Friday, 11 September 2009


When it comes to being fresh and different, no-one does it better than Friction's imprint Shogun Audio. The Brighton-based label has become one of the most respected in the scene at the moment and gained huge popularity, but without losing any of it's underground soul which made it what it is.
The label's dark, experimental sound is sick and this is what keeps Shogun at the very pinnacle of drum and bass. It appeals to all types of drum and bass heads. They've had huge success with releases from Spor, Alix Perez and the latest massive release from Friction and K-Tee (Set It Off/The Bleeps). Other artists in the Shogun family are Break, Icicle and Spectrasoul amongst others.

They've recently moved their London residency from The End (closed by moneygrabbing f***ing developers) to The Lightbox. They held their first Shogun event there in August and it was banging. The line up was huge and no-one failed to deliver (apart from the air-con man cos the club was literally on fire all night!). Also, the Shogun nights don't suffer from the curse of the scenester sluts knocking about the scene who are ruining most of London's big nights. This makes them even more inviting!

Shogun really is running things at the minute and expect big things from them in the future. Aliz Perez' debut LP "1984" is forthcoming as well as several other high profile releases so STAY LOCKED!

Shogun Audio's Facebook group for the latest info on releases, nights and mixes.

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