Sunday, 2 May 2010

Cadenza in the mix

Cadenza steps up for a little mix for us! He maybe the son a certain reggae living legend but he is making a name for himself! He's got one of his productions coming up on one of the next Fabriclive mixes that has just been mixed down by none other than Dubpolice head honcho Caspa. Along with his brother Dasha they run Headlock Records out of West London with one release out now. He's got plans to grow the scene in Edinburgh and hopefully spark a soundclash revival. Watch out for his Hip Hop instrumental production which he's been doing for years now and a possible mixtape could be on the one way because I tell you know they are FIRE.

Casanova (Dub Be Good For Me RMX) - Cadenza
Glo Worm - Vista
Eye Tunes - Benga
Shadow - N-Type & The Others
Ultra-Violet - Dasha
Untitled Future Funk - Mensah
Time 2 Kill - Benny Page
Twilight - Distance
Footcrab - Addison Groove
Transform - Benga
Experience - Headhunter
It Ain't Got A Name - TC & Joker
Guitar Hero - Skream
Babylon - Mungo's Hi-Fi
Frenchman's Cove - Cadenza

Get the mix HERE

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