Thursday, 1 July 2010

R.I.P Rammellzee

The legendary Rammellzee was a founding father of Hip Hop culture being a pioneer graffiti writer, influential MC and fashion designer / trendsetter. His most famous song with K-Rob 'Beat Bop' featured in the graffiti documentary 'Style Wars' and led the way for experimental Hip- Hop. Furthermore, it was produced and funded by graffiti legend Basquiat who also designed the cover. The piece of art was already highly sought after in both Art and Hip-Hop circles and will be even more so now. His rap style influenced rappers from the Beastie Boys to Cypress Hill. His fashion influenced the likes of MF Doom who, like Rammellzee, was never photographed without his eccentric and gaudy masks ( you can see him rapping on stage in 'Wild Style.') R.I.P

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