Monday, 22 March 2010


She needs no introduction by now I hope! Kito steps up for K Mag I'm listening to the mix now and I'm sure it will not disappoint! Its got Skream's - Amity Step which Seven dropped at Kinetic Kids on the weekend (If you want someone to come and mash up ya dance then book him!) Snoop Doggs Sensual Seduction makes an appearance which is always nice! It features fresh material from her of course which is always a good thing because her other stuff has been on constant rotation. We're STILL waiting for her release on Skream's Disfigured Dubz imprint! COME ON! I guess good things come to those who wait! Tracklist is BIGGG so get it while it's hot.


  1. Kito & Reija Lee - On The Jam
  2. Cosmin TRG - Make Everything Alright
  3. Worthy – Crack-El (Justin Martin's Stoopit Crunk-Lil Hyphy Mix)
  4. Slevarance and Hackman – You And Me
  5. Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction
  6. Primary 1 - Outside (Kito Remix)
  7. Uffie - MC's Can Kiss (Starkey Remix)
  8. Kito - On The Floor
  9. Kito featuring Reija Lee – LFO
  10. DJ MADD - Corner Dance
  11. Ruckspin & Quantum Soul - Venus Project
  12. Vaccine - Cascade Failure
  13. Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick
  14. Kito featuring Reija Lee - This City
  15. Spor - Knock You Down (Eskmo Remix)
  16. DJ MADD - Arpz3000
  17. Pendulum - Watercolour (Emalkay Remix)
  18. Joker - Taste The Rainbow
  19. Skream - Amity Step
  20. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Breakage Tightrope Remix)
  21. Starkey - Starting Gates
  22. ModeSelektor - Prototypes
  23. Emalkay – Crusader
  24. Kito – Don't Wanna Lose You
  25. Numan - She Said
  26. Skream – Arola
  27. Vaccine – Fever (Kito Remix)

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