Monday, 23 August 2010

Introducing : Chesca

To be honest I know absolutely noting about her. Floating through soundcloud this morning and came across her and I'm glad I did! From the looks of her myspace and her style she's definitely from East London! She produces, sings and DJs seems like she got it all! Her beats are synthy, soulful and funky - falling under the modern funk / future boogie category. If the weather were better it would the perfect soundtrack to a summer's bbq. With a tiny bit more digging I found an article on her in The Stool Pigeon from May 2009 that says she won the Diesel-U-Music competition's electronic category and had a release shortly after. Then she was also 4 months pregnant so I'm guessing music took a back seat for a while. This one directly below was uploaded nearly 3 weeks ago and is built for the dance floor! The other bits are a bit older so hopefully we get to see some new bits! Good to see another female doing it big in a male dominated scene! P.s Disco's not dead!

Stay by chesca


It Can Never Fade by chesca

passion flower by chesca

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