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Meet Jayou, he's one of the scenes rising stars and my my my has his producing come along in only a year! He's more on the electro fidgety wobbly side of dubstep and his sound is big! Moreover, he gives away most of his tunes so for free so make sure you join him on facebook to get these and show him some love! He has also agreed to do an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW for us hear at Disrupt:on Inc. Here's what the man had to say :


So Mr.Jayou for those people who for some reason don't know...whats your name and where do you come from?

James, originally from Birmingham now living in Manchester. JAYOU's from the Jurassic 5 song.

What's the dubstep scene like up there?

Pretty f*ckin big - this year's definitely going to be a big one for dubstep. Everyone seems to be on it, the D'n'b heads are loving it, the electro heads are loving it, even the rockers are loving it!

How has this year been for you? Any Label Interest....have you been signed yet?

This years been good, crazy to think I only started making beats about 12 months ago. There's nothing solid yet but a few things up in the air. I haven't been signed yet but I've been doing a couple of official remixes for some big labels and I'm going to start an E.P in the next month which should hopefully move things even further in the right direction.

Where is the best place you've played and which of your songs get the biggest reactions?

I've got my debut gig next Monday at Hit'n'Run, Manchester, then will be playing all around between now and Christmas. I'm off to NYC for Christmas and New Years, so will hopefully grab a set over there, which'd be f*ckin awesome! Lets see on Monday...

Mixing or Producing - which do you prefer?

Producing, but only because I haven't fully experienced the Djing side of things. Once I've got my feet down and start playing big shows I'm sure the buzz will be amazing. I love coming back to a track after a day or so and re-listening to it and being really really pleased with it. The next step will be playing out tracks that I've made the night before, that's gonna be fun.

What have you got on repeat on your iPod at the moment? And whose sound are you feeling?

On my iPod you'll find everything from comeback kid, postal service, Udachi, Sub Focus and Bar9 - I've got a really massive taste in all kinds of music. I generally don't listen to much dubstep on my iPod, it needs a massive system to give it justice so I tend to wait till I'm in a club to really appreciate it.

What did you listen to when you were younger? and when did you first get into dubstep?

I started out on punk then found out about d'n'b, I was hooked on that for a few years which is what really made me want to get into producing. After moving to Manchester and hitting the d'n'b scene for a bit the Djs started dropping the odd dubstep tune, so I'd go home and hunt out more on the Internet. At the same time I was getting into my electro so I guess that's where my crossover kind of sound comes from.

There's a lot of complaints about the samey-ness of dubstep at the moment, especially as the 'robostep' sound of the likes of Datsik, Excision even Rusko etc has become extremely popular, leading to lots of people trying to re-create it...what's your take on this?

It's true, but I don't think it's a bad thing. When you start producing you just want to recreate your favourite tracks, there's nothing wrong with that and it's a good way of learning - by breaking down what you hear and trying to re-create it. If we all made something new every time we produced there just wouldn't be a scene because everyone would be going off on mad tangents! Some of the straight up wobble stuff is starting to bore me though. I like stuff which switches up and changes every so often, which is what you'll find from my sets, a straight up hour of the same songs would just bore me. It's always good to drop something people aren't expecting.

What can we expect from you before the years out? any big collaborations in the pipeline? Big nights? Basically we wanna know what the future holds for Jayou?

I'm just about to start a collab with Diplo, a remix of a tune which is going out on Mad Decent so that's pretty f*ckin exciting. I've always thought of Mad Decent as being a big thing so being asked to work on a track with the man himself is just nuts! I'm running a night over here too which is already established in the states, it's called SubDivision and is going to be running in Manchester once a month for the next three months with me playing at each one alongside a few friends, then in Jan we're putting on a massive party which is going to have a killer line up, so hold tight for that! I bumped into Farma G (Taskforce) at a Red Bull party the other week and spoke about getting a track together, so hopefully it'll actually happen!

Any Shout Outs?

Yeah man big up to all the blogs who have posted about me, big up to all the DJs who have played my stuff out and big up to Hit'N'Run, Monday Murkage, Subdivision & Bigger Than Barry.


Just like to say big ups to Jayou for taking the time to do this! If you're in Manchester next Monday make sure you go show support for his debut set at Hit 'N' Run! Also keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming stuff with Mad Decent boss Diplo. We're expect big thing from Mr. Jayou so make sure you grab anything of his you can! Here's a few for you now...

Jayou ft Laney - Don't Cheat, Don't Steal HERE

DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Jayou VIP) HERE

Semisonic - Secret Smile (Jayou Remix) HERE


Jayou's myspace HERE / facebook HERE

Mad Decent Blog HERE

Laney's myspace HERE


Santiogold - Anne (King Britt's Moody Mix) HERE

Santigoild - Icarus (prod. Diplo)

  • Santogold - Icarus [Produced by Diplo]

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