Saturday, 12 September 2009


Silkie, this top boy hailing from the Anti-Social Crew, couldn't be more appropriately named if he tried. It says a lot if you're music would not be out of place if it were played at a sunset party on the picturesque Ibiza rocks or in a dark smokey rave with.

"Silkie always provides a beautiful method of escape for what seems to be a wobble frenzied period in Dubstep at the moment."- This could not be more true at the minute because his music is a breathe of fresh air and this is the reason why it is his name on everybodys lips. The buzz his name creates is not unfounded, because his debut album : 'City Limits Volume 1' - released on the Godfather of Dubstep Mala's DEEP MEDi label speaks for itself. This album really brings the rough with the smooth and by that I mean his melodies are soulful, soothing and funky whereas his basslines are hard-hitting, pulsating and heavy.

Throughout the album there are essences of Jungle, Jazz, Garage and of course, straight up eyes down business. Standout tracks on the album have to be 'Beauty' with its ultra smooth melodies from the piano and saxophone, 'Purple Love' for its almost hypnotic quality and heavenly synths and last but by no means least, the slow neck breaker 'Head Butt Da Deck' which goes down well in any rave. The production on the album is outstanding and has been handled with a lot of care and dedication, and so it should, seeing as it is the "culmination of 8 years hard work."

All in all the album oozes quality and could be qualified as an instant classic. If you haven't already parted with your cash for this one then do so now!

Silkie's Myspace -


ALSO - Make sure you catch him at Deadly Rhythm at The Legion in Old St next weekend alongside The Gaslamp Killer.

Address : 348 Old St, London, EC1V 9NQ

BONUS : Mr Lager ft Alys Blaze - Tell Me (Silkie Remix) DOWNLOAD (radio rip)

Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary (Dub Fiend Remix) by Dub Fiend

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