Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Welcome Back

So its been a while since we heard from the duo Oxide & Neutrino nearly TEN whole years since their classic number 1 'Bound 4 dA Realod' and now they're back now with a cheeky bootleg called 'No Armour'. Caught them a Bunker last week and the place went off! Secutriy had a very hard time containing the crowd! With the whole garage 'revival' flex going on at the minute its seems like they chose the perfect time to make a comeback! This is a catchy number featuring vocals of a lady whom I'm all sure you know ;-) Looking forwarsd to hearing what they have in store for us this year so keep ya ears pricked! This isn't anywhere else yet so grab it!

Oxide & Neutrino - No Armour

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