Thursday, 26 August 2010

Forthcoming Night Slugs

House prodcuer Jacques Greene is the newest edition to the ever growing Night Slugs imprint. In true Night Slugs fashion this track is built for the dancefloor and is a very sexy number! Theres is an uncertainty about his identity however, over at Lowriders Collective it seems not to be! L-vis 1990 & Bok Bok have continued to raised the levels with their label and in ym eyes will surely be a contender for label of the year. He's also got stuff coming on LuckyMe so look out for that.Myspace.

Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want - Forthcoming Night Slugs

Holdin On by Jacques Greene

Lay It Down by Jacques Greene

Check out the Dazed Digital interview and the mix that is made of solely his material. HERE

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