Thursday, 12 August 2010

Disrupt:On Mix 001

Back with a bang here is our freshest offering for you! This is the first of our series of mixes and i hope you enjoy it. It was mixed by myself and the aim was to give you a sample of the kind of thing we are in to. There's a couple of classics, old and update, so Hip Hop and Rnb heads look out! There's something in there for everyone...just about so big ups to the producers who sent tracks that are in the mix! Look out for stuff coming from Wachs Lyrical - who'll be giving us a mix in the next couple weeks, Snowfox, and Cadenza who's got a track forthcoming on the next FabricLive as well one of our favourites Mensah.

Disrupt:on Inc mix 001 by Disrupt:on Inc


Yelawolf - Lick The Cat ft Diamond - Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment
Mike Jones - Still Tippin - Swishahouse
Mark Pritchard & Om'Mas Keith - Wind It Up - Hyperdub
Ginuwine - Pony - Sony BMG
BD1982 - Spaceboots (Slugabed Remix) - Seclusiasis
Ben Samples - Naughty Naughty - Dub
Mensah - Untitled Future Funk - H.E.N.C.H
Addison Groove - Footcrab - Swamp81
Superisk - Find Your Way (Mensah Remix) - Dub (Forthcoming Punch Drunk Records)
Ludacris x Joe x DJ Orgasmic - How Clap Low Trap - Unreleased
Riskotheque & Wachs Lyrical - What I Feel Like Doing - Dub (Forthcoming Subdepth)
Phaeleh - Low (Sclist Mix) - Dub
Vaccine - Bad Habit - Dub (TBA)
Ramadanman - Fall Short - Swamp81
Falty DL - Paradise Lost - Planet Mu
Untold - Stop What Your Doing (James Blake Remix) - Hessle Audio
Snowfox - Apologies - Dub
SRC - Hey Lover - Dub
Cadenza - Elements - Dub
Skanna - This Way - Skanna
Joy Orbison - J.Doe - Doldrums
Quest vs Aaliyah - Smooth Skin vs Rock The Boat (K.O.L.D Blend)



  2. The first 15 minutes of this mix are stellar.
    I love it. thx man.