, Tectonic, Apple Pips and Hyper Dub. It was his influence that coerced Rutile and Panza’s expansion into dupstep. Senate plays regularly in Nottingham at events including Detonate and Basslaced and has held recent dubstep gigs in Europe including Star Wars in Belgium.

Over the past year Senate has tried his hand at production, working on tracks such as Truth Vibrations, Positive Vibes and Anansi with Rutile and Panza. With a number of solid tracks behind them and many more in the pipeline, Tru:Tek have now decided its time to take their music to the people... about f**king time!!!

The boys have sent us a few tunes so make sure you grab them below. They are on a similar tip to Kryptic Minds so check 'em out:

Tru:Tek - The Origins Of Consciousness

Tru:Tek - Truth Vibrations

Tru:Tek myspace

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