Friday, 22 October 2010

Introducing : Soundproof

Soundproof consists of Kudos & Yung-E and they are the latest addition to the Dubpolice family. They been releasing material on their own SP imprint since 2005. They have also appeared on the same Vinly's as Distance and SLT Mob through various releases with Boka. Their forthcoming release 'Love The Night' is scheduled for release on Dubpolice in early december with the B side coming from Trolley Snatcha.

Love the night by Soundproof by soundproofdub

They are versatile producers as their soundcloud shows, being able to produce music not only for the older rave heads but also the newer generation. Check out there soundcloud and guaranteed there is something you will like!

Barbarian by Soundproof by soundproofdub
Deep inside (2-step) by Soundproof (demo) by soundproofdub
Follow me by Soundproof by soundproofdub
lisa dub by Soundproof by soundproofdub

They've done an exclusive promo mix for their agency Plus One artists who also represent the upcomer Graphics who we've featured on the blog before. I haven't had a chance to listen to the mix yet so take a listen and see what you think. Download HERE


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