Tuesday, 31 August 2010

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn x XLR8R

Chicago footwork/juke pioneers DJs Rashad and Spinn are in session for the latest XLR8R podcast. With tracks from UK producers like Footcrab and Work Them opening the UK scene up to juke and footwork tracks from the likes of these guys and DJ Nate, and Planet Mu signing material from all three as well juke is going from strength to strength over here.

01 DJ Spinn "Blow My Mind"
02 DJ Rashad "Animation"
03 DJ Rashad "Ghost"
04 DJ Manny "All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)"
05 DJ Rashad & DJ Lucky "Love You (Yes I Do)"
06 DJ Spinn "Good Good Ish"
07 DJ Earl "Traffic Stop"
08 DJ Rashad & King AG "We Gon Make It"
09 DJ Spinn "Exhibit G"
10 DJ Manny "Funky Worm"
11 DJ Spinn "I Really Feel For You"
12 DJ Rashad "Internet"
13 DJ Manny "Nothin to Play With"
14 DJ Manny "Goin In"
15 DJ Spinn "Kush Pack Lound"
16 DJ Rashad "Kush Pills & Weed"
17 DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn "I Go Crazy"
18 DJ Spinn "Super High"

Download the mix HERE

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