Saturday, 17 July 2010

Introducing : Etch

So I was trawling the internet for new artists today and came across this 17 year old bright spark from Brighton who goes by the name of Etch. The self confessed 'computer geek' has been producing music from the age of 12 and with influences from Mount Kimbie to Joy Divison I can see a successful future especially with the numerous solid release coming from artist representing the more melodic and soulful side of Dubstep. Head over to the Daily Bugle to read and interview they did with him as well as a mix featuring only his own productions. For someone so young so young his sound already seems so mature and developed so hopefully he goes from strength to strength! Check his soundcloud HERE

Daily Bugle Mix

Etch - Mechanical

Etch Feat. Josh Trinnaman - Serene

Etch - Step Further

Radiohead - Creep (Etch Remix)

Etch - Tumbling Down The Well

Etch - Siren Call

Etch Feat. Josh Trinnaman - I Was Afraid

Etch - C.E.V



Etch - Tumbling The Well

Etch - Siren Call

He also gave away 2 free 320s via Truants blog so grab em and enjoy. (Right Click, Save As)

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