Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Teebs x XLR8R

More freshness from the XLR8R camp now, this time in the form of the latest in their series of excellent podcasts from none other than Brainfeeder's Teebs. If you haven't heard of this dude then get to know! He's good at pretty much everything from painting, drawing, skating to writing music so that should be all you need to know, oh and he's got an album coming on FlyLo's Brainfeeder imprint later this year. Get in the mood for that with this mix. Yeeeeeeeer boiiiiii.


01 Kutmah "Warm Like The Sunshine" (Poobah)
02 Million Young "Chlorophyl"
03 Jeremiah Jae "Money and Food"
04 Teebs "Arthurs Birds"
05 Teebs "Cook, Clean, Pay the Rent (2nd Edit)"
06 Kona Triangle "Mango Rubicon" (Porter)
07 Flying Lotus "Drips/Auntie's Harp" (Warp)
08 Alex B feat. Harold "Seriously Again"
09 Flying Lotus "Satelllliiiiiteee" (Warp)
10 Dungen "Fretag" (Kemado)
11 Baths "Hall" (Anticon)
12 Teebs "While You Dooooo"
13 Juj "My Room" (Wedidit)
14 Teebs "Personal Winter" (Dublab Japan)
15 Flying Lotus "One for Kutmah"
16 Boards of Canada "Music Has the Right to Children (Oscar McClure Remix)"
17 Savath & Savalas "Te Quiero Pero Por Otro" (Warp)
18 Knxledge "Give Em Some Beats"
19 Knxledge "BB125.84"
20 Teebs "Why Like This"
21 Kutmah "Intro/Outro Shit"

Download the mix HERE

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